Doghouse 73 Pictures 3 Doors of Horrors

3 DOORS OF HORRORS which was launch by Doghouse 73 Pictures in 2013 to promote new filmmakers to local & international audiences via on-line internet distribution. The 2013 omnibus has today raked in more than 600,000 views worldwide on YouTube and continues to attract audiences daily.

And hence we are proudly to present the second instalment of the series 3 DOORS OF HORRORS 2014. We hope with your support we can continue to produce and release this series annually so we can continue to promote and cultivate new filmmakers. And this year 3 DOORS OF HORRORS launch and screening is proudly sponsored by MBO Cinemas.

Executive Producer
The independent filmmaking scene has been always vibrant locally with more and more young people making films. Promotion, distribution and exhibition have always been a challenge; in fact it’s easier to make a movie these days. Audiences interest in quality local content sometimes have no idea where to find us and we always have a problem reaching out to them. Since last year 2013, I have personally focus on making independent films available on line via YouTube and various other online video platforms.

And to attract audiences to the shorts I felt the best genre was horror. And also horror films is always fun to shoot and able to be made with low cost. So the nature of the project is to collaborate with filmmakers in the industry no matter young, new or veteran to participate to make a short film instead of always making a short film to just participate in a festival. Through this collaborative process the people involves gets to network with the rest and eventually a community will be alive.

As I personally believes filmmaking is an activity and craft that needs people actually making films and not just talk about it, hence 3 Doors of Horrors is my pet project to continue to discover & cultivate new talents in the community.

And to also build a strong local on-line filmmaking presence in the internet community and hopefully one day 3 Doors of Horrors will be a continuing series where audiences worldwide will recognizes its brand for Malaysian horror short films.

Set in one night in a spooky basketball courtyard. A young man arrived to have a game with his friends when he received a call to tell him the game was cancelled. The young man decided to shoot some hoops on his own since he’s already there. But something else is going to join him and play a very different game.

Turnover is starred by prominent young and successful YouTuber Joseph Germani.

Leroy Low (b.1985)

Low has directed and produced many music videos for famous Malaysian artists such as Vchuan, Pink Tan, Kit Teo and KeQing. Most of his music video productions such as “Awake”,”Let Me Fall”, “Shuo Ai Le” and have received critical acclaim. Besides,”Shuo Ai Le” was one of the finalists in 2012 PWH Music Awards (Yu Xie Jiang) for Best Music Video and “Let Me Fall” has received more than 100 thousand views since its debut on YouTube.

A number of Low’s short films were finalists in many Malaysian Short Film contests such as “BMW Shorties”,“Zoom Short Film Competition 2011”,“Penang Youth Creative PSA Contest 2012”. Some of his works are award-winning short films. It is worth mentioning that one of his short films “Stand By Me” was awarded “First Runner up” and “The Best Screenplay”, beating many other finalists from around the world in “2012 Global Golden Compatriot Award” organized by the Taiwanese government. Once again, Low beating other finalists from around the world in “2013 Kota Kinabalu Film Festival (KKIFF)”, awarded “The Best Short Film”.

Four girls break into an abandoned bathroom at their University one night as part of their class assignment on urban legends. The story goes as saying that a young woman disappeared there. The girls discover a pink digital camera in one of the stalls and one of them decides to take it home for further analysis. Strange things begin to happen; a phone calls from a mysterious voice under heavy static urging them to “delete”.

Delete is starred by prominent TV and Movie young actress Koe Yeet.

Sidney Chan (b.1990)
is a young film director, cinematographer, photography hobbyist and Psychology graduate from HELP University. In 2011 he launched the Psych Film Society and the YouTube channels WayangTree Productions & Psyched Productions. In 2013 he dabbled with making political activist videos on voter education and the film “The Fleeting Years” under DurianFM, then leaving the scene to work with YouTube personality Joseph Germani and his team; being involved with videos such as “With You This Christmas” in collaboration with Akademi Fantasia winner Vince Chong and music producer Daniel Veerapen, the viral hit “Monchichi”, as well as entering the top 10 Berjaya Youth short film competition with “There Were Two”. In that same year, his films “Fragments” and “Mist” made into the list of films screened in the tri-annual “Malaysian Shorts” by Amir Muhammad. He also made a final video for WayangTree Productions, “Resonance” which had been screened in at the Thai Short Film & Video Festival in Thailand, and was a film judge for two film competitions: HELP Film Festival 2014 and Organ Donation Drive 2014. He currently works with Grim Film as a cinematographer and director. Their Digi video, “World’s Best Referee”, won a Kancil Award in November 2014.


Trolley, a seasoned mechanic like his father and grandfather before. Grow up in the garage often witness lost spirit sheltering under automobile that causes vehicle to an unexplained break down. Slowly he developed the ability to return the spirits to their world, fixing the car and known for his mysterious skill. Now a possessed car has troubled Trolley for unable to fix nor return the angry spirit. He decides to investigate thoroughly.

The Strange Mechanic is starred by promising theatre and TV young actor Jonathan Lee.

Black Cat, a graduate from One World Han Xing College. His experience scatter widely across from production, production design, and post-production being an overall skilled filmmaker. He directed several local artists music video including the band Daydream “Insomnia Diary” which was nominated for best music video in PWH Music Award.
In 2008, he produced and directed a comedy web series “Starts with P” using only friends around. Received a well critical response worldwide and attracted several famous artists to participate.

While thirst by the lust of genre exploration. Black Cat decides to participate Astro Kinara Short Film Competition with a dark comedy “Cellphone”. Winning the awards such as best cinematography and best actress.

2013, Black Cat directed a short film “Strange Detective” that questions a controversial Malaysia police system. Participated Tropfest Southeast Asia and nominated in top 10 finalist.

Written by Budiey

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