F&N Launches Freestylz Show Your Moves A Street Dance Competition

“F&N provides the platform for youth to showcase talent and energy in street dance”    

Show Ur Moves says Malaysia’s favorite brand of soft drink, F&N to all youth aged between 15 and 25. They are invited to participate in the hip and head-turning F&N Freestylz Street Dance Show Ur Moves Street Dance Competition which saw its latest youth project blast off with a fresh twist today at Telawi Street Bistro.

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The grand prize for the competition is a training trip to Korea with Asia’s No.1 B-boys – Gamblerz Crew. The Gamblerz Crew burst on the B-boy scene with success in Battle of the Year 2004 and have grown that recognition into a string of B-boy academies in Korea, a talent management company, an online shopping site selling B-boy wear and their own TV show in Korea called Match Your Skill which creates opportunities for new B-boy troops to show their moves.

As explained by F&N General Manager, Marketing, Mr. Chris Ng, “Drawing inspiration from these success stories and many others like them, we at F&N understand youth and wanted to provide a platform for them to showcase their positive energy in different ways, unleashing their hidden talents and ultimately enabling them to achieve their dreams in life.”

The Gamblerz Crew has captured the interest and imagination of youths, allowing them to witness how youthful, positive energy can be turned productive, resulting in recognition and international success.

F&N Cruizers will conduct roadshows nationwide in 140 different locations, which include every state in Peninsular and East Malaysia to create awareness on the competition via engaging activities as well as to carry out on-the-spot auditions. Entries are also accepted via video submissions. The quarter finals will be held in Penang, whereas the semi finals will be held in Johor Bahru and the grand finals will be held in Kuala Lumpur. More information about entries are available by logging on to: 

The Freestylz Show Ur Moves Street Dance Competition is a sequel to last year’s Freestylz Unleash Ur Art, where F&N created a platform for youth who have passion for street art a positive channel to overcome the social challenges in their environment. Last year, the participants were tasked with expressing their creativity using giant F&N cans as their canvas. The grand prize winner went on a memorable trip to explore the ever-evolving art movement in Japan.

The theme of ‘Show Ur Moves’ shares the similar concept of creating a platform for youth to express themselves with the added twist towards body movements, dance and energy. In doing so, F&N Freestlyz Show Ur Moves is able to connect to the urban youth culture and relate to their lifestyles.

At the launch today, F&N also featured two aspiring role models, each with a different ambition and personal goal. They share in common a passion for dance and the need for a proper platform to express their inner energy and talent for dancing.

The two youth, Alex and Naim are representative of Malaysia teenagers who love to dance but yet remained focused on their academic achievements. Alex wants to be a graphic designer while Naim aspires to be an architect.  Both of them love to dance as it expresses their creativity and as a menas to balance between work and play.

Street dancing has been a growing culture amongst Malaysian youths today. Street dancing is a form of freestyle dance moves that evolved outside the conventional dance venues such within studios or academies. It started off by spontaneous dance in the streets or at a park. It expresses creativity and inner energy of Malaysian youth.

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