Ride N Seek Begins Its Journey on HISTORY

HISTORY™ brings viewers on an epic road trip through Peninsula Malaysia with Jaime Dempsey – a bubbly blonde American biker girl – on her Harley-Davidson, exploring both mainstream and “off the beaten track” experiences.


Premiering on Monday, 10 June 2013 on HISTORY™ (Astro Ch 555 & 575), Ride N’ Seek is a motorcycle travel documentary set in Malaysia. Across this six-episode series, Jaime visits the most colorful and interesting places and meets well-known and fascinating Malaysians like former Formula One driver Alex Yoong who lets her drive a Formula car and DJ/actress Sarimah Ibrahim who takes her on a delectable food trail in Malacca.

[pullquote align=”right”]Ride N’ Seek Begins Its Journey on HISTORY™ this June. Premieres 10 June, every Monday at 10pm on Astro Channel 555[/pullquote]

“Ride N’ Seek was an amazing adventure from start to finish. We selected Malaysia as the location for the first series because of its amazing history. It is also geographically blessed with everything from lush rainforests to lovely sandy beaches and mysterious mangroves,” said Chris Humphrey, Director of Production at AETN All Asia Networks.

“This season has been great working with our partners Celcom, Harley-Davidson and Expedia to create a programme with great integrated capabilities. Next season, we look to do the same in Thailand and the Philippines,” added Charles Less, Head of Advertising Sales at AETN All Asia Networks.

As the presenting sponsor of the new series, Celcom Axiata Berhad is pleased with its first collaboration with HISTORY™ and its Chief Marketing Officer Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin said, “Celcom is proud to help Jaime stay connected with her audiences as she ventured off the beaten track on this epic road trip. Through our fastest, widest and most reliable mobile network, Jaime was able to instantly share her experiences of Malaysia’s history, culture and people with the rest of the world even while on the move. We are thrilled to have Jaime on our network together with more than 12 million Malaysians who are constantly connected within Celcom’s Fastest Territory.”

Harley-Davidson, an associate sponsor of the program, has enabled Jaime, a free spirited individual, to satisfy her wanderlust, as well as her love for motorbikes.

Another associate sponsor of the series, Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company, leverages on Ride N’ Seek to demonstrate that there are more interesting ways to plan and book travel such as with their one-stop solution to suit Jaime’s travel needs.

Ride N’ Seek will be available to Malaysian viewers on 10 June on HISTORY™ (Astro Ch 555) and HISTORY HD™ (Astro Ch 575), every Monday at 10pm.











RIDE N’ SEEK is a host driven motorcycle travel documentary set in Malaysia. The host, Jaime Dempsey, is a bubbly blonde American Biker girl who begins an epic road trip to travel through every state of Peninsular Malaysia to explore both the mainstream and “off the beaten track” locations and activities.

She is funny, irreverent, quirky, unpredictable and up for anything. She actively seeks out the unusual and participates in all of the activities she stumbles upon. Sometimes she fails and sometimes she succeeds but she always has a great time participating and immersing herself in the local culture. In each episode she meets interesting people who shares fast facts and the history of the state, she also takes part in some amazing activities at each location.

Riding on a Harley, Jamie digs out the best and the most unusual things to do in Malaysia. The route she plans will take her off the highway and onto small roads often bypassed by modern travelers. These long winding roads meander through sleepy little kampung towns well off the beaten track and unknown to the majority of travelers. Along the way she meets fascinating local people, experiences the variety of the country and sees Malaysia in a way that only the freedom of two wheels can give you.

This is the real “rough guide” to Malaysia and paves the way for those who have always dreamed of touring Malaysia in this way. Jamie follows the road less traveled and seeks out uniquely Malaysian things to do in hard to reach places. From action adventure to serene beauty, this series brings to light what very few get to see.

Shot in HD and incorporating mini cameras mounted on the bikes, the viewer will have a bird’s eye view of the journey from the perspective of the rider.

Short synopsis –

Jaime Dempsey is determined to tread a new path through Peninsular Malaysia. Riding through the country on a Harley, she takes us off the beaten track to visit places best reached on two wheels. On the way she rides almost everything there is in the country; from a Formula car to a mountain bike to an ostrich and even a big plastic ball. There’s no stopping the irreverent Jaime; in every state she meets a local personality who gives her tips on the best places to visit and the most delicious of local delicacies to try. This is a journey that showcases the great variety that there is in Malaysia and sets the stage for more motorbiking adventures through Asia…


Starting in Johor Bahru, our intrepid traveler heads north along the east coast through Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan, Perak, Selangor and Malacca before the journey comes to an end.

Episode 1: JOHOR
Johor is the starting point for the journey and a great way to get into the swing of things. Jamie gets a brief introduction to the geography and history of the state and some fast facts on the things Johor is famous for. Jamie meets the owner of Big Loud Rides (BLR) who gives her the inside scoop on some activities that she can do in Johor. Armed with the inside information, Jamie decides to explore the town and heads to the Glass Temple. She gets a personalized tour of this fascinating Hindu temple by the priest himself.

BLR has told Jamie about a local racetrack that was once the venue for the world motorcycle championships. Some of the biggest stars of the time used to race there, including World Champion Mick Doohan and Ken Roberts Jr so she heads to Pasir Gudang to try a few laps of this historic circuit. After testing out her bike, she meets ex-Formula One driver, Alex Yoong. He puts her in a Formula car and she has a go on the circuit.

After saying goodbye, Jamie heads to a cool local hangout called Lost Malaya to meet some local Harley riders. The next morning her ride begins in earnest and it’s time to pack the miles under her seat. Before she sets off she meets Malaysian adventure rider Alex Wong who advises her on the best way to do the trip safely and gives her tips on some of the things she should and should not do.

After saying goodbye to Alex, Jamie hits the road. Along the ride she sees a crocodile farm and an Ostrich farm and ends up feeding a 130-year-old crocodile and riding an ostrich.

Short synopsis –
In Johor, Jaime explores a Hindu Glass Temple, tests her bike on the Pasir Gudang racetrack and tries out a Formula car with Alex Yoong. Heading north towards Mersing, she stops by a crocodile farm in Kota Tinggi and ends up riding an ostrich.


Jaime has traveled into Pahang and is sightseeing along the way. Beautiful beaches and vistas abound as she follows the coastal road towards Kuantan. On the way she stops by the royal city of Pekan for a quick tour around the historic city. Heading towards Cherating, she stops at the world famous kite-boarding destination, Balok Beach. As a keen surfer, Jaime is keen to try this sport and stops to give it a try.

Jaime arrives at the beautiful beach town and backpacker’s paradise of Cherating. She stays at Ruby’s Place, a tiny hotel with a private beach and a turtle sanctuary. Jamie builds a fire on the beach and reflects on the journey thus far.

The next day Jamie heads up to Kuala Terengganu with a few stops along the way. Terengganu was the first state to receive Islam in 1303 and was a vassal state to Siam until power was transferred to the British in 1909. The state is famous for its boat-building heritage and the tradition continues to this day. We visit a master boat builder and learn what it takes to build one of these amazing old boats.

After exploring the town, Jaime heads to the amazing Crystal Mosque, the centerpiece of the state. She is given a guided tour of the shining glass monument and learns a little bit about Islam. Jaime’s goal is to eat at least one local delicacy in every state.

Leaving the coast behind, Jamie heads inland towards Lake Kenyir where she stays on a houseboat. It is a beautiful sanctuary and the largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia. She gets to swim with the fishes and ends her day reflecting on her journey thus far.

Short synopsis –
In Pahang Jaime rides the wind, trying out both kite surfing and a buggy kite at Cherating beach. After a riverboat ride in Kuantan, she then heads to Kuala Terengganu where she explores the Crystal Mosque, learns a bit about traditional boat-making and gets to swim with the fishes.


Kelantan is a hidden gem and home to the most fascinating of Malay traditions. Jaime meets an old war historian who shows her some old relics including an old tree that still bears bullet scars. She also picks up some fascinating information on the Pacific War, which actually started in Kelantan. Jaime rides the wind again, this time trying her hand at Wau (kite) flying, songkat and batik making. She meets Zuhiri, the President of the Kelantan Superbike club and he takes her on a two-wheeled tour of the historic city of Kota Bharu. Her food experience in the state is a giant catfish at a famous local restaurant before beginning the long journey to Penang.

Short synopsis –
Jaime goes back in time in Kelantan exploring old war relics and learning about the area’s battle history. She goes back to kite flying as she tries her hand at the Wau then enjoys a traditional Malay massage. She then tours the historic city of Kota Bharu before settling down to eat a giant catfish.

Jaime arrives in Georgetown, a UNESCO heritage site steeped in history. She is shown around by a local history buff then heads to Batu Ferringhi beach to have lunch at Hi Peng Kopi Tiam. The Penang Asam Laksa here was voted 7th in the CNN poll of the World’s Top 10 Yummiest food in the world.

Jaime takes a ride around the island and spends a night at a heritage hotel to round off her colonial adventure. Heading south towards Ipoh, Jaime meets Marcus Ozwald and his friends for a 4×4 adventure. Marcus is a regular competitor in the Rainforest Challenge and Jaime gets to drive one of these hybrid beasts.

Heading south to Bernam River, Jaime then meets Capt Andreas, who runs a flight school. Jaime leaves the familiarity of the ground and two wheels as he takes her up in a Cessna to teach her how to fly. She then races the plane along the runway before heading to Frasers Hill, a colonial hill station that time has forgotten. Jaime enjoys tea and scones at the historic Smokehouse, a unique English Style hotel leftover from the colonial heydays.

Short synopsis –
Jaime explores historic Georgetown before heading to the beaches of Batu Feringghi to taste the world’s #7 yummiest food, assam laksa. Heading out to Ipoh, she drives a hybrid 4×4 Rainforest Challenger then heads to the highlands of Fraser’s Hill to complete her colonial experience.

Heading down from Frasers Hill, Jaime makes a stop at the spot where Henry Guerney was assassinated before continuing her scenic ride down the 20km-winding road towards Raub and the 8 Acres Homestay. She gets into a Zorb Ball, a huge rolling plastic ball and drinks in the beautiful scenery before heading to Kuala Lumpur.

Short synopsis –
On the ride down from Fraser’s Hill, Jaime spends the night in a Raub homestay and tries out being inside a big plastic ball, the Zorb Ball.

Jaime does some sightseeing before meeting with local songstress and DJ Sarimah Ibrahim who took her on a foodie tour at Jalan Alor.

After that tasty excursion, Jaime meets the Red Warriors motorcycle stunt team. This team has some young stuntwomen who do stunts for a living and Jaime gets to participate with the team.

Short on time and nearing the end of her trip, Jaime’s last stop is the historic town of Malacca. She meets Bibik Kim Neo. Kim is a famous local actor who plays a character called Bibik Nonya. He meets her in full costume and shows her around the city. Jaime tries Nonya food at his restaurant. This is her last stop on her journey, and she reflects on the amazing trip she’s had, she makes a vow to keep on biking through Asia.

Short synopsis:
Jaime meets with Malaysian songstress and DJ Sarimah Ibrahim and heads to the historic city of Malacca to dine on authentic Nyonya cuisine with Bibik Kim Neo.


Born in Illinois, but raised in England, Jaime spent her formative years studying in the UK and traveling around Europe. She caught the travel bug pretty young and has always been looking for new places to go and new things to try. An interest in art took her to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and it is there that she took up Photography. She spent about 6 years working as a photographer in the Philadelphia area and shot everything from architecture to local celebrities. Her favorite part of shooting people was putting together their “look”. Soon this love had her exchanging her camera for a steamer and a rack of clothes and she spent the next few years as a stylist.

Eventually the travel & adventure bug kicked in again and Jaime found herself riding her motorcycle 3000 miles to the West coast and landing in Los Angeles. She took up riding about 8 years ago and has owned such bikes as a Yamaha XS650, Harley Iron 883, and a Ducati Monster 695. California is a great place to live for people who love riding. All year round Jaime and her gang of SoCal riders take trips up the coast or to the dessert. She loves the thrill of splitting lanes and maneuvering the twisting roads in the hills. Riding motorcycles isn’t the only great thing about living in SoCal, the mountains are only a few hours away from the city for snowboarding, and the waves at the ocean only a 30 minute ride in the other direction are great for surfing. Jaime has since become a real California girl.

When first moving to Los Angeles she kept up with her styling and spent a good amount of time on sets for shows like LA Ink. She has also styled celebrities such as Pit Bull and Ving Rhames. Living in LA has also given Jaime the chance to appear briefly on the shows Entourage and Hell’s Kitchen. Though she hasn’t spent much time in front of the camera, she has worked in the industry long enough not to be intimidated by it and finds it to be really fun!

Currently, she has found a place where she can combine her love of fashion with her extreme sport and adventure seeking personality at Volcom. There she works with designers and merchandisers to create fashionable yet functional swim wear for young surfer girls everywhere.

Jaime will never stop looking for new adventures, and she has always believed in taking every opportunity that comes her way!

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Chris Humphrey, Director, Production, AETN All Asia Networks
Based in Singapore, Chris Humphrey is a regional Production Director for AETN ALL ASIA NETWORKS. After working for a BBC magazine in London, Chris taught English and music to secondary school students in and around his hometown of Cambridge UK. It was after working as a travel writer that Chris came to Singapore in 1998 and set up his own production company. He has produced for Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel before joining AETN All Asia Networks as Executive Producer in 2008, following 10 years of television production. Chris is currently responsible for the supervision – from pitch to delivery – of all local commissions, co-productions and development of new productions coming out of South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since 2008 Chris has overseen more than a 100 hours of original content across the Network’s three brands: History, Bio and Crime & Investigation Networks.

Guy Ermer, Producer/Director, BlackDogTV
Guy Ermer is a multi talented award winning TV producer who has worked on a diverse array of TV productions. His work includes documentaries, kids programs, current affairs, on-air promos and commercials.

Born in South Africa, Guy has been based in Singapore for the past 15 years and travels extensively in the region. He has worked for international broadcasters like ESPN Star, Disney Channel and World Sports Group before setting up his own production company, BlackDogTV in 2002.

Since then, his long form show credits have expanded to include sports documentaries “Iron man triathlon” for AXN, “Living the Dream” on ESPN Star, “World Series of Mahjong” (12 part x 1 hour) filmed in Macau and released worldwide, “Singfest 2008” for Star World, “Stomp” a weekly show on Disney Channel, and “Asia Sports Show” a half hour weekly feature show that won gold at the Asian Television Awards.

Guy’s portfolio also includes numerous commercials, one of which is a series of commercials for Saachi and Saachi around the rugby world cup that won bronze at the Asia Pacific AdFest.


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HISTORY™ and HISTORY HD™ are the leading destinations for entertaining hit series and revealing, award-winning event specials that connect history with viewers in an informative, immersive and fascinating manner across multiple platforms. Programming covers a diverse variety of genres ranging from real-life characters who bring history to life every day, to natural history, contemporary history, technology and science, as well as archaeology and pop culture. Hit series include Kings of Restoration, Pawn Stars, The Pickers, and Swamp People, Hidden Cities Extreme, and Top Shot, complemented by acclaimed and insightful specials including Titanic: Mystery Solved, Countdown to Armageddon, America: The Story of the US, The History of the World in 2 hours and 102 Minutes That Changed America.

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