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FS (Fuying & Sam) is myNEWS First Brand Ambassador

FS (Fuying & Sam) is myNEWS first brand Ambassador with presence in more than 500 convenience stores nationwide

With the beginning of the new year of 2021, after a challenging 2020, FS (Fuying & Sam) has a major announcement! FS (Fuying &Sam) is officially the brand ambassador for myNEWS. According myNEWS person in charge, “We chose FS (Fuying & Sam) as the first brand ambassador because myNEWS is a Malaysian company and we always support Malaysian talent. FS’s healthy image being young and energetic, matches well with myNEWS’ promise that “Always Welcoming, Delightfully Surprising”. FS (Fuying & Sam) excitedly commented, “This new year, we feel really blessed and grateful that myNEWS has given us the opportunity to become their brand ambassadors”.

Fuying & Sam

FS (Fuying & Sam) Perform myNEWS Theme Song

myNEWS is Malaysia’s leading convenient store with more than 500 branches throughout Malaysia. When FS (Fuying & Sam) found out that they were appointed to perform the

theme song for myNEWS, “We are really happy for this opportunity and that we can sing the theme song for myNEWS. The song will be broadcast on social media and all of myNEWS outlets. If you have not heard it yet, you can go to myNEWS social media or visit myNEWS outlets in Malaysia (after the MCO) to buy food, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the song we are honored to sing for myNEWS. “

In addition, FS (Fuying & Sam) also created a short dance step video to give myNEWS followers and supporters a chance to win amazing prizes. FS excitedly adds, “When we were brainstorming on the dance, we knew we wanted the dance to simple and fun so that everyone can follow.” They further urged everyone, “During MCO 2.0, be good citizens. Stay at home, pick up your phone and go to our FS (Fuying & Sam) and myNEWS social media to see this dance, and then take the most creative video to participate in the ‘Dance with FS’ Challenge to win fantastic prizes”.

Fuying & Sam

FS falls in Love

While shooting myNEWS video, FS (Fuying & Sam) have the opportunity to try various myNEWS food and drinks, including Maru coffee, Maru bread, sandwiches, rice balls and ice cream. After trying them, Sam, who loves coffee, said: “Their coffee is really good and affordably priced. If you love coffee, you can go to the nearest myNEWS (after the MCO) to buy a cup of black coffee before going to work every day. It is really economical and delicious”. Fuying, who loves to eat, added “Their Maru bread and chocolate ice cream is tasty. The bread is plain but it is delicious. I still remember that I finished the whole bread by myself”.

“If you have no idea what to eat before or after work or class, you can actually go to myNEWS to see their selection of food and drinks. We believe that if you go in, you will definitely find the food and drinks to suit your taste buds”.

Fuying & Sam


FS (Fuying & Sam) is Malaysia’s top pop duo consist of members Chronicles Ong Fu Ying and Sam Chin Neng. FS, who just celebrated their 8th anniversary in December, are also an International Music Award Winners with over 40 awards won. Their top hit songs, Departed【分开以后】and Can You Love Me As I Love You【 可不可以你 也刚好喜欢我 】 has over 34 million and 14 million views respectively on YouTube. Recently FS just held their first successful global online concert, ‘FS Infinity ∞ Global Exclusive Online Live Concert’ back in November. You can follow FS on their official social media, Fuying & Sam (Facebook) and FuyingSam (Instagram) for more updates on their latest activities.

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