Senarai Program Popular di Oh!K Sepanjang Mac 2015

More Korean entertainment is heading your way with the arrival of Oh!K, a new Korean channel on Astro Channel 394. Brought to you by Turner International, Oh!K just hit the airwaves in Malaysia, featuring the best of Korean drama, variety and music, within 24-hours of the Korea telecast – a first-ever in the country! With subtitles and audio options, Oh!K is accessible to all Malaysians for FREE via Astro Channel 394 from now until the end of February 2015.

Oh!K brings top-rated drama series featuring award-winning and much-loved talents by the Korean wave followers. Shine or Go Crazy, a fantasy melodrama featuring Jang Hyuk – a multi-award winner who charmed K-drama lovers with his stellar performance in The Slave Hunter. Viewers can also catch up on Rosy Lovers, starring the ‘visual’ and the youngest member of K-pop girl group SECRET, Han Sun Hwa.

The series tells the story about going through hardships and finding true love, an expression that many people can relate to. The channel also offers a variety of drama series with unique storytelling including Four Legendary Witches – a story about four prison cellmates who finds passion in baking.

Channel Oh!K Di Astro

Shine or Go Crazy (airing same day as Korea)
Every Tuesday & Wednesday at 8.55pm
Wang So, the Prince of Goryeo, is a talented man set to inherit the throne. One day, he meets Shin Yool, the last Princess of Balhae. She is destined to become the saviour of the kingdom and despite their arranged marriage, their affection to each other blossoms. Fast-tracked from Korea, Shine or Go Crazy airs on Oh!K within 24 hours of Korea telecast.

Rosy Lovers
Every Tuesday & Wednesday at 10.00pm
Jang Mi comes from a wealthy family and despite their objections, she decides to date Cho-dol, an average college student, and soon gets pregnant. Through numerous challenges and plenty of obstacles, their relationship grows and they find true love. Rosy Lovers feature popular actor, Lee Jang Woo (Here Comes Mr. Oh) and Han Sun Hwa from popular idol group, SECRET. Rosy Lovers has constantly outperformed dramas in the same time slot with double digit ratings in Korea.

Four Legendary Witches
Every Thursday & Friday at 8.55pm
Manipulated by her in-laws, Soo-in is convicted for a crime she did not commit. In prison, she meets three friends who bond through their shared passion for baking. After they are all released, they put their new-found skills to use by opening a bakery that competes with Shinhwa Group.

Real Men
Every Saturday & Sunday at 11.00pm
Real Men features eight male celebrities as they experience life in the Korean military. With no special treatment, these celebrities will have to go through training as low ranked personnel. Be ready for some action and of course, friendship and camaraderie.

Infinite Challenge
Every Saturday at 8.00pm
Infinite Challenge is hosted by a bunch of wacky hosts who will stop at nothing to bring you laughter and endless entertainment through renditions of the unexpected tasks allocated to them. Some famous faces would include Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa and Park Myung Soo.

I Am A Singer S3
Every Friday at 11.00pm
Get ready for a weekly vocal battle among some of Korea’s most loved singers! Each week, established singers in the Korean music industry bring their best vocal performances to wow the judging panel. Who will be the star to shine brightest?

Written by Budiey

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