Majlis Tahlil Allahyarham Jeremy Little di Masjid Asy-Syakirin KLCC

Pada jam 7.20 malam ini sejurus selepas solat Maghrib, akan diadakan Majlis Tahlil Allahyarham Jeremy Little di Masjid Asy-Syakirin KLCC. Difahamkan, ramai selebriti dan kenalan terdekat beliau samada dalam industri dan juga keluarga akan turut hadir untuk majlis tahlil ini.

Majlis Tahlil Jeremy Little Di Masjid Al-Syakirin Klcc Hari Ini

Tune Group mourns the loss of a family member Al-Fatihah Jeremy Little

PETALING JAYA, 10 APRIL 2014 – The Tune Group of companies is saddened by the passing of our dear colleague and close friend, Allahyarham Mr. Jeremy Bin Ahmad Maikel @ Jeremy Little, 31, who passed away on Tuesday in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Jeremy joined Tune Studios as its Chief Executive Officer in October 2012.

Describing Jeremy’s sudden departure as shocking, Tune Group Co-founder Yang Berbahagia Datuk Kamarudin Meranun said “We are sad to share the news that Jeremy Little has passed away yesterday.

Jeremy was a very humble friend and colleague, with a very kind heart. He will always be remembered for his kindness, and no words could describe how much of a pleasant and loving person he was. May his soul rest with the blessings of Allah. You will be missed my dear friend!”

Meanwhile Co-founder Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said “He was highly talented and a man with a big heart! Jeremy, at his young age, gave me many lessons on life and being a better person. Despite facing an uphill battle, he remained brave and positive which to me, was very remarkable. It is indeed a very sad day for everyone at Tune Group. We lost a truly amazing person, colleague and a friend. Rest in peace, Jeremy. You’ll be missed always.”

A tahlil prayer session will be held at the Asy-Syakirin Mosque, KLCC today starting 7pm. Everyone is invited to attend.

Jeremy Little

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