Home Theatre Experience with Samsung AirTrack

Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd. brings luxury and sophistication in the home entertainment sector to a whole new level with Samsung AirTrack HW-F751, a revolutionary soundbar with a built-in vacuum tube amplifier. In delivering the ultimate auditory experience, Samsung AirTrack HW-F751 is designed to bring people a truly immersive home theatre experience sans the clutter of wires.

Samsung Airtrack Hw-F751

“Samsung is always pushing the boundaries of innovation to allow new possibilities to become realities in people’s lives. In line with that, Samsung AirTrack HW-F751 is designed to bring people new auditory experiences through best-in-class products that harness state-of-the-art technology. In complementing the sophisticated modern lifestyle that technology enables, the soundbar is packaged in a slim and sleek design that delivers dynamic sound quality,” said Kwon Jae Hoon, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd.

[pullquote align=”right”]A Truly Immersive Home Theatre Experience with Samsung AirTrack. A truly wireless sound system with a built-in vacuum tube amplifier delivering enhanced sound quality[/pullquote]

The Samsung AirTrack HW-F751 is built with a vacuum tube and digital amplifier that deliver an enriched vivid and dynamic sound experience. These features produce rich and warm natural sounds whilst reducing sound distortions; delivering people an exceptional sound quality.

Equipped with 3D Sound Plus, the Samsung AirTrack HW-F751 produces vibrant tones that bring to life graphical imagery of videos, providing people with an unrivalled home theatre experience that delights both auditory and visual senses.

Apart from that, the Samsung AirTrack HW-F751’s sleek metal finish and slim design combined with its premium sound quality provides people with a holistic audio-visual experience. The device is poised to bring sounds to life and redefine home entertainment with dynamic sound quality output coupled with highly contemporary design.

A superior visual auditory experience with Samsung AirTrack HW-F751 is assured with the Gyroscope sensor – an Installation Positioning Sensor. The built-in installation sensor automatically detects the speaker’s position and calibrates the sound for optimal sound quality to enhance viewers’ aural experiences.

The Samsung AirTrack HW-F751 also includes Sound Share, a technology that harnesses the power of Bluetooth connection to automatically connect the soundbar to a television. With this feature, people can maintain a clean and wire-free space in their living environment. In addition, Samsung AirTrack HW-F751 can be operated from a single TV remote, imbuing people’s lives with convenience and ease of use.

The Samsung AirTrack HW-F751 is now available at selected Samsung authorised dealers.

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