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London Rag is Bringing The Best Of London’s Fashion Scene to Malaysia

Offering Malaysians chic, edgy and trendy apparels, shoes and accessories

The global brand that made London’s high fashion accessible to everyone across the globe is now bringing those attractive styles and collections to Malaysia. With a promising following in Malaysia, London Rag aims to adorn Malaysians with the latest chic, edgy and trendy apparels, shoes and accessories.

Starting in the heart of London, a city glistening with a constant desire to set game-changing trends in fashion, London Rag strives to make a mark in the world of fashion. Wearing the identity of this high-fashion obsessed city proudly, London Rag caters to the fashion-loving people and those who are always on the lookout for the latest trends.

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Upon expanding internationally, London Rag’s motive is simple yet strong, ‘to give the people what they want’. High-quality apparel and footwear that is wearable by individuals with unique preferences while still being accessible to all. By paying careful attention to what people desire, London Rag has managed to grow rapidly while maintaining a loyal and vast fanbase around the globe and more recently, Asia. The in-house designing department was given the liberty to come up with even better designs and test out amalgamations of old-school designs with a modern twist.

“While our products have been available online in Asia for a while now, we recently noticed a surge in orders from Malaysia! With that, we scanned through those orders to understand what Malaysians are interested in. With all the fashion needs of Malaysians in mind and backed with credible insights, we curated some items specifically for the Malaysian market, including a modest wear collection. We are thrilled and ready to announce this new collection!” said Kamlesh Chandiramani, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for London Rag. “We believe style, quality and comfort are the three cornerstones of our brand, and we will never under-deliver on those ideals”, added Kamlesh.

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London Rag boasts an immense collection of products catering to a vast array of fashion categories ranging from super comfy activewear to fashionable date night dresses. The inventory also includes a range of trendy modest wear to a range of bold, fashionable tops perfect for the modern party goer, likewise the footwear range. At London Rag, there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

In addition to the website, shop for London Rag’s apparels on Zalora as well. After making thorough efforts to study which styles may cater to the Malaysian fashion preference, London Rag is now poised to see their new collection make waves with Malaysians. Follow London Rag on Facebook and Instagram @londonraginternational to see all the new style drops.

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About London Rag

London Rag started off in 2015 as a fashion brand that aimed to offer London’s best high fashion styles to all. The brand wanted to be a doorway for people looking to sport the latest fashion trends but wanted to get more value from their purchases. Making its way up gradually in the international fashion market, London Rag’s customers were offered the latest styles that gave maximum comfort with the best quality. They made the products available all across Southeast Asia through marketplaces like Zalora but with the increasing love received from the Malaysians, London Rag is now set to offer Malaysians more of what they love.

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