New Year New TV Hot Tips On Buying A Cool TV

For most of us, the television is the most entertaining gadget in our homes. It is how we watch our favourite content—sports, movies, serial dramas, gaming and more—comfortably on the sofa, together with friends and family. TV is indeed more than just another device. It is where the whole family bonds while experiencing exciting TV moments together.


New Year, New TV:
Samsung gives hot tips on buying a cool TV for your home

With the year fast reaching its tail end and with great discounts and super deals enticing consumers to buy a new TV set, it is easy for one to swipe their credit card and wheel in a new TV for their home. But how many of us really do know how to select the ideal TV that suits our needs and our homes? As one of the leaders in TV display, Samsung puts together a guide to purchasing the right TV for you.

To kick things off, let’s take a look at an important part of TV—choosing the right TV size for your home. While there are many features and functions you should keep in mind when choosing your TV, the viewing distance and the TV’s resolution quality will suggest the best screen size.

Size and Viewing Distance

Everyone loves the impressive look and immersive viewing experience of a big screen TV. But going too big for a room can be overwhelming. So what’s the right screen size?

A common industry recommendation for the best-sized Full HD TV for a room is to take the distance from the TV to the sofa in meters and multiply by 25 to get the screen size in inches. For example, a TV that sits two meters from the sofa should be 50 inches. If the TV is three meters from the sofa, then it should be 75 inches.

For the UHDTV, because of its superior image quality and detail, one should multiply the distance by 39. A TV that is just two meters from the sofa can be as large as 78 inches.

UHD refers to Ultra High Definition (also known as 4K), the new breed of TV that packs a pixel count four times denser than conventional Full HD TVs. Whereas Full HD screens have 1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels, UHD jumps to 3,840 pixels by 2,160 pixels, for stunningly clear images. Therefore, you can enjoy UHD TVs that are larger than Full HD TVs, from the same distance, without ever noticing the individual pixels or worrying about eye strain.

What’s the best distance to sit from your TV? The international standards organization ITU-R suggests that for a 50 inch Full HD TV, the screen is best viewed from between two meters and just under three meters. Closer than two meters, however, you either need to choose a smaller TV or upgrade to UHD, otherwise you could begin to feel some discomfort. A 50 inch UHD screen can be used comfortably from as close as a meter away. For a big 85 inch UHD TV, the sweet spot is between 1.6 meters and about 3.3 meters.

With a variety of 39 TV models, ranging in size from 32 inches all the way up to 88 inches, plus dozens of options in Full HD, UHD and Smart TVs, Samsung Electronics has a TV that fits just right for your lifestyles.

Now that we got the size and viewing distance covered, how are we going to display it? Should it be mounted on the wall or should it stand elegantly?


In the days of Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) televisions, how to display a TV in the home was not much of a choice. CRT TVs were too bulky and heavy to go anywhere but on a solid surface, like a table or a big, wooden wall unit.

Today’s TVs are bigger than ever, but they are also incredibly thin and much lighter than CRTs, giving consumers more options on how to display their crystal-clear screens. Let’s look at wall-mounted TVs versus TV stands, and how consumers can determine the choice that is right for them.

Wall-Mount or Stand

Each choice for setting up a TV has good and bad points, and it is up to each person to choose the option that works best for their home setting. Stands have the advantage of organization and design. They need to be set down on a flat surface, like a wall unit or a table, making the TV like a piece of furniture, too. Stands are also relatively easier to move, in case you want to place your TV in a different location. Plus, using a stand together with furniture makes it easier to organize all the cables that connect to the TV and related equipment (like a cable TV set-top box or a Blu-ray player), arranging them so they are out of sight and tidy. However, using a stand does mean the TV will take up more space, reversing some of the benefits of that ultra-thin screen.

Wall-mounting a TV, on the other hand, can save a lot of space in a room, making it a good choice for designing an interior that is more open. By being installed on the wall, the TV is still quite visible from the sofa or other favourite location, but it is up and away from the flow of the room. Even curved TVs can be mounted on the wall. In fact, today’s curved TVs made by Samsung Electronics have been designed with their complete appearance in mind, from 360 degrees. The bezel wraps around the TV, appearing straight from the front, but with the sides meeting the rear of the TV seamlessly in a restrained curve. The back of the TV has a clean and simple design made of elegant black metal. No matter where you set it up, a Samsung curved TV should look stylish and sharp from all angles.


But while wall-mounted TVs are popular nowadays, they do have their drawbacks. Not all walls can support a large TV—some are too weak, while other materials, like stone or slate, cannot be easily drilled into. Also, once a TV is mounted on the wall, it is fixed there and can only be swivelled if you want to change viewing direction.

Whether a consumer chooses to put their TV on a stand or mounted on the wall, today’s TVs offer a better viewing experience than ever. By selecting the TV mounting that is right for them, a consumer can make that experience even better.

Now that we’ve gone through a detailed and informative guide on how to choose your next TV, do remember to exercise these hot tips the next time you go TV-shopping. In the spirit of giving and the joy of gifting this Christmas and upcoming New Year, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is extending fantastic deals on its range of Smart TVs and home theatre systems for Malaysian worldwide. So do head on over to your nearest Samsung brand store and enjoy these festive deals!

Samsung wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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