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Nuseir Yassin Announces New Spotify Original Podcast ‘Nas Talks’

You’ve likely seen Nuseir Yassin’s short clips on everything from interracial dating to mosquitos to political movements via his wildly popular video series, Nas Daily. Now, you can hear the full stories that inspire them on his new Spotify Original Podcast, Nas Talks.

But don’t just take it from us. Listen to the news from the man himself: Staying true to his video brand, Nas Talks will deliver audio content in an unmistakably Nas fashion, with weekly episodes that dive deep into a variety of personal, timely, and controversial topics: including the hidden truths about his personal journey, finding fame through social media, and debates on politics and philosophy. And like all podcasts on Spotify, it’s free for all Spotify users. 

'Nas Daily’s' Nuseir Yassin Announces New Spotify Original Podcast 'Nas Talks'
Nas Talks – Nuseir Yassin

The podcast will feature guests from all walks of life and corners of the world, highlighting creators, politicians and authors with a vast range of perspectives.

In the first few weeks of the show, Nas will be joined by Filipino-American Vlogger Wil Dasovichand Israeli Historian Yuval Noah Harari.  

“Going into podcasting makes perfect sense for the Nas Daily journey,”

“It’s hard to deep-dive into topics in less than three minutes and I’m looking forward to longer discussions with other points of view.

It’s my first venture into long-form content and I am thrilled to partner with Spotify to bring this show to life.”

– Nuseir Yassin

Singapore-based Nuseir has amassed a following of over 26 million fans across the U.S., U.K., Asia, and Latin America, engaging an ever-growing fanbase with a recognizable storytelling style filled with passion, curiosity, and humor.

Nas Talks joins an acclaimed slate of Spotify Originals from content creators such Joe RoganWarner Bros. and DCPodcastOne, and The Ringer, all of which further Spotify’s goal of offering best-in-class audio content with cultural and local relevance.

Stay tuned for the first episode premiering on July 8.

Find out more and catch all the details live on Spotify’s Blog, For The Record.

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