Konsert Solo Akustik Dashboard Confessional

Livescape Mempersembahkan Persembahan Solo Akustik Dashboard Confessional

Seperti yang telah dijanjikan, Livescape membawakan kepada anda Persembahan Istimewa Showcase Rockaway menampilkan Dashboard Confessional yang dijadualkan pada 22 Februari 2012. Selepas pembatalan persembahan pertama mereka di Rockaway Festival 2011 pada bulan Oktober yang lepas. Kini mereka kembali buat pertama kali di Malaysia!

Dashboard Confessional, sebuah kumpulan rock indie yang mempunyai 5 orang anggota sentiasa memberikan persembahan yang bertenaga di konsert-konsert mereka. Namun pada tahun 2011 penyanyi mereka Chris Carrabba telah mengadakan beberapa siri konsert solo akustik di seluruh Amerika & dan seluruh dunia.

Persembahan itu mendapat reaksi yang positif dari semua peminat dan juga pihak media. Sebuah akbar di Amerika The Boston Phoenix berkata “Jika anda fikir persembahan Dashboard Confessional begitu “emo” sekali, tunggu anda melihat sendiri persembahan Chris Carrabba secara solo & secara akustik.


About Dashboard Confessional
He can call it luck, but for close to a decade now, Dashboard Confessional has cultivated the kind of connection with fans that most songwriters spend a lifetime pursuing. Since the release of Swiss Army Romance in 2000, Carrabba’s fearless honesty has inspired fierce loyalty from anyone seeking truth in music. You cannot fake the truth. You can’t even hide from it. So the best songwriters dive deeply into it, coming out the other side armed with sing-a-long anthems.

“Music is all things to me,” Carrabba says. “It’s a respite from real life, but it’s also a place contemplate and begin to understand what you’re going through. Music can clarify how things are affecting you.”

Singer/songwriter Christopher Carrabba became the poster boy for a new generation of emo fans in the early 2000s, having left behind his former band (the post-hardcore Christian outfit Further Seems Forever) to concentrate on vulnerable, introspective solo musings. Armed with an acoustic guitar and soul-baring song lyrics, he christened his new project Dashboard Confessional named after a lyric in ‘The Sharp Hint of New Tears’ and began releasing material in 2000. By 2001’s The Place You Have Come to Fear the Most, Dashboard Confessional had evolved into a full-fledged band, but Carrabba nevertheless remained the focal point of both the group and the rejuvenated emo genre.

Dashboard Confessional issued Summers Kiss, a companion piece to the So Impossible EP, in April 2002. Later that year, Carrabba recorded an instalment for the MTV Unplugged series, accompanied by a devoted studio audience that sang along to every word. The show was released as MTV Unplugged 2.0 and served as his breakthrough performance, eventually going platinum. Now a staple on both radio and MTV, Carrabba returned in 2003 with a permanent line-up which included bassist Scott Schoenbeck, guitarist/pianist Johnny Lefler and drummer Mike Marsh and a new album, A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar. The record topped the Billboard charts and spawned another hit single, ‘Hands Down,’ which peaked at #8. However, it was the band’s contribution of the song ‘Vindicated’ to the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack that truly resonated with a wide audience, with the song rising to the #2 spot.

Carrabba collaborated with producers Daniel Lanois (U2, Peter Gabriel) and Don Gilmore (Linkin Park, Pearl Jam) on the band’s intimate 2006 release Dusk and Summer. Released in June, the album entered the Billboard charts at #2 and was supported by nationwide tour dates alongside Ben Lee, Say Anything, and Brand New. Dashboard Confessional then returned to the studio with Gilmore, recording the band’s fifth album, The Shade of Poison Trees, in March 2007. The album was released the following October, with its acoustic-heavy sound marking a return to the band’s introspective roots. Chris Carrabba explored both sides of his personality; the acoustic, campfire-worthy songwriter and the full-band frontman with 2009’s Alter the Ending, which featured songs from both camps and even included a second disc comprised of stripped-down performances of the track list.

In 2010, Dashboard Confessional re-released their first album, The Swiss Army Romance as a deluxe vinyl album. The limited edition box set included remastered versions of the album’s track listing, extended artwork, handwritten lyrics, unreleased photos, guitar picks, a commemorative tour laminate, all encased in an intricate Swiss army knife case. The day after the release, Chris embarked on a solo tour playing Swiss Army Romance in its entirety for the tenth anniversary of the release of the album.

Chris Solo Hi-Res

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