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Sacoor Brothers Lancar Koleksi World Trotters Sempena Musim Panas 2018


“Pengembaraan terbaik adalah pengembaraan seterusnya”

Sacoor Brothers mempersembahkan koleksi musim panas 2018 yang dinamakan, World Trotters (Pengembara Dunia) dengan slogan penuh berinspirasi iaitu ‘The best journey is always the next’ atau “Pengembaraan terbaik adalah pengembaraan seterusnya”. Koleksi tersebut dibahagikan kepada tiga tema unik iaitu Slow Future – diilhamkan daripada jiwa kontemporari kota New York, inspired by the clean and contemporary moods of NYC, Nomad – sarat dengan inspirasi Morocco, dan Salt Water – sebuah koleksi yang merungkai perasaan aman damai kota-kota tepi laut di negara Greece.

Setiap satu daripada tiga tema tersebut membawa bersamanya helaian-helaian tersendiri dan sofistikated yang mampu menaikkan keyakinan para pemakainya. Turut serta ditampilkan di dalam koleksi ini adalah himpunan bagi kanak-kanak lelaki dan perempuan yang dinamakan, Little Trotters (Pengembara Cilik).

Jenama yang amat dikenali kerana material premium yang digunakan dan elemen-elemen keselesaan tanpa sedikitpun mengenepikan faktor stail, Sacoor Brothers dengan koleksi World Trotters mempertaruhkan pelbagai gaya dari siang ke malam dengan ceraian-ceraian penting dan praktikal. Samada gaya formal, semi-formal, kasual dan yang lebih menjurus kepada gaya santai-athletik, kesemuanya tersedia bagi peminat-peminat jenama ini dan juga yang baru ingin mengenali jenama yang berasal dari negara Portugal ini.

Sacoor Brothers Lancar Koleksi World Trotters

Slow Future

Slow Future, the first of its three themes from its World Trotters collection for Spring Summer represents the frozen time as the seasons begin to change with a colour palette that is mixed with dark and light shades of grey, green, mint, blue, white and beige derived from the urban feel of NYC. Design and architecture are refined and controlled in order to create an aesthetic that is simple, minimal and comfortable. The pieces have a timeless feel with clean silhouettes, practical details and materials; and modern trimmings. Inspired by the city that never sleeps, athleisure garments take over to show a more relaxed and pure look – perfect for everyday life.

Sacoor Brothers Lancar Koleksi World Trotters

Men’s Collection

Exciting features are slowed down and brought into focus as garments in this collection are made of premium modern materials that are deeply inspired by the younger set of New York businessmen. Featured pieces include jackets, polos, trainers and joggers in an urban colour palette. The business suit is created from the latest collection of Marzotto fabrics with easy stretch for natural comfort and features a glossy or matt, washed out or coated style that offers a fashionable and prestigious look. The casual weekend wear collection features a new line comprising of athleisure garments that provide mobility and comfort without the sacrifice of style.

Sacoor Brothers Lancar Koleksi World Trotters

Women’s Collection

Chic, simple and elegant are the main aesthetics of the women’s Slow Future collection. Architectural silhouettes explore a mix of hard and soft lines, focusing on classic tailored pieces, updated with new forms and details. The overall look is clean, inspired by the precision of architectural drawings. Tapping into the growth of fluid home-office lifestyles, the pieces lie somewhere between work and leisure dressing with fluid lines, lace inserts and elevated pleats. Refined wardrobe essentials such as the classic cross body bag, snake tote, strappy heels and round buckles make for great daily staples.

For a weekday look, knitted dresses, pleated skirts, cropped wide legs, midi skirts and fluid trench coats can be worn as business formals designed for meetings in formal or semi-formal settings. Roomy shirts and blouses, fitted dresses and menswear inspired high heels are available to complete the look. A business casual line includes premium knits, blouses, tapered or loose trousers and flat shoes. Key pieces include wide leg cropped and long trousers, minimal buttoned trench coats, ankle-length trousers and casual suit attire that are suitable for a relaxed social lifestyle.

Sacoor Brothers Lancar Koleksi World Trotters


The Sacoor Brothers Nomad collection is crafted for the traveller and include premium materials that simplify casual wear. Colours from Morocco and Marrakesh are weaved into the collection with their rich tones of golden spice, baked coral, camel, dark blues and beige. The mood inspires bohemian travel through aromas, colours, traditions and various Moroccan influences. Exploring the world in a casual puritan look with loose fittings and natural materials gives the explorer a true sense of belonging to the new cultures being explored.

Sacoor Brothers Lancar Koleksi World Trotters

Salt Water

Salt Water personifies leisurely hours spent outdoors in the summer with textures and colours are inspired by beach landscapes of the Greek islands. Lightweight fabrics and loose fittings with geometric tiled prints inspire the imagination. An intense blue and white theme offers a notion of tranquillity and relaxed vacation time. Shades of yellow portray the sun at its highest peak and all the landscapes along the sea. The blues of this palette inspire explorations into the salty water of the sea, while island whites are the neutrals that resemble the Greek islands surface.

Sacoor Brothers Lancar Koleksi World Trotters

Koleksi ini boleh di dapati di kesemua outlet Sacoor Brothers serata Malaysia sekarang.

Sacoor Brothers Lancar Koleksi World Trotters

Sacoor Brothers Lancar Koleksi World Trotters

About Sacoor Brothers:

Sacoor Brothers is a well-known international label, based in Portugal. It is the result of the dream of four brothers committed to adding elegance, quality and style to the fashion world. Since the early 1990s, when they opened their first boutique in Lisbon, Sacoor Brothers has continued to expand. It is now synonymous with a cosmopolitan label, with over 100 boutiques in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia with the majority of locations featuring complimentary tailoring.

In existence for 28 years, Sacoor Brothers has grown by defining trends and innovating services and products, setting itself apart by offering excellent tailor-made solutions – a characteristic common to each one of its shops all over the world. The brand is a favourite with celebrities and has dressed well-known personalities from the world of fashion, sports, cinema and television, including famous Hollywood actors Rob Lowe, William Baldwin, Patrick Dempsey, Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo. In Malaysia, Sacoor Brothers is known to dress blue-chip actors and performers such as Bront Palarae, Sean Ghazi and Remy Ishak.

First launched in Malaysia back in 2012, the brand’s successful story is proven with 12 stores in the country not just in Kuala Lumpur, but also in Penang, Johor Bahru, Malacca and Genting Highlands.

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