Laura Linney Skips the Golden Globes After Losing Father To Cancer

Laura Linney Wins Best Actress for The Big C, Skips the Golden Globes After Losing Father To Cancer

Triple Emmy Winner Laura Linney beat favourites to snag the Best Actress in a TV Series Comedy/Musical at the 68th Golden Globe Awards for her portrayal of a cancer-stricken teacher in The Big C on DIVA Universal.

Laura Linney - The Big C

Unfortunately, Linney was unable to attend due to her father’s death from lung cancer just days before. Her father, Romulus Linney, 80, was a playwright.

The Big C follows the story of the perfect suburban wife, mother and Minneapolis schoolteacher Cathy Jamison, who is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

This diagnosis forces her to shake up her life and find hope, humour and the light side of a dark situation while managing her immature and well-meaning husband. Keeping the news of her illness between her and her handsome young oncologist, Dr. Todd, Cathy is determined to live life – or at least whatever she has left of it – to the fullest.

This is Linney’s second Golden Globe win. In The Big C, this three-time Emmy winner and two-time Golden Globe and SAG Award winner is joined by an all-star cast ensemble which includes Oliver Platt who plays her husband Paul, and Gabourey Sidibe (Precious).

The Big C airs on DIVA Universal (Astro 702) every Thursday at 9pm.

Written by Budiey

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