Media Prima TV Networks Returns to Africa

TV3, ntv7, TV9 & 8TV set to fuel the football madness

The Media Prima Television Networks will be contributing to the excitement as the anticipation heightens this June during the World Cup as Malaysia’s leading free-to-air networks come together to immerse fans in a ‘Return to Africa’ experience that will bring the world of football and rhythm of South Africa right into their living rooms.

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Dato’ Sri Farid Ridzuan bersama para personaliti TV3 yang turut memeriahkan sesi pelancaran tersebut.

Exciting and compelling content – these are the buzzwords at TV3, ntv7, 8TV and TV9 which will be leveraging on the World Cup 2010 fever to reinforce themselves as the preferred platform for the local TV audience. In what promises to be the most exhilarating season television has seen all year, Media Prima TV Networks’ 2010 shows off an exciting line up of football-related programmes that will super-serve football fans all over Malaysia.

“We want to be the home for football fans this year regardless type and genre – while they may go to our competition for the live games, the Media Prima Television Networks will continue to feed and fuel the football fever, supported by our radio and online media,” explained Media Prima Television Networks Group Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Sri Farid Ridzuan to over 300 media buyers, advertisers and media who were present at the Launch of Return to Africa.

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Dato’ Sri Farid Ridzuan, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Kumpulan, Rangkaian Televisyen Media Prima Berhad membentangkan program-program menarik sempena Piala Dunia 2010

Creative in its content creation, TV3 is by far the most watched station with a 30.2 per cent share, almost triple the share over its nearest competitor. TV9 has emerged as the second most watched Media Prima channel with an 8.2 per cent of audience viewing share. The “lethal combination” of 8TV and ntv7 as the No. 1 and No. 2 Chinese networks has managed to rake up as high as 22.4 per cent share and 21.1 per cent. 8TV has also climbed up as the number 2 station among the English literate 15-29 years market segment, hitting up to 10 per cent share.

This June, TV3 will be whetting the appetites of football fans everywhere with its FIFA Official Preview Series every Sunday, beginning 2 May 2010.

Football fans will also get to watch The Immortals – 1 minute vignettes honours Football’s greats and celebrates the careers of those who captured the hearts of millions and reshaped football history through their skill, grace and love for the game. Pre-game Sorak Borak, will draw fans to a live programme on football related topics with views from celebrities and football fans everywhere and FIFA The Finals, starting in June will relive the very best 11 nostalgic World Cup finals matches from 1966 to 2006.

TV3 will also showcase two programmes for our junior footballs fans Dreamkix, fascinating animated story of a farmyard football team and Kung Foot, which unravels the story of young talented college soccer players with extraordinary skills combining martial arts and soccer.

Football fans will also be able to join in the excitement with two on-ground events – Kembara Bola and Kids Soccer Fiesta which are intended to allow football fans all-over the country to show-off their talents through futsal, games, activities and fun for all.

Since its inception in 2006, TV9 has managed to establish itself as a young and vibrant station in line with the station’s new catch phrase, “Dekat di Hati”, now the no.2 station in the country and a hit station amongst kids. To further strengthen TV9’s positioning in the hearts of the younger football fans, TV9 will focus on the young and contemporary Malay, with offerings such as Jersey 9 – a search for 9 footballers to create the Ultimate Dream Team, Upin and Ipin – Malaysia’s favourite local animation will also celebrate the 2010 World Cup in Africa in hopes of fulfilling their dreams to become the next gen football stars, while K9, the station’s ground team goes on a search for the next sport commentator on Chopp!! Bola.

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Pemenang cabutan bertuah yang memenangi tiket penerbangan ke Afrika

8TV will maintain its core focus targeting football fans amongst the youth through its line-up of The Rise & Rise of Beckham, the Korean sensational drama on a talented soccer player No Limit, True Hollywood Story: Posh & Becks and the stories of Cristiano Ronaldo: The Portuguese Prodigy and Zinedine Zidane: ‘Zizou’ The Great. Beginning March – July 2010, 8TV’s Quickie will also feature special 15-minute segments that highlights football interest.

ntv7 will also up its offerings for its discerning football fans this June with The Arena, A weekly football chat show that recaps the week’s World Cup 2010 matches, Galactik Football, an animated story of a futuristic football team and Bola Mania, a weekly game show that puts to test Malaysians’ knowledge on football. Even the usual offerings such as The Breakfast Show and [email protected] will have special segments on football to excite the football fans in all of us.

“Our message is simple, regardless of your target market- football fans or otherwise, our four TV networks remain the preferred medium of choices for all audiences; leading 4+ share across all TV as high as 49.3 percent and through Alt Media, a significant player in the digital space. Always at par with the new technology, we also want to reach Malaysian football fans beyond television when we became the very first broadcaster in South East Asia to have TV3 and 8TV stations on mobile. To further boost this, we’ve also will be launching an online contest/games allowing football fans chances to win up to 24 tickets to all-paid trips to South Africa to watch the 2010 World Cup live,” said Dato’ Sri Farid.

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Para pemenang cabutan bertuah bersama Dato’ Sri Farid Ridzuan.

In conjunction with the ‘Return to Africa’, Media Prima Television and Radio Networks will also be conducting an online contest starting 12 April 2010, giving a chance to 12 top scorers to win tickets to an all paid trip to South Africa to watch the greatest football event of the year. The contest will be launched on Media Prima Television and Radio networks websites on 12 April 2010 and contest closes on 14 May 2010.

Need we say more, football fans? For talk shows, dramas, heated commentaries, reality shows, cartoons, kids programmes and ground events with a promise of something for everyone, be sure to set your remote and tune in to Media Prima Television Networks, Radio Network and online.

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