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Chermin To Be Screened At Italian Film Festival

Chermin, a horror film by Starry Eye Productions, has been accepted at the Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy, the world’s largest showcase dedicated to Asian popular cinema.

The festival, organized by the Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche in Udine, starts from 20th – 28th April and will show the lastest releases, blockbusters of Far East Cinema from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Phillipines, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand.

This year Chermin is the only entry from Malaysia.

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The festival catches the films that are produced between the Venice, Berlin and Cannes festival and is the only festival to focus on the new trends in modern Asian cinematic productions.

The Far East Film festival has been a launching pad and first showcase for films. Pang Ho –Cheung the Hong Kong award-winning director of Isabella, is the most recent director to make an initial impact at the festival in Udine, and subsequent success at the major film festivals.

Chermin will be screened during the very special Horror day, the festival’s most anticipated collection of films chosen amongst the scariest recent productions from Asia. Past editions have showcased Nang Nak, Dark Water, Ju-on, and The Heirloom.

Chermin is a first feature of Starry Eye Productions, a new independent production company set up by sister’s producer Ummi Khaltoum Abdullah and writer/director Zarina Abdullah. Chermin features a stellar cast of Malaysia’s most talented veteran and up and coming performers: Deanna Yusoff, Natasha Hudson and Farid Kamil. It will be released nationwide on 22nd March.

credit: Starry Eye Productions Sdn Bhd

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