Malaysian Tamil Film THANDHAVA

Malaysian Tamil Film THANDHAVA coming soon to cinema July 2011

It’s definitely a thought for everyone’s dream to come true. Same goes to Jayakumar (Sreedharan), a professor whose dream is to build his own college. In the progress he faces a ransom on his daughter’s kidnap. Siddarth (Vassan) is the person behind the kidnap. The ransom continues and Jayakumar gets confused as his dream turns nightmare. He wants to know the reason behind the ransom. Due to his failure on finding the reason has leaded the story of four millionaire sons as they have been kidnapped too while Siddarth gets killed.

Thandava may 2011

Police officers (KK Khanna & Dinesh Kumar) have the clue of the suspenseful ransom. Who are the four millionaire sons and what’s the interface between them with Siddarth? What is the reason behind the ransoms?

For every action there is a proportionate reaction! Thandhava ‘s climax conveys it out! For every bad action, there’s always a bad outcome in return!

This film features a particular song shoot with 10 foreign models that got much publicized before showcasing the video clip song called ‘Arabu Kuthirai’. An issue to be highlighted over here is, Malaysian popular belly dancer Sheela Khan has made her grand appearance for this special song. This song was shot very stylishly from exotic background, where the models gave their best of the best performances for this item; a disco tic party look a like number where one of the millionaire’s son is celebrating his birthday by drinking liquor and dancing by the pool and enjoying the night with his friends in his house. This song has appeared first beating the rest in THR Raaga’s Malaysian Top Ten Hits for continuously 3 times.

A racy thriller movie that is first of its kind in the Malaysian Indian film industry to shine out as a mass entertainer of the year!

Thandhava is a digital movie with a running time of 2 hrs and 15 mins directed by Vassan, while D’ Cinema Ravi Maraz has produced this film. Its sound track is consisting of 15 songs from powerful singers like MK, Villanz, Rabbit Mac, Daddy Shaq, Diwan, KK Khana, Raja Ilya and many more with Vicky and Tactmatic composing the music. Thandhava has Malaysia’s promising stars that have a large group of fan base which an important essence of this much-awaited movie’s success. The stars are such as Vassan, KK Khana, Denesh, Rathna Gowri and lot more from the list. Datuk Saravanan, Deputy Minister of Federal Territory and Urban Well-being launched Thandhava’s audio on 1st September 2010 as well as other VIP’s attended the grand event at PJ State Cinema which was a starting success upon this movie’s

The film addresses the issue of, for any wrong doings in this world, there is definitely 4 going be a pay back time for all the consequences faced. Thandhava’s climax
highlights it out. Thandhava has brilliantly come out not only to entertain but to educate as well the youngsters.

We are aiming to produce a high quality film, which will not only appeal to a niche market, but to a wider demographic of people, so these vital issues can be brought to the public eye, and challenge the current portrayal of any bad actions within the society.

Written by Budiey

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