Sungei Wang Plaza’s Springtime Grandeur Celebration 2012

Sungei Wang Plaza’s Springtime Grandeur Celebration 2012 Decorations
35 Meter Replica Dragon Display awaits shoppers at Main Entrance

To celebrate the mall’s 35th Anniversary and also to welcome the Year of The Dragon, a 35 Meter Replica Dragon Display is currently placed at the Main Entrance of Sungei Wang Plaza in conjunction with the Chinese New Year Celebration, themed Springtime Grandeur from 29th Dec 2011 – 29th Jan 2012.

The 35 meter long dragon is made out 75,000 skewers or better known as “lidi” and took about 3 weeks with the workmanship of 10 people to complete. The dragon is a symbol of good luck, prosperity and strength which coincides with the mall’s blissful and successful 35 years of operation. This dragon also has LED lights and small light bulbs to light up at night for the public to view and enjoy the beauty of the dragon’s structure.The dragon’s shape is structured into an arch to enable the public to cross underneath it or pose for photo sessions.

Sungei Wang Plaza

The inner part of the dragon is lighted up with LED lights and the eyes made out of small yellow bulbs to make it glow beautifully at night. The entire body of the dragon is sprayed with gold and red paint as a finishing touch.

According to KK Lim, Senior Manager Promotions / Public Relations Sungei Wang Plaza, the dragon is an important symbol for the mall’s 35th Anniversary as it represents strength, wealth and prosperity. “The dragon is our main attraction for Chinese New Year and we also want our shoppers to feel happy and in the right Festive mood when patronising Sungei Wang Plaza”. said KK Lim.

The dragon’s head and certain parts of the body are made out of rattan bamboo for strong structure. Peony flowers and bonsai plants which are used to symbolise the beauty of spring are placed around the dragon. Bright red lanterns are hung on metal stands at the side of the dragon.

Kelvin H’ng from K Design Collection is the man behind this unique dragon display. He was quoted as saying that the dragon display is unique because it is made out of skewers or locally known as “Lidi”. We could have easily used cloth or printed materials to create the dragon but opted to use “Lidi” instead because it is more interesting and special. said Kelvin.

Main Stage Deco
Themed as Springtime Grandeur, the main stage is set into an old town concept with rows of olden day shop houses. The DJ console is transformed into a small olden day hut with blinders and a set of table and chairs next to it. The back drop is mainly card board and pre-war houses with different settings. There is a Kopitiam, Bicycle shop, Grocery store and a shop selling dumplings and pao. The shop houses rooftop is made out of PVC pipe, sand and wood, while the windows are mainly carved and made out of wooden materials. Red lanterns are hung all over the shop houses to symbolise the Chinese New Year. The stage pavement will be carpeted in red with cloth tied up in traditional ribbons design surrounding the stage. Rattans, bird cages and bicycles and also tires are hung and placed at the shop houses to make them look “alive” and real” just like the olden days. Chinese characters resembling the nature of each shop house business are written on traditional signage and placed on each shop front. The windows are also created to look old and traditional to re-enact the olden days. The whole idea of the stage decoration is set to the olden days in Penang Street where people back then led a carefree and flexible life.

Photography Area
The backdrop is a row of olden day shop houses with traditional windows and Chinese Characters signage hung on each entrance. Red lanterns re hung outside the door with bright lanterns to symbolise the Chinese New Year. A cute trishaw is set outside the door with an umbrella to suit in the Chinese atmosphere. The roof top is made out of PVC, wooden materials and sand. The structure of the shops is based on cardboards and metal while the trishaw is a real object. This area is very suitable for photography session as the public can pose at the trishaw or even in front of the shop house. Ideally, this looks romantic for couples too.

The main sponsor for this celebration is DiGi. For further enquiries, please contact Mr KK Lim or Ms Joanne Lee at 03-21426636 or email at [email protected]

Sungei Wang Plaza

Sungei Wang Plaza

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