Sunsilk Revolutionises Hair Care with Nanotechnology

Sunsilk Revolutionises Hair Care with Nanotechnology
Collaboration with seven global hair experts to empower women with confidence through hair perfection

Kuala Lumpur, 31 March 2011 – Perfection is the pinnacle at which everyone wants to achieve. Perfection to a woman means flawlessness, excellence and completion. Women want that level of finesse from their style, their look and their hair. Nothing tops the feeling of confidence and satisfaction knowing that every strand of hair is at its best health and condition, giving forth the perfect crowning glory.


In pursuit of perfection for every inch of hair, Sunsilk’s co-creators study details that others do not pay attention to. Sunsilk experts treat each hair strand individually because they know it’s the only way hair will look and stay beautiful, from root to tip.

“The unrelenting perfectionism of our co-creators further raises the level of our own ambitions to revolutionize the hair industry. Our mutual obsession to bring perfect hair to millions of women has resulted in our new co-created ranges,” Ashlee Ng, Marketing Manager of Hair, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Sunsilk have effectively raised the bar in hair care science by launching its new and improved Co-Creations range enhanced by nano complex technology. The latest range was especially developed to meet the exacting perfection standards of some of the world’s greatest hair experts, Yuko Yamashita, Thomas Taw, Dr. Fusco who strive for every inch perfect hair.

Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Serum by Thomas Taw

The key to hair perfection is paying attention minute details. “It gives us great pleasure to work with our co-creators who are meticulous and passionate about perfection to the infinitesimal detail. This very quality has helped us understand of how the littlest things bring about significant impact to achieving flawlessness. This learning acted as an impetus to the development of a new technology to address even the smallest flaws in hair to allow perfection to flourish,” added Ng.

The patented Nano Complex is a unique formulation of optimum nano-sized particles which on application, provides a highly efficient and even deposition across the hair fibre. It coats every strand and every inch of hair to deliver specific high-performance benefits for each hair type. Sunsilk’s new technology works harder on each strand of hair, to take care of the minute details of each hair strand, delivering total perfection to all women.


“Sunsilk’s patented nanotechnology has taken 20 years to perfect and refine. We are constantly innovating to give women a chance to own beautiful, lustrous and perfect hair from root to tip. The new Co-Creations range powered by nano complex formula was developed through dynamic collaborations between Sunsilk’s research and development team along with our panel of hair experts,” explained Ng.

The relentless drive to achieve perfection and enduring commitment to innovate and develop technology to create luscious hair is clearly evident in each of the hair experts.

Commenting on the collaboration is, Yuko Yamashita, Co-Creator of Sunsilk Perfect Straight, said, “There are 100,000 hairs on one person’s head and they don’t all behave at once! We need to conquer rebel hair strands by minimizing the friction between hairs, and Sunsilk has achieved that with the new Nano Complex”

Sunsilk has harnessed its patented nanotechnology and combined knowledge and insight from its world class hair experts to help women achieve perfection. Sunsilk’s mission is to give every woman access to expertise combined with breakthrough technology. With the new Co-Creations hair care range that is enhanced with nano complex formula, perfection is just a wash away! Women can now step out in style and confidence with flawless beauty beginning with impeccable hair.

Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine by Jamal Hammadi - 700ml

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