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Fitbit Launches Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Launches Fitbit Premium, New Health and Fitness Subscription Service

Paid membership in the Fitbit app leverages insights from 10+ years of Fitbit data plus academic and medical expertise to deliver personalized programs, thousands of workouts, advanced insights, along with new challenges and reports coming soon – all to help you move more, sleep better and eat well

Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) today announced the launch of Fitbit Premium, a paidsubscription service in the Fitbit® app that uses your unique data to deliver Fitbit’s most personalizedexperience yet, with actionable guidance and coaching to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Pr Asset Of Fitbit Premium On Android, Showing Today Screen With Insights. For Placement Into Renders Or Lifestyle Imagery Only.

Premium leverages insights from 10+ years of Fitbit data as well as academic and medical expertise to help you move more, sleep better and eat well with customized programs, advanced sleep features, personal insights, thousands of workouts, new challenges, health reports and more – all in one place and made just for you.1 Premium will be available to any Fitbit user and to Fitbit Health Solutions customers through Fitbit Care.

Fitbit Premium provides quality health and fitness tools, personalized guidance and coaching all in one place, enabling you to get a holistic view of your health that current offerings lack, all at an affordable price.

Designed for those looking for extra motivation and support who may not know where to start, Premium offers the tailored support you need to help you make lasting behavior changes that lead to better health.

“At Fitbit we’re focused on making health accessible and more achievable. With Fitbit Premium, we’reexcited to deliver our most personalized experience yet. It will evolve with you and get smarter overtime, delivering the support and guidance you need to help you achieve your health goals,”

“The launch of Premium also marks an important milestone as weexpand our business beyond devices and deliver new and innovative ways to engage our more than 27million active users, while also attracting new users to the Fitbit platform.”

– James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit.

Together with our innovative devices, engaging software features and global social community, Premium delivers even greater value to the Fitbit platform – offering a truly immersive experience that is designed to motivate and support you on a path to better health.

Our Most Personalized Experience Yet

In addition to leveraging insights from 10+ years of activity, exercise and sleep data, behavior change techniques and insights, Fitbit also collaborated with academic and medical experts from Fitbit’sAdvisory Panel, which include clinical and exercise psychologists, nutritionists, sleep scientists and more, to give you access to a range of tools tailored to you, based on your fitness level, goals, historical data, preferences and schedule.

At launch, Premium includes nine guided health and fitness programs that help you get more sleep, wake up energized, increase your activity, manage nutrition and create lasting healthy habits, including:Intro to Healthy Habits, Get More Zzz’s, Habits for Restful Sleep, Get Active, Beginner Running, RunTraining, Understand Calories, Kick Your Sugar Habit and Kick Your Salt Habit.

Programs include actionable coaching, daily tips and tricks, structured workout plans, relaxation tools, recipe suggestions and educational content. Fitbit will launch additional activity, sleep and nutrition programs by the end of the year, so regardless of your health journey or fitness level, you will have options to help you reach your goals.

For even more support to help you manage a condition, such as diabetes or weight loss, Fitbit will launch a personal, one-to-one coaching service in 2020, with a limited pilot targeted to roll out later this year.4 Based on the existing coaching platform within Fitbit Care, the service will provide you with apersonalized plan and direct support from Fitbit’s team of certified health and wellness coaches for one- on-one help, expert answers, accountability and encouragement in the Fitbit app.

Better sleep for better health

Fitbit continues to invest in innovative sleep features to help you sleep better. In addition to the new guided sleep programs and new free sleep tools announced today, including Sleep Score5 and smart wake6, Premium membership gives you deeper insights into your sleep along with personalized tools and guidance to help you achieve longer, more consistent and higher quality sleep.

“Many people don’t realize the impact sleep can have on their health. Poor sleep can lead to anincreased risk of various chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. That’s why Fitbit hasfocused on sleep for over 10 years and worked to help millions of users better understand their sleepand how it correlates to things like activity, weight and heart health,” said Dr. Conor Heneghan, leadsleep research scientist at Fitbit.7 “We’ve amassed one of the largest databases of sleep data with over 10.5 billion nights of sleep collected, and we are using insights from this data to inform new free and Premium sleep features that provide a more personalized and in-depth view of your sleep and how toimprove it.”8

At launch, comprehensive Premium sleep features include:

  • ●  Analysis of your free daily Sleep Score, with a breakdown of your score and graphs to show howit was calculated based on your time asleep, deep and REM sleep stages and restoration.
    • ○  Time asleep: See how time spent asleep versus awake impacts your score. While it isnormal to spend some time awake, too much can lower your score. Your score is alsobased on if you reach your sleep goal each night.
    • ○  Deep and REM sleep stages: Understand how time (and percentages) in each stage ofsleep adds to or detracts from your score. These regenerative sleep stages give you abetter understanding of your sleep quality.
    • ○  Restoration: See how your sleeping heart rate compares to your average resting heartrate – an indicator of a restful night’s sleep – and how much time you spend tossing and turning. Your score will be higher if your heart rate is lower during sleep compared to your resting heart rate. Users whose heart rate was below their daytime resting heart rate for 60 percent or more during the night report more restorative sleep.9
  • ●  Two guided programs, Get More Zzz’s and Habits for Restful Sleep, to help increase how longyou sleep and improve your sleep quality.
  • ●  A selection of 15- to 45-minute audio relaxation tools to help you wind down and fall asleep.
  • ●  New correlated insights based on your Fitbit data that reveal connections between your sleepand activity, such as: “When you walk more than your average 8,502 steps, you get 7 more minutes of deep sleep, helping you feel more rested. Keep stepping to improve your chances ofbetter sleep tonight.”While all Fitbit users using our free app receive educational insights and tips to stay engaged, informed and motivated, Premium membership provides you with new personalized and cross-correlated insights, guidance and feedback based specifically on your data. These insights show you how your activities and behaviors can impact your overall health. Over time, these insights will get even smarter, with advanced guidance, feedback and suggested actions. They will prompt you to try new programs, view recommended content, nudge you to exercise and notify you if you’re getting off track. Examples ofPremium insights available at launch include:
  • ●  “Consistent bedtime matters! Your bedtime varies 40+ min from day to day. Try to sleep at the same time each night to sneak in more sleep.”
  • ●  “This past week, you got 8,376 more steps than your recent weekly average of 56,792, and yourresting heart rate went down 2 bpm from your 67 bpm monthly average. Keep up the greatwork!”Motivation to move moreIn addition to guided programs and advanced insights, Premium membership provides you with access to thousands of dynamic video and audio workouts from certified personal trainers in the Fitbit Coach app that can be done anytime, anywhere. These workouts are personalized to you based on your goals and feedback to help you become stronger and improve your overall fitness. The more feedback you give, the smarter these workouts will become with new and relevant sessions tailored to and recommended for you.Coming soon, Premium members will have access to new adaptive challenges and games that introduce new metrics, including active minutes and distance, and the ability to customize the length of each challenge. These new collaborative and adaptive challenges allow users with different activity levels to participate and stay engaged by working toward a common shared goal or tailoring your daily targets to your level. In fact, when participating in challenges, 72 percent of Fitbit users take an average of 1,100 more steps per day, which is more than half a mile.10 Premium members can initiate these newchallenges and invite any family or friends they’re connected to on Fitbit to participate.11We are also working with a variety of popular brands to bring additional health and wellness content to Fitbit Premium, so regardless of where you are on your journey there will be something for you. Plus, even more activity, exercise and meditation content will be added for members on an ongoing basis.New tools for proactive health managementTying all your health and fitness data together, Fitbit is developing additional tools within Premium that will allow you to take control of your health and better identify trends or potential issues with your health and wellness providers. Through Premium, you can access a wellness report that will let you easily share your Fitbit data with your general practitioner, nutritionist or personal trainer to help you have more informed conversations with your providers.12 This report is being developed with input from a range of medical professionals at leading facilities to ensure only relevant Fitbit data is shared by you to help facilitate meaningful discussions with your providers. It will include trend data and graphs, as well as additional analysis of your activity, heart rate, sleep and weight data. In the future, you will be able to share insights and analyses around potential health issues.Pricing and availabilityFitbit Premium will start rolling out in September 2019 at MYR 39 per month or MYR 335 per year. Fitbit will be exploring promotional pricing and product bundle offers and will continue to expand upon and refine Premium based on customer feedback. Local availability date to be announced soon.Premium will be available in English in 17 countries via the Fitbit app this fall, expanding to additional languages in 2020, including Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. All Fitbit

users will be eligible for a one-week free trial, and Fitbit VersaTM2 Special Edition owners will receive a 90-day free trial.13

Premium will also be available to Fitbit Health Solutions enterprise customers through Fitbit Care, both as an a-la-carte offering, and included within the Health Coaching offering as a digital intervention to support wellness and prevention, and management of chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

Today, Fitbit also announced the newest addition to its popular Versa family of smartwatches with the introduction of Fitbit Versa 2TM, an elevated full-featured health and fitness smartwatch, as well as Fitbit Aria AirTM, an affordable Bluetooth smart scale. See all news and download images

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