Sambutan Tahun Baru Cina Dengan Lebih Makna

In just a few days, Malaysians will be ushering in the Year of the Monkey. With such joy and happiness to share among friends and family, what better way to celebrate this festive season than with a savvy device with just the right prosperous touch of Pink Gold?

This year, with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note5 in new Pink Gold colour, Samsung rings in the Lunar New Year with new distinct Pink Gold colour for its flagship model and encourages you to unleash your creative and festive spirit in ways that are now possible with the Note5’s perfect counterpart – the innovative and ground-breaking S Pen.

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Samsung shares the joy and happiness this Chinese New Year with the S Pen

Thanks to the advancement of technology, today’s society is departing from physical cards and into an eco-friendly world of e-greetings and text messages. The incredible S Pen function features the S Note, which allows users to customise New Year wishes by turning creative ideas into cleverly designed festive e-cards.

With multiple pen and brush styles and colours to choose from, personalised e-greetings with bespoke style have become ever so easy. Having all these capabilities at the palm of your hands as you are travelling allows for convenience as you can craft your greetings while journeying from place to place.

With the introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy Note5 Pink Gold, a photo is no longer just a simple moment in time as the S Pen brings these memories to life. The powerful pen allows users to work wonders on their picture perfect moments and incorporate personalised notes and greetings to be shared with friends and family.

For those feeling more technologically adventurous, don’t stop at photos; rather explore the world of animation. The S Pen allows users to draw their vision frame by frame, giving a breath of life into simple artworks. The quick sharing function also enables users to effortlessly share celebratory moments with friends and family living abroad, no matter the distance.

Samsung assimilates traditions with today’s modernity, and recognizes that inspiration can come from anything and at any time. So as you are wandering through your hometown and soaking in the jubilant atmosphere, the convenience of the S Pen allows you to design and create sharable moments and musings while on-the-go. Joy and happiness with family and friends are best shared, and unlike a delicate piece of paper, your artistry is stored in the convenience of your hand held device.

Apart from the limited edition Pink Gold colour, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 is also available in Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, White Pearl and Black Sapphire at RRP RM2,699 (inclusive of GST).

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