Lisa Surihani, Nabila Huda & Scha Alyahya di Koleksi EH! X FashionValet

Buat pertama kalinya dalam sejarah, sebuah majalah, stor beli-belah online dan tiga selebriti bekerjasama untuk satu kolaborasi fesyen istimewa. Lisa Surihani, Nabila Huda dan Scha Alyahya bersama FashionValet serta EH!, majalah Urban No 1, menggabungkan variasi ilham untuk himpunan EH!xFashionValet.

“Tiga selebriti berbeza personaliti menjadi pilihan. Rekaan Lisa mengetengahkan gaya cukup feminin, Nabila Huda menonjolkan karakter edgy ala bohemian yang sememangnya menjadi kesukaannya dan Scha pula memercikkan elemen maskulin dalam himpunan minimalisnya”, ujar Khairul Abidin, Editor majalah EH!. Walaupun ketiga-tiga selebriti memiliki gaya dan pesona berbeza, mereka adalah penggemar fesyen dan sudah punya nama yang kukuh dalam industri hiburan tanah air. Setiap koleksi selebriti ini mempunyai konsep dan gaya berbeza dan membawa setiap daripada mereka mencipta tujuh hingga 10 helaian setiap satu.

“FashionValet sudah berkolaborasi dengan ramai pereka fesyen, tapi belum pernah kami bekerjasama dengan mana-mana majalah. Dan lebih istimewa kali ini dengan bukan seorang, bukan dua tapi tiga selebriti sekaligus. Saya patut berterima kasih kepada EH! kerana memilih FashionValet untuk kerjasama ini”, kata Vivy Yusof, pengasas bersama FashionValet.

Koleksi EH! X FashionValet akan dipentaskan buat kali pertama di Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2016(KLFWRTW) pada 21 Ogos 2016, jam lima petang. Koleksi ini akan dijual secara eksklusif di Fashion Valet selepas pertunjukan fesyen tersebut – melalui laman web atau stor FashionValet di Kuala Lumpur dan Singapura.

Dapatkan EH! edisi Ogos 2016 untuk temuramah eksklusif bersama Vivy, Lisa, Nabila dan Scha.

About EH!

Launched in October 1999, EH! shows modern Malay women how to look good and feel good by inspiring them with the best in fashion and beauty.
EH! has remained a top choice for women with discerning tastes in fashion and beauty and is the complete guide for early adopters of cutting edge trends around the world. The editorial formula is based on credible expert reportage with practical content which is accessible and inspirational.
EH! has everything and anything in a woman’s world covered. Love, sex, career, money, fashion, glamour, health, where to go, what to eat, where to be seen. EH! is best defined as a pleasurable, informative and practical read, and is known as the ‘No 1 Urban Malay language magazine’(Majalah Urban No 1).

About Blu Inc

The Blu Inc group is Malaysia’s leading publisher of magazines, with more than 20 well-known newsstand and contract titles in its portfolio. It releases quality titles every month in three languages.
female, nuyou and her world remain the most established local titles, and together with Malay titles GLAM and EH!, cater for the female readership. The corporate lifestyle title The Peak and exclusive ICON are hugely popular as well.
International titles Harpers Bazaar, CLEO, Cosmopolitan, Golf Digest, Marie Claire, Shape and
The Malaysian Women’s Weekly are testimony to the fact that Blu Inc is sought out as a successful and capable business partner to publish the local editions of these titles.
Blu Inc strives to develop a deeper understanding of the mindset, lifestyle drivers and aspirations of readers to ensure that its magazines remain relevant, and is key to providing marketers and communications professionals with the qualitative information necessary to making informed media planning decisions.

About FashionValet

FashionValet is a leading and internationally known online shopping portal that supports local designers and brands as well as those in the South East Asian region. They are known for identifying and sourcing potentially successful products for the market with over 500 brands and more than 10,000 products, covering a wide selection of womenswear across numerous categories including apparel, maternity-wear, headscarves, accessories, shoes, bags as well as modest-wear and lingerie. They ship their signature flyers and boxes to more than 15 countries including Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Free express shipping is available to those living in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. The multi-label brand company is currently expanding regionally with fulfillment centers in Indonesia and Singapore. Their first digital fashion store was launched at Bangsar Village II and another recently in Singapore at [email protected] along Orchard Road. Shop the latest trends at

Written by Budiey

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