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Jessie Chung’s Stage Play Music Box Completes Taipei Show

Music Box, the magnum opus of Jessie Chung’s theatrical career, was recently brought to perform in Taipei, Taiwan, marking the 15th show in the tour. It was a full house at Clapper Studio located in Syntrend Creative Park. As the demand for tickets was overwhelming, the organizer has decided to schedule more shows in Taiwan.

Four Of The Main Cast Pose For A Shot With Producer Neil Mclean

Plans to Perform in Taichung and Tainan Toward the Year-End

In regard to the successful performance in Taiwan, Jessie stated that she is very grateful for the support, love and respect from the Taiwanese media. Jessie Chung spend two weeks in Taiwan and was interviewed on 12 radio stations in Taipei, including Uni Radio, CSBC, Taipei Broadcasting Station, UFO Radio, Best Radio, Police Broadcasting Service, Alian 96.3, i Like Radio, and Betty Wu’s Happy Times. Well-known television host Mickey Huang squeezed out the time to host the Music Box press conference; his actions, stated Jessie in an interview, gave her an immense amount of encouragement and support.

“The development of theatrical arts in Taiwan is often regarded as first rate in the Asian cultural sphere. That is why for me, to perform in Taipei is like teaching fish how to swim,” expressed Jessie Chung, “I’m so lucky to have fans cheering me on and encouraging me on Facebook. They are the reason why I could be brave, regain my confidence, and challenge the impossible.” That night, producer Neil McLean showed his support for Jessie by flying to Taiwan from Australia, because he believes that the performance in Taipei is a significant portion of the Music Box World Tour. After the performance, Jessie Chung received many positive reviews from her Taiwanese fans, deeply comforting her. Although she doesn’t think that her performance was that great, she was content when she heard that Music Box was lifechanging for a few Taiwanese fans.

The Stage Play Music Box In Taipei

Many fans requested for tickets for the show in Taiwan even after they were sold out. In addition, upon seeing the show, many fans requested for additional shows for they hoped that their friends and family who haven’t had the opportunity to see Music Box would have the chance to watch a show that’s inspiring and radiating with positivity.

In response to her fan’s reactions, Jessie Chung stated that the director has plans to come back to tour Taiwan after completing the show in Australia at the end of the year, with locations including Taipei, Taichung and Tainan. In addition, after a successful performance of Music Box in Padang, Indonesia, the President of Malindo Business & Cultural Center (MBCC) commenced to schedule the tour in Southeast Asia.

Under the supervision of Australian producer Neil McLean, the English version of Music Box was revised transformed into a much more exciting and brilliant version of the original Music Box, which is performed in Mandarin. Many fans who have seen both all stated that the English version is much more engaging to watch. To allow more fans in West Malaysia to witness the spectacular show, the English version of Music Box will be performed at the Symphony Theatre in Shah Alam on April 7th, Saturday. For more information or to purchase tickets, please call 03-5569 3721.

Four Of The Main Cast Pose For A Shot (From Left) Marcus Choot, Jessie Chung, Jeffrey Beh, And Tylor Chen

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