Novak Djokovic Tennis Apparel Collection at UNIQLO

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]NIQLO recently launched a new collection of tennis apparel, designed after the kits worn by world No.1 tennis player Novak Djokovic at recent Grand Slam tournaments. If a child’s sense of logic is anything to go by, each time you don the jersey, boots or any sports items endorsed by your heroes, their superhuman powers are bestowed upon you. And when playing a few sets at the tennis court, most of us aspire to have the incredible ability, flair and showmanship of the Djoker.

The performancewear line for men is now available exclusively at UNIQLO Fahrenheit 88 and consists of several products, namely the DRY-EX polo shirts, DRY short pants, track jacket and pants and warm-up jacket and pants, along with several accessories like wristbands, socks and caps.

The prices may seem pretty steep (the DRY short pants in particular costs RM169.90), but know that most of the items are made with special fabric that absorb perspiration and will keep you dry so you can stay on top of your game for longer. Alternatively, you can just get the hat (RM79.90).

The Novak Djokovic tennis apparel collection is available at UNIQLO Fahrenheit 88


Written by Budiey

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