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London’s most sought-after hair-care products in KL win the hearts of Malaysians – KUALA LUMPUR, Tuesday, April 5, 2011-The Launch of Charles Worthington London- Salon Results At Home at Celsius KL.

Charles Worthington is one of London’s most prolific hairdressers attracting the sassiest celebrities from all corners of the globe to his four world-class salons in London which tend to tresses of 10,000 clients a month.

With over 20 years experience Charles has won numerous international awards. He is also the most sought after hairdresser for red carpets events worldwide namely the Golden Globe Awards and the Oscars Awards.

Marketing its products at high traffic areas and hotspots like shopping malls and salons, the Charles Worthington hair-care products meet the needs of women between the target ages of between 18 and 35 years old.

Today sees the launch of Charles Worthington first-time presence in Malaysia. Setting its home in the country’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Charles Worthington the brand aims to become a household name by giving its customers salon result at home.


The Charles Worthington Philosophy is:
1) To provide clients with the best possible styling results and the most sophisticated treatment and protection for their hair at the same time.
2) Achieve the same high standards whether the client is a celebrity, a salon customer or someone using Charles Worthington products from home.
3) Insists on natural ingredients wherever possible, helping to ensure that your hair is nurtured healthy, no matter how unruly it is or how much you style.

The brand started in 1986 when Charles launched his first salon at Charlotte Place, London four world- class salons in London. In 1995, Charles launched his first signature range in Boots, UK, which defined the designer hair-care category.

The brand has seven award-winning ranges – Results and Takeaways, Q&A Frizz and Sensitive, Dream Hair, Big Hair (US), Results for Men, CWSTYLE.COM and brushes.

In 1998 Charles launched Results in the US and this was later followed by Big Hair.

The Results range is made up of 24 SKU’s (Stock-keeping unit) plus mini takeaways, which are travel size packs, of key variants.

Various other hair-care ranges are available under the Charles Worthington brand. This includes its Moisture Seal Range comprising shampoo, conditioner, Hair Healer Leave-in conditioner and Mineral Hair Rescue.

Meanwhile, its Brilliant Shine Range is formulated to remove dulling deposits from the hair. This range also comprises shampoo and conditioner and two other impressive products, the Finishing Touch Polish and All Over Gloss Spray.

Other popular products also include the Balancing Act Range, Sensitive Range and Time Defy Range. Of these three ranges, The Sensitive Range comprising of an ultra soothing de-tangling spray will be a pleaser to women who finds it hard to manage the tangles in their hair. Prices range between RM9.90 for the Takeaways to RM32.90 for the shampoo, conditioner, hair care & styling products.

Kulvinder Birring, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia commented, “We are pleased to have the Charles Worthington brand exclusively in Watsons.” Charles is one of the most influential and respected hairstylist’s in the UK and has developed this range of award winning hair care products.

Being Asia’s No1 Health & Beauty brand it was only natural that Charles Worthington decided to launch this high quality brand with Watsons. Watsons has the specific aim of giving our customers great quality products sourced from across the world. Having Charles Worthington will help our customers to have the ultimate hair salon look and feel in the comfort of their homes.

Charles Worthington will be exclusively available in Watsons from 8th April 2011.

Representing Charles Worthington, the famed hairdresser at the launch in Kuala Lumpur is Tara Roux, Marketing Manager of Charles Worthington London.

“Charles Worthington believes in the power of hair and its ability to transform and everyone deserves a little bit of luxury in their lives. In fact, we want to achieve the high standards whether the client is a celebrity, a salon customer or someone using Charles Worthington products from home,” Tara said.

“We will be launching Charles Worthington in phases in Malaysia starting with the shampoo and treatment ranges and by the end of this year, we will be launching the volumising and texturising hair sprays.”

As the brand’s Marketing Manager, Roux has launched Charles Worthington hair care portfolio exclusively in Watsons in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Turkey and UAE.

Roux has 17 years experience working for major international organisations including FMCG brands and luxury businesses across the Middle East, South East Asia and UK.

Charles Worthington hair-care products retails in UK (BTC Exclusive), US, Australia/NZ, Thailand (BTC), Holland, Denmark and Norway.

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