J FNC Appoints HYUNMIN-A As The Official Brand Model

Men’s clothing Label from South Korea, J FNC with ispleased to announce that members of the KPOP Group PLUS M, HYUNMIN-A as theofficial brands models.

Contract as model just signed starting July 2015 inconjunction with birth month of HYUNMIN-A that fell on July 15. In fact, thisappointment in accordance with the focus wants to move J FNC expansion toSoutheast Asian countries.

Comment About the appointment of HYUNMIN, also known as AJIEBROSDI, the CEO of FNC, MR JUN IKSOO said, first met with HYUNMIN, we alreadyinterested to make him as our model.

“HYUNMIN very interesting person and his personalityfits with our men’s fashion design collection. In fact, he also had a lot of knowledge aboutdesign and fashion. His styling our brand is very different from local Koreanmodel.

“He also often gives us a new ideas about design fitsthe male from South East Asia. So far, this collection named JFNC with HYUNMIN-Acan be found online by visiting the website, and our official Facebook and Instagram.

“We are also planning to appoint vendors or companies fromSoutheast Asia, especially Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to be our officialdistributor, ” said IKSOO.

JFNC men’s clothing is made 100% from South Korea. In thefuture, JFNC set to launch women’s clothing as we know that HYUNMIN has a lotof girl fans.

JFNC are also poised to launch the competition online verysoon where the winner had the opportunity to receive our design cloth worth $500.The J FNC is also in planning to conduct fashion show joint with celebrity atthe start in Malaysia and beyond Singapore and Indonesia.

J Fnc Appoints Hyunmin-A As The Official Brand Model

J Fnc Appoints Hyunmin-A As The Official Brand Model

J Fnc Appoints Hyunmin-A As The Official Brand Model

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