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Peraduan Menang Pass PERCUMA Menonton Filem Japanese Film Festival 2019

Ini masanya buat anda yang meminati filem Jepun untuk menonton filem kegemaran anda sampai lebam!

The annual Japanese Film Festival (JFF) turns “16” this year and is set to light up selected Golden Screen Cinemas nationwide, boasting a broad collection of current and acclaimed titles across a variety of genres ranging from family to music and comedy. The selection of 13 movies will capture hearts and minds of audiences from all ages and giving the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the latest and finest Japanese movies on the big screen.

The month-long celebration will be kicking off with the South East Asian premiere of “Little Nights, Little Love” directed by IMAIZUMI Rikiya on our KL Opening night on 3 September 2019. (official Japan release date 20 September 2019)

A special feature on music movies will also be one of the highlights this year with “Farewell Song,” “Little Love Song” and “La La La at Rock Bottom”.

JFF 2019 is also a part of The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur’s 30th Anniversary celebration here in Malaysia this year since its establishment back in 1989.

All films are presented in Japanese with English subtitles.

Japanese Film Festival 2019

SCREENINGS open to the public with ticket purchase

Klang Valley: 5 – 11 September:

  • GSC Mid Valley
  • GSC 1 Utama
  • GSC Pavilion KL
  • GSC NU Sentral

Penang: 12 – 15 September:

  • GSC Gurney Plaza

Johor Bahru: 19 –22 September:

  • GSC Paradigm Mall JB

Kuching & Kota Kinabalu: 3 – 6 October:

  • GSC CityONE Megamall, Kuching
  • GSC Suria Sabah,
  • Kota Kinabalu


Tickets for JFF 2019 will be sold at RM 9.00.

Tickets for all the screenings can be purchased from 29 August 2019 onwards via GSC Box Office, GSC Ticketing Kiosk, GSC e-payment at or GSC Mobile Apps.

A Banana? At This Time of Night?

A Banana? At This Time of Night? (こんな夜更けにバナナかよ / Konna Yofuke ni Banana kayo)d. MAEDA Tetsu / 前田哲 121׀2018׀min ׀ Drama, Comedy

Yasuaki Shikano is a 34 year old man who suffers from muscular dystrophy since he was 12 years old. He decided to leave the hospital and live an offbeat life of independence. He hires volunteers to help him but they have to cater to his every whim, especially Hisashi Tanaka, a med school student who he constantly rags on him and even demands a banana in the middle of the night. He then meets Misaki Ando and falls in love at first sight but he doesn’t know that Tanaka and Misaki are a couple. Their lives begin to change soon after.

Bento Harassment

(今日も嫌がらせ弁当 / Kyou mo Iyagarase Bento)

d. TSUKAMOTO Renpei / 塚本連平 107׀2019׀min ׀ Drama, Family

Kaori is a single mother and she raises her high-school daughter Futaba. Her daughter is in a rebellious phase and ignores her mother. Kaori decides to take measures to communicate with her daughter and also get some revenge by creating messages in her daughter’s bento meals.

Brave Father Online

Brave Father Online – our story of FINAL FANTASY XIV (光のお父さん / Hikari no Otousan) d. NOGUCHI Teruo / 野口照夫 115׀2019׀min ׀ Drama, Comedy, Family

Akio wishes he had a better relationship with his reserved father, Akira. One day, Akira suddenly quits his job and retires without giving out any explanation to the family. Thinking it could be a good tool to be close to his father, Akio gives him software of an online game “Final Fantasy XIV”. By teaching his father how to play the game and secretly interacting with him as an anonymous online avatar, Akio hopes to know his father better through the adventures with other players in the game but little does the young man know what Akira is going through.

Café Funiculi Funicula

(コーヒーが冷めないうちに / Kohi ga Samenai Uchi ni)

d. TSUKAHARA Ayuko / 塚原あゆ子 126׀2018׀min ׀ Drama, Love, Family

Kazu Tokita works at cafe “Funiculi Funicula,” which her relative Nagare Tokita runs. There is a mysterious rumor that if a customer takes a specific seat at the cafe, that customer can travel back to a time of their choice. 4 miracles take place at the café.

Color Me True

(今夜ロマンス劇場で / Konya Romansu Gekijo de)
d. TAKEUCHI Hideki / 武内英樹 109׀2018׀min ׀ Drama, Love

Kenji is an aspiring young assistant director with a dream of one day becoming a full fledge director, but all he does now is run errands. He enjoys watching his favorite old romantic movie, an old black & white treasure that only showed for a brief period before being cancelled. One day, the princess in from his favourite movie, Miyuki emerged from the silver screen and together, they experience a life of full colours but unbeknownst to Kenji, Miyuki is harboring a secret that she cannot reveal.

Farewell Song

(さよならくちびる / Sayonara Kuchibiru)
d. SHIOTA Akihiko / 塩田明彦 117׀2019׀min ׀ Drama, Music

A female duo band Haru-Reo which gained popularity with their indie music decided to disband despite their success. After deciding the break-up of the unit, together with their roadie, Shima, they set out on a road trip for their final tour together and as they travel across the country, they realize the scars they created to each other can be only healed on the stage.

La La La at Rock Bottom

(味園ユニバース / Misono Yunibasu)

d. YAMASHITA Nobuhiro / 山下敦弘 104׀2015׀min ׀ Drama, Music, Comedy

As a band plays for a crowd in a certain town square in Osaka, a young man rushes the stage, grabs the microphone, and begins to sing. The crowd is blown away by the man’s singing voice, but after the performance, band manager Kasumi discovers that the man has no memory of his own life other than his talent for singing. Kasumi becomes interested in working with him anyway, and gives him the nickname “Pochi Otoko” or dog man. Before long, Pochi Man is accepted as the lead vocalist of a band, but a major problem from his past will soon come back to haunt him.

Little Love Song

(小さな恋のうた / Chiisana Koi no Uta)

d. HASHIMOTO Kojiro / 橋本光二 124׀2019׀min ׀ Drama, Music, Youth

A high school band is popular in their small hometown in Okinawa where the U.S. army base is located. The band belts out original pop songs with such energy and precision that they have fired up the passions of all who see them and amassed an ardent following, including the attention of a Tokyo record label scout bent on producing them. As the band members enjoy the happiest days in their young lives and prepares to set out on a path of fame and glory, a tragedy takes place, destroying their hopes and spirit. A girl who lives on the U.S. army base suddenly appears with a demo tape of a song.

Lying to Mom

(鈴木家の嘘 / Suzukike no Uso)
d. NOJIRI Katsumi / 野尻克己 134׀2018׀min ׀ Drama, Family

The Suzuki family consists of the son, Koichi, his sister Fumi, and his parents Sachio and Yuko. Koichi is a hikikomori or stay-at-home shut-in. One day, he decides to take his own life and leaves his family in confusion. His mother, Yuko, upon discovering his body, goes unconscious because of the shock. She regains consciousness after 49 days but devoid of any memory of Koichi’s death. Fumi then tells her that Koichi has stopped being ahikikomori and now works in Argentina.

My Dad is a Heel Wrestler

(パパはわるものチャンピオン / Papa wa Warumono Chanpion)

d. FUJIMURA Kyohei / 藤村享平 112׀2018׀min ׀ Drama, Family

Takashi Omura was once a popular professional wrestler, but he now wears a cockroach mask and wrestles as a heel, or bad guy wrestler. He is married to Shiori and they have a son named Shota who is currently in elementary school. They have not yet told their son what Takashi does for a living. One day, Shota finds out that Takashi is a professional wrestler and a villain with a cockroach mask. Shota is shocked and tells a lie to his classmate that his dad is a popular professional wrestler.

Samurai Shifters

(引っ越し大名! / Hikkoshi Daimyo!)
d. INUDO Isshin / 犬童一心 121׀2019׀min ׀ Drama, Comedy

In the Edo period, Shunnosuke Katagiri is a samurai and a bookworm. He is also shy, naive and inexperienced. One day, he receives a mission to help a daimyo move. He seeks the aid of his childhood friend Genemon Takamura, as well as the advice of Oran, the beautiful but headstrong daughter of a former magistrate in charge of relocation; he begins to carry out his mission.

When I get home, My wife always pretends to be dead.

(家に帰ると妻が必ず死んだふりをしています。 / Ie ni Kaeru to Tsuma ga Kanarazu Shinda Furi wo Shite Imasu)

d. LEE Toshio / 李闘士男 116׀2018׀min ׀ Drama, Comedy

Jun returns home one night after a hard day to find his wife, Chie, collapsed near the door in a pool of blood. Panicking, he rushes to her side, but then notices a bottle of ketchup nearby. Chie giggles in a feigned unconscious state. When Jun, relieved, demands a reason for her foolishness, Chie can only laugh teasingly. And so it begins. From that point on, every time Jun returns home, he finds her “dead” by different and increasingly outlandish causes. Jun begins to worry when she never really gives him a reason.

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