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Synopsis Poster Film Brave Movie Afdlin Shauki

Synopsis Brave
A young man is forced by the mafia to steal a bank’s client data in exchange for his brother’s life and discovers he and his brother have been set up.

Poster Film Brave

The Brave Film

Shuhaimi Abdullah / Tong just arrives at the airport. They were caught by the Interpol and they were interrogated. The Interpol suspected that they are involved with Thai gangsters. Here, Shuhaimi tells us the story that his brother in law.

Just out of jail, Pairot is back to loving a normal life running a restaurant with his brother-in-law, Tong. However one day he gets a call to do one last job to steal client information details from a credit card company. He is forced to do so because the caller has kidnapped Tong and threatens to kill him if it is not done.

Pairot does the job and manages to find and free Tong. But things get worse when he finds that he has been identified as the information thief and now is on the run from the police and Metropolitan Mafia, who turn up to kill Pairot and Tong. They both manage to escape and decide to go to the vice president of credit card to inform them that Pairot was not acting on his own.

However, they discover that they are other forces at work. As they get deeper and deeper they realize that things are not as they seem and that they have been set up completely, and not by the people they thought.

Follow them in the high – impact action as they fight their way to justice.

Written by Budiey

Penggemar filem seram yang obses dengan gajet & teknologi terkini dan masih tegar menjadi pengendali portal hiburan & gaya hidup sejak tahun 2007. Kini aktif menjadi Youtuber & Podcaster yang menemubual selebriti dalam BORAK SINI HABIS SINI dan menerbitkan program BULETIN VIRAL di Budiey Channel.

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