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New Zealand AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero Day 1

Kia Ora from Christchurch New Zealand : AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero Day 1

Hello! We have arrived in the beautiful South Island, New Zealand this afternoon! The weather in Christchurch is so cold that all of us are shivering!

If you are wondering who are “all of us” – that’s me from AirAsia Social Media Team, Melanie from Tourism New Zealand and Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri ! Missed out our earlier updates on “AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero?” then check it out here!

So last night 2 teams met up for the first time in AirAsia Headquarter in Malaysia. And they were given a short briefing by me and Melanie – and boy, they were so enthusiastic! Right after the briefing, the teams spent time to get to know each other better and at 11:40 p.m., we all departed on AirAsia X D7 2756 and the magical moment begun for both teams.


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From left : Budiey (Team Kaitaki’s leader), James (Team Kairiri’s leader), Uzair (Team Kaitaki, winner of AirAsia X’s ‘Faces Go Places’ Phase 1), Auntie Zara (Team Kaitaki), Zaid (Team Kaitaki), Franly (Team Kairiri, winner of AirAsia X’s ‘Faces Go Places’ Phase 1), Vincent (Team Kairiri) & Thenly (Team Kairiri)

We received warm welcome from International Antarctic Centre (located just next to the airport) where both Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri were given a surprise! Can you guess what it is?

It is the Hagglund Ride!!!Check out the video inside the website to see what’s Hagglund Ride is all about!

The Hagglund is an amazing all terrain amphibian Antarctic vehicle where Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri had an amazing experience travelling across the rough terrain which sent them screaming on top of their lung to the sheer excitement during the ride! The Hagglund ride are similar to the same travelling conditions across the ice pack.


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Verdict of the ride by the teams? “AWESOME!”

After the ride, we were given a rare treat to the centre’s 4D EXTREME Theatre – we heard of 3D theatres but what is 4D? That was the question popping in our head when we were escorted to the theatre.

The moment the movie started (they were showing the Antarctic journey), we knew what is 4D EXTREME means the moment we had water splashing onto our faces, our seat moves, mist coming out and bubbles floating around us – 4D EXTREME are combination of exciting 3D movie with special effects added to thrilled the spectators. There was a moment, we felt we could touched the penguins showed in the movie! David, the manager of the centre was so kind that he played us another special 4D animation movie called “The Curse of the Dead Skull”. It’s a bit of mixture of Chicken Run animation style with Pirates of The Carribean’s storyline.

And the teams were in for more surprise after the special 4D EXTREME Theatre treats! We were told to brace ourselves for Antarctic Storm where we get a taste of how stunning and how cold it can be when there’s a storm in Antarctic! There are warm jackets provided (thank goodness! Else, there might be some “Iceman” and “Icewoman” exhibition in the International Antarctic Centre… :-P)


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With that awesome and memorable experience, we departed for 2-hours drive journey to Hanmer Springs. The views along the journey was just spectacular – breathtaking (I think over the next few days, this word would have been over-used simply because the views here in South Island are simply breathtaking! Ops, I used it again!)


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The breathtaking sunset view taken during our journey to Hanmer Springs.

Tomorrow both Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri will be facing their first challenge in their journey to be crowned as AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero! Remember to stay tuned tomorrow!

Also, follows Team KaitakiTeam Kairiri‘s Twitter to get LIVE updates and stand a chance to win our daily Twitter challenge! Details here.

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