Central Market Promotes Local Talent Through Music & Art


Promoting Contemporary and Traditional Malaysian Music through a Collaboration with UiTM

Kuala Lumpur, Friday, 16 March 2012 – To showcase Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage, through a celebration of music and arts, Central Market Kuala Lumpur (Pasar Seni) has teamed up with University Institute Teknologi Mara (UiTM). This unique partnership aims to introduce Malaysia’s diversity in music and culture to foreign visitors and tourists and simultaneously promote interest in traditional Malaysian folk music, amongst the younger generation.

The beautiful music ensemble brings to stage a wonderful array of Malaysian traditional instruments and genres including the bamboo ensemble, the ukulele, Borneo music compositions, the saxophone, percussions and strings. Discover also a touch of the authentic Keroncong – a type of folk music originally developed in Java, Indonesia, and performed using the ukulele alongside other string instruments.

Music For Live Performance At Kasturi Walk (6)

Says Cheong Wai Mun, Complex Manager of Central Market, “The unique collaboration between Central Market Kuala Lumpur and UiTM provides an excellent opportunity for tourists and locals to explore and experience the cultural landscape of Malaysia through the development of music and arts.”
She added, “The link between arts, culture and tourism has been an ongoing inspiration for Central Market Kuala Lumpur and we are committed to create a platform for local artist to showcase their skills and talent to promote the rich Malaysian culture and diversity.”

Kick-started in February, the entertaining musical performance titled Music For Life is performed by various students from UiTM Faculty of Music. The event is held every Friday evening at Kasturi Walk, Central Market, from 8.30pm – 9.00pm.

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An exciting covered walkway at Central Market Kuala Lumpur, Kasturi Walk boasts an al fresco ambience with tantalising variety of F&B kiosks selling local snacks and bites as well as kiosks featuring souvenirs, accessories and handicrafts. Colourful cultural performance is also showcased here to showcase Malaysia’s vibrant culture to tourists and locals.

She further added, “Central Market Kuala Lumpur’s commitment to the development and preservation of art in Malaysia is apparent through its supports and efforts by offering many opportunities to interested parties to promote Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage through enlivening performances, festive celebrations and cultural events.”

The Music For Live performance by the students of UiTM is an on-going event at Kasturi Walk and features an array of exciting programmes combining arts and music through classical and contemporary music renditions. This special musical performance held at Kasturi Walk is free and open for the public to attend, every Friday at 8.30pm.

UiTM Musical Performance at Kasturi Walk Central Market Kuala Lumpur Performance & Event Schedule

16 March 2012

Guitar Ensemble
30 March 2012

Violin Quartet
6 April 2012

Solo and Choir
13 April 2012

Modern Music
20 April 2012

New Composition
27 April 2012

New Composition
4 May 2012

Soul – Popular Music
11 May 2012

Keyboard Quartet
18 May 2012

New Composition
25 May 2012

Clarinet Ensemble
1 June 2012

Percussion Ensemble
8 June 2012

Brass Ensemble
15 June 2012

Rendezvous’ Choir
22 June 2012

Kompang and Percussion
29 June 2012

Events are subject to change without prior notice. For more details on Central Market Kuala Lumpur events and activities, please visit Happy Shopping at Central Market Kuala Lumpur!

Music For Live Performance At Kasturi Walk (4)

Music For Live Performance At Kasturi Walk (3)

Music For Live Performance At Kasturi Walk (2)

Music For Live Performance At Kasturi Walk (1)

Music For Live Performance At Kasturi Walk

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