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Hunny Madu Launching Debut Album Pulau Janji

“Pulau Janji is a concept place where i discard all my thoughts, musings and creative writings in music or poetry. During the making of the album, plenty of the songs came through my dreams in excerpts which i then translate into melody or through writing. With this album completed, soon the time will come for me to get out of the imaginary promised island/ pulau janji.” – Hunny Madu.

FLY FM DJ and singer/songwriter Hunny Madu will be launching her debut album ‘Pulau Janji’ together with a one night only showcase at KLPAC, Pentas 2, 10th June (Press Conference) & 11th June (Showcase). Pulau Janji has 12 songs; 7 malay tracks and the rest in English, Hunny wrote all the songs and collaborated with a few producers for the project: Rafikoncept, Bo Amir Iqram, Mohd Hazri Shihabuddin and Selvam Gana.

‘Pulau Janji’ the album also features a duet with soulful singer, Najwa, who’s recently released her debut album, ‘Innocent Soul’. Another duet in the album called ‘Kisah Kita’ is a ballad Hunny specifically wrote for a prominent male singer and household name, Anuar Zain, and the duet could be seen live at the upcoming showcase on the 11th June.

Hunny Madu has also included her fans in the decision of choosing her first single. Last April, her team organized a few private listening parties and invited bloggers, facebook and twitter followers to preview the album. Collectively, the fans decided for ‘Dari Masa Hadapan’ as the first Malay single. ‘Out There’ on the other hand, was chosen as the first English single by the management team. These two singles are currently on daily rotation on Hotfm and Flyfm.

Shortly after the showcase, the album will be available to download via mobile and in record stores around Malaysia. Mtertain Sdn Bhd, as the label that manages Hunny Madu would like to thank sponsors: Sally Hansen as the official nail care, Shu Uemura as the official make up, Reebok, Izrin of Syaiful Baharim, Sixteen DScale as the official denim and Dirty Nelly’s for food and beverages.

Mtertain Sdn Bhd would also like to thank Laguna Music, In Digital Sdn Bhd and Soulful Symphonys for their magic in this project.


Written by Budiey

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