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STAY HOME: Projek Khas Penduduk Singapura Untuk Tetap Di Rumah

14 Local Artists Join Forces
 On A Multi-Lingual Song Single Out On Friday, 24th April 2020 #StayHomeSG

Universal Music Group menghimpunkan 14 artis berbakat Singapura dari pelbagai etnik dan latar belakang untuk menghasilkan Stay Home, satu trek yang menyentuh kalbu mengenai mesej kekuatan dalam perpaduan, untuk memberikan sokongan terhadap usaha negara dalam memerangi wabak COVID-19 . Single ini menampilkan 14 artis terdiri daripada Charlie Lim, Yung Raja, Fariz Jabba, ShiGGa Shay, Alif, ABANGSAPAU, Tosh Rock, Iman, Aisyah Aziz, Shye, Zadon, YAØ, Hashy dan Dee Kosh.

Stay Home membawa mesej yang teguh bahawa jarak sosial tidak bermaksud menjarakkan emosi kita. Projek ini menyoroti bagaimana muzik dapat terus hidup dengan kaedah digital dan kolaborasi melalui teknologi. Meletakkan muzik sebagai bahasa sejagat, projek ini bertujuan untuk menenangkan rakyat Singapura melalui suara 14 penyanyi dan pada masa yang sama lirik lagu tersebut diharap dapat memberi motivasi kepada mereka untuk terus tabah.

Stay Home - Multi Artist Collage

Calvin Wong, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Universal Music Asia Tenggara menjelaskan:

“Kami sangat teruja dengan inisiatif ini, yang memperlihatkan semangat para artis dan eksekutif muzik bekerjasama secara harmoni dalam waktu yang singkat untuk menghasilkan karya yang luar biasa.

Kami amat berbangga dengan 14 artis ini yang mewakili generasi baru rakyat Singapura dalam mengharungi cabaran kala ini.

Saya juga ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua rakan media kami kerana kerap memberikan pendedahan untuk lagu ini,”

– Calvin Wong

Terinspirasi dengan #JanganKeluar versi Malaysia, single yang dikeluarkan sebagai reaksi terhadap inisiatif PKP negara mereka, Stay Home adalah interpretasi lagu tersebut untuk rakyat Singapura. Walaupun mengekalkan lagu asal, versi Singapura ini mengolah semua baris melodi dan paduan suara untuk menyuntik kreativiti tersendiri, bagi menghasilkan persembahan yang unik untuk Singapura.

Kesemua artis menulis dan merakam single serta muzik video dari rumah masing-masing, dan berjaya menghabiskan projek ini dalam masa 11 hari.

Yung Raja

Lagu ini juga menampilkan empat bahasa yang berbeza iaitu Bahasa Inggeris, Mandarin, Melayu & Tamil bagi meraikan masyarakat berbilang kaum di Singapura. Muzik video ini memperlihatkan bagaimana para artis ini menyibukkan diri mereka di rumah dan berharap dapat mempengaruhi lebih ramai orang untuk memainkan peranan mereka bagi menjayakan “Circuit Breaker” ini dengan memberi komitmen untuk tetap di rumah.

Stay Home akan dilancarkan oleh Universal Music Singapore pada jam 9 pagi, Jumaat, 24 April 2020. Lagu ini boleh didapati di semua platform striming utama termasuk Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music dan KKBox pada jam 9 pagi dan di stesen radio Mediacorp dan MeListen antara jam 9 – 10 pagi.

Muzik video rasmi untuk tayangan perdana di YouTube pada jam 8 malam pada hari yang sama akan turut memberi peluang kepada para peminat untuk berinteraksi secara langsung dengan 14 artis yang terlibat dalam projek ini.

Fariz Jabba

Stay Home A Special Project To Encourage Singaporeans To Stay Home

Universal Music Group brings together 14 talented Singaporean artists from different ethnicities and background to create Stay Home, a poignant track that drives the message of strength in unity, to show support for nationwide efforts to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. The single features 14 artists which includes Charlie Lim, Yung Raja, Fariz Jabba, ShiGGa Shay, Alif, ABANGSAPAU, Tosh Rock, Iman, Aisyah Aziz, Shye, Zadon, YAØ, Hashy and Dee Kosh.

Stay Home conveys a powerful message that social distancing does not mean emotional distancing. This project highlights how music can be kept alive through digital means and collaborations made possible through technology. With music being a universal language, this project aims to give Singaporeans comfort through the voices of the 14 artists and motivation to stay strong through the song’s lyrics.

Calvin Wong, CEO of Universal Music South East Asia quoted, “We are most excited about this initiative, which showcases the passion of the artists and music executives who worked together cohesively in record time to create an amazing body of work. We are proud of these 14 artists who represent the new generation of Singaporeans who are stepping up to today’s challenges. I would also like to thank all our media partners for giving this song the biggestexposure possible”.

Inspired and in collaboration with Malaysia’s version of #JanganKeluar, a single that was released in response to their country’s MCO initiative, Stay Home is a re-interpretation of the song for Singaporeans.

While keeping to the original song, the Singapore version has completely re-structured all the melody lines and chorus to inject its own brand of creativity, transforming it into a rendition unique to Singapore. The artists wrote, recorded, and filmed the single and music video from home, completing the project within a short span of 11 days.

The song also features the four different languages including English, Mandarin, Malay & Tamil celebrated in our multi-racial society. The music video showcases how these artists have been keeping themselves busy at home and hope to encourage more people to play their part in making this “Circuit Breaker” a success by committing to staying at home.

Stay Home will be released by Universal Music Singapore at 9am, Friday, 24th April, 2020. The song will be available on all key streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and KKBox at 9am alongside Mediacorp radio stations and MeListen between 9 – 10am. The official music video will premiere at 8pm that same day on YouTube along with a live chat, giving Singaporeans the chance to interact in real-time with the 14 artists involved with the project.

About Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group (UMG) is the world leader in music-based entertainment, with a broad array of businesses engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising and audiovisual content in more than 60 countries. Featuring the most comprehensive catalog of recordings and songs across every musical genre, UMG identifies and develops artists and produces and distributes the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful music in the world. Committed to artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship, UMG fosters the development of services, platforms and business models in order to broaden artistic and commercial opportunities for our artists and create new experiences for fans. Universal Music Group is a Vivendi company. Find out more at:


I want you to stay
Would you stay home with me?
I don’t wanna lose you
Pick up the phone and talk to me I want you home with me
Would you spend time with me? I want you home with me
Would you spend time with me?

(Dee Kosh)
It’s invisible, it’s in the air Unpredictable, anything could happen Know you’re not alone
Even when you’re locked in
Together we can stop it

(Yung Raja)

Prayer hands up when we stayin’ inside
For the ones puttin their uyir (life) on the line Manithanukkul kadavul irikindrar
(God is in all of them)

Now’s about what really matters the most
Keep your head high and your kudumbam (family) close Gotta know ithaiyum naam kadappom
(Gotta know this too shall pass)


打 开了眼 呆在家一整天

(I open my eyes I’m staying home again)

戏 看三遍 它的字都会念
(Ive been watching the same shows again and again)
(Play a song and dance to the beat)
(Shake that body I don’t get sick of it)
I’m living the time 在这隔离的时间 I’m counting the minutes to 出门去绕
I’m living the time during the quarantine and I’m counting the minutes to go out again 但 吃的饱 睡得好 喝到妙 还算是 吉多凶少
(But we been eating well, sleeping well, drinking well and we count our blessings)

(Charlie Lim)

And oh
I won’t
Wanna live with all that regret Just wanna get through this Even if I’m on my own

You know I’ll go
Any distance for them go be safer than sorry don’t want you to worry for you I’ll come home


I want you to stay
Would you stay home with me?
I don’t wanna lose you
Pick up the phone and talk to me I want you home with me
Would you spend time with me? I want you home with me
Would you spend time with me?

I’m on my way
I’ll be back today
Hey, don’t worry I’ll be by your side You won’t fight alone
Yeah, I’m coming home
To see you (see you)


It’s enough to stay inside
To save some lives, for us to thrive
It’s a long-drawn battle we’re in
But we’re bigger than this, we’re bigger than this


Walking in walking out
Never had to think twice about it out there Times will change
Yea, we know
But there’s no need to go crazy
Think of others, yea

(Fariz Jabba)

I can lift you up, when u had enough
All u gotta do is come home
Through the sacrifice, through your weary nights i will hold your hand through it all


Semua dah lain, dunia beza

(Everything is different, the world has changed)
Bulan puasa (fasting month) and we got no bazaar
It happened so fast, as long as I’m healthy, aku bersyukur (im grateful) Yeah we made it this far
And I’ll be right here for you

(Tosh Rock)

出门记得带口罩 (aye)

(Remember to mask up when you leave the house)

Jangan keluar, 不要乱乱跑 (aye)
(Don’t leave the house unnecessarily)
We can’t wait till it’s too late ‘fore we move baby, so the time is now (aye)

Shoutouts to 我们的 (our) healthcare workers on the frontline 你们为我们的牺牲 (The sacrificed you’ve made for us) always be our minds

(ShiGGa Shay)

Spending all my time just staying at home Get through it all, we #togetheralone Everyone takin a share of the pain
After all we know it won’t be the same We all got fears,

Keep ya head high
Don’t shed a tear
After the rain it’ll be clear
Matter of time before it disappears

(Aisyah Aziz)

Take a deep breath
Jangan engkau mudah mengalah (Dont you give out too easily) Percayalah
(Trust that)
Semestakan segar lagi
(The universe will heal again)


Even though stones break the bones You will never break the soul
We’ll be fighting through the cold (mmm) And we’re waiting for you to come home You’ll be coming home (mmm)

CHORUS (Alif, YAØ, Aisyah Aziz, Charlie Lim)

I want you to stay
Would you stay home with me?
I don’t wanna lose you
Pick up the phone and talk to me I want you home with me
Would you spend time with me? I want you home with me
Would you spend time with me?

OUTRO (Aisyah Aziz – Jangan Keluar”)

Jangan keluar Duduk di ruma


ABANGSAPAU is a 20-year-old Malay-Sikh hip hop artist who isn’t afraid to challenge the boundaries of the local music scene. Known for donning his sarung, ABANGSAPAU is a firm proponent of representing his culture and ethnicity in his artistry. He boldly embodies what it means to breathe life into Southeast Asian rap, inspiring uniqueness and individuality in his listeners.


Aisyah Aziz was propelled into the music industry when she finished 6th place in Akademi Fantasia Season 10, one of Malaysia’s top-rated reality TV show. Since then, she has released 7 singles while actively performing in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Her voice has been said to be sultry yet confident and her ability to switch from full voice to head voice is soul touching.


From humble beginnings to unquestionable success Alif’s story is an exceptional one. The Singapore-born rapper, producer and songwriter casts a long and storied shadow in Southeast Asia. Emerging as an industry leader with one of Singapore’s most influential hip hop groups SleeQ, he quickly established himself as a potent MC on the mic and as a producer with a hit-making golden touch that has blessed the music of a sprawling list of icons such as Joe Flizzow, Kaka Azra‐, Zizan Razak, De Fam and Adira.


Charlie Lim is a singer-songwriter/producer based in Singapore, whose debut record TIME/SPACE clinched the #1 spot on the iTunes Singapore chart and was named Best Pop Album of the Year by The Straits Times and awarded Best Song of the Year by Apple Music Singapore. Gathering accolades and prominent festival slots along the way, including a central role in writing and performing the theme song for Singapore’s National Day last year, Charlie has quickly grown into one of Southeast Asia’s most unique voices in modern pop music.



Fariz Jabba is a 23-year-old bilingual rapper hailing from Singapore. Fariz Jabba’s bilingual flow is an amalgamate of both Malay and Western pop culture that finds its uniqueness in

Sometimes, being outspoken wasn’t enough. It only took one voice to shake things up.

Criticisms came a-knocking, but with the right balance of substance and humour, naturally his

video became a viral hit that sent everyone talking. There is no stopping this promising force

of nature as he climbs the steady ladder of “vlogging” glory, taking the internet and the world

by a storm that only he creates.

Southeast Asia. Fariz Jabba started his career by posting home videos of freestyle raps and remixes that went viral on social media, trending the Fariz Jabba name in Singapore and Malaysia within months of his first upload. The online attention gained Fariz Jabba a signing with Singaporean hip hop label MADEYOUFAMOUS and a spot on rap veteran Joe Flizzow’s online YouTube series, 16 Baris. Less than a month following his performance at the 16 Baris Concert, Jabba has performed for Urbanscapes, IGNITE! Music Festival, Shine Festival, and Baybeats, to name a few. Both of Fariz Jabba’s singles (“Ape Sia” and “Masa”) crossed 1 million views on YouTube each within 3 months of their release and have garnered almost 4 million streams on Spotify alone.


Hashy Yusof is a singer-songwriter in Singapore.


Iman started her career in media when she was 11 years old. Model, actor, athlete, and now singer, the 20-year-old is dominating the media industry with nothing off limits. Iman has been featured on the likes of Harpers BAZAAR, Female Magazine, and ELLE. She has and worked with brands including adidas, Coach, DBS, and Estee Lauder. Born on R&B and bred on Pop, the songstress draws inspiration from singers spanning Sam Smith to Trey Songz. With such width in her musical palate, there is much to be expected from this singer’s repertoire to come. 2020 is Iman’s year and music is yet another industry the artist will take by storm.


Hip-hop star ShiGGa Shay is not just a rapper but a music producer and film-maker. Being a force to be reckoned with in Southeast Asia, he creates tunes which are earworms through his use of his hometown venucular – Singlish – and his storytelling gift of witty punchlines. His 2019 comeback singles have seen him return to form as one of the top artists in the region. ‘Paiseh’ has reignited Singaporeans’ love for his cheeky, Singlish-infused stories. ’if i’ hasshowcased a never-seen-before sensitive side to the rapper, winning him a new legion of fans. ShiGGa Shay stormed into public consciousness by delivering classic hits like ‘Lion City Kia’ and ‘Tapau’ a few years ago. His breakthrough single ‘LIMPEH’ (Hokkien slang for ‘Your Father’) stayed No. 1 on the iTunes Singapore Charts and charted the iTunes Malaysia Hip- Hop charts at No. 2.


Shye is a self-taught 17-year-old musician from Singapore, who in the solitude of her bedroom, experiments, writes and produces everything by herself. Her music is described as a mixture of bedroom pop, electro-pop & indie-pop. Since winning Vans Musicians Wanted in 2018 at the age of 16, she has since gone on to perform for House of Vans Guangzhou. Shye has also become the youngest to win an award at the inaugural Youth Music Awards in Singapore in January 2019. She has served as opening acts for international musicians such as

Superorganism, Clairo and Sales at their concerts in Singapore. She has also been invited to play at several music festivals in Singapore, such as Baybeats, as well as Urbanscapes in KL.


A multi-hyphenate, Tosh is also well-known for his musical talent and is one of the founding members of the Grizzle Grind Crew, a Singaporean hip-hop collective comprising of rappers, DJs, producers and sound engineers. In 2013 he was featured on ‘LIMPEH’, a song by his close friend and established Singaporean rap artist ShiGGa Shay.The instant hit clinched the No.1 spot on the iTunes Hip Hop charts. Tosh also wrote and composed six official movie soundtracks for the Ah Boys To Men and The Lion Men movie franchises, all of which have garnered several million views on YouTube to date. He made his National Day Parade debut in 2013 and performed the iconic ear worm ‘Recruit’s Anthem’ and again in NDP 2017 as a solo artist performing an original he wrote specially for the parade, which touched on the trials and tribulations that Singaporeans faced in the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and 2008 Global financial crisis. In late 2015, Tosh and his fellow Ah Boys held their first concert ‘Now Or Never’, which sold out in Singapore and Malaysia. In December 2019 he released his latest single ‘Berry The Vulgar’ to critical acclaim and is currently working on more music that is to be released in 2020 and beyond.


YAØ is a singer/songwriter & producer, informed by a love for Hip-Hop/R&B and alternative pop. As a rising multi-hyphenate, he is constantly pursuing a distinctively unique music direction to connect with listeners. He kicked off 2019 properly, picking up the ‘New Kid On The Block’ award in the 1st ever Singapore Youth Music Awards in 2019. His 2018 Hit-Single ‘Scenery’ has landed him the coveted cover of Spotify’s New Music Friday Singapore. His self-produced tune ‘No Stress’, with underground rapper Ae$Op Ca$H, has gone heavy rotation on Singapore’s radio station 987FM. The single has garnered support from Canadian, American and Australian music sites like Uranium Waves, Chill N Trap and Asian Pop Radio. His latest single ‘RHCF’ hit over 100,000 streams just a month after its release.


Singaporean breakthrough artist Yung Raja has created waves of success for himself as a rapper, songwriter, and actor. Since his emergence as a rapper, Yung Raja has been dubbed as hip hop’s next avant-garde bilingual artist, known for his tasteful unification of English and Tamil culture in his lyrics. Yung Raja found viral success in Malaysia and Singapore following the release of his debut single “Mustafa”. His second single, “Mad Blessings”, was the firstEnglish-Tamil song to be played on Malaysia’s leading Malay Radio Station, Era. The track has received commendation from Lupe Fiasco and M.I.A.. With two tracks, the rapper has already amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify and more than 3 million views on YouTube. Lauded for his formidable command of English-Tamil rap, Yung Raja continues to confront the industry with his seamless bilingual delivery and distinct cultural references as a starting point for celebrating inclusivity in society.


Zadon is a Singaporean Mandarin R&B/ HipHop recording artist, producer and songwriter. With an objective of pushing the limits of music in his own way, the rhythm and musicality in his songs are set to entertain and impress the crowd. His catchy melodies and energetic performances aim to send a positive and inspiring message for everyday situations. Zadon’s music is made to break down the usual stereotypes around mandarin music. His goal is to help contribute to a global appeal while staying true to where he comes from.

Written by Budiey

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