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Celebrate the Holiday Season with Samsung’s 10th Galaxy Anniversary Premium Bundle!

It’s that time of the year again, when many of us start thinking about getting a new mobile device for ourselves and a perfect gift for our special someone. However, deciding on the perfect new gift can often be a headache.

Give the gift of Galaxy this holiday season with the limited edition 10th Galaxy Anniversary Premium Bundle that includes a Galaxy Note10+ with a silicon cover, Galaxy Watch Active2 plus two watch straps and Galaxy Buds, offering savings of up to RM 615! Or, you can also choose the Eco Bundle that comes with a Galaxy Note10+ and Galaxy Watch Active2, which saves you RM 799. Wondering why they make the perfect year-end gifts for yourself and your loved one? Here are five reasons why.

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1.  Your Perfect Travel Companion

With the year-end approaching, you’d probably have several travel plans lined up. With new destinations and sights to see in the pipeline, it’s always a good idea to have a personal companion, one that helps you with all the essentials of traveling, by your side.

The Galaxy Note10+ covers all of that! From capturing professional-grade pictures and videos, to being your personal pocket guide and translator, Samsung’s productivity phone ensures that you will make your trips worthwhile. By the end of it, you’ll be thankful that your Galaxy Note10+ was there to help meticulously plan and execute your holiday, while capturing all memories in gorgeous detail and high quality.

Are you on a solo travel trip? The Galaxy Watch Active2 is exactly the addition you need! Whether you’re an aspiring Instagram star or celebrity v-logger, the Watch Active2 features a Camera Controller app that allows you to quickly and efficiently take photos, record videos, or switch lenses and filters of your Galaxy Note10+ camera remotely.

2.  The Fitness Guardian Angel 

Too shy to visit the gym? Count on the Samsung Health app on Galaxy Note10+ and Galaxy Watch Active2 which you can easily track your progress towards your health. Moreover, Galaxy Watch Active2 can manually track more than 39 workouts, giving users useful insights about their performance.

A gift that benefits a person’s wellbeing is a gift that makes a lasting impression. Ensure the health of your loved one’s heart and win the heart of your loved one!

3.  Your Very Own On-The-Go Personal Assistant

Just a decade ago, no one would’ve been able to imagine that we’d be able to carry out most smartphone functions from a small face placed on our wrist. Think about it: replying essential work emails, looking through the latest tweets from the world’s most famous celebrities, selecting your ideal Spotify playlist, sending texts and taking calls…These can be done through simple taps on the wrist, with the Galaxy Watch Active2!

That aside; with the new capabilities to the re-designed, uni-body S Pen, you can jot down notes, instantly convert handwritings to digital text in Samsung Notes, and export it to a variety of different formats, including Microsoft Word! In just a few taps, meeting minutes can be formatted and shared and bursts of inspiration can quickly become editable documents. Thanks to its unparalleled performance through the signature S Pen, the Galaxy Note10+ is the perfect partner in tackling your everyday tasks, and more.

4.  Freedom To Express Your Inner Creativity & Style

The Galaxy Watch Active2 will charm both traditionalists and modernists alike. It has a perfectly rounded face, and you can choose between a gorgeous stainless steel finish or a lightweight aluminium design. Score those additional brownie points by throwing in a couple of stylish, interchangeable straps –  a Leather Strap for a luxurious feel or an Essence Strap for sophistication. For a sense of adrenaline rush, go for either the Sport Band, Technogel, or Active Textile straps!

We haven’t even mentioned the coolest feature yet. Worried about the watch not matching certain outfits? Throw that concern away, as the Watch Active2 can match any #OOTD using its My Style colour extraction algorithm. Simply snap a picture of your outfit and witness the Galaxy Watch Active2 put on a watch face style to match your current outfit!

5.  Staying Connected for Sharing

Regardless of the devices you use, Samsung makes it easy to stay connected to the people and things that matter most. You can seamlessly expand your connected lifestyle thanks to the all-connected Galaxy Ecosystem! 

During this holiday season which your family, friends and loved one gather together, you can now show off your videos and photos captured during your recent travels to a different country and cast them onto your TV. With Samsung SmartView, you can enjoy content from Galaxy Note10+ connected to your Samsung Smart TV as the output source in just a tap, be they pictures, movies, or music! 

The Samsung 10th Galaxy Anniversary Promo Bundles are available via Samsung Experience stores and online store. Head over to pick your bundle today to get the full experience of this seamless and connected ecosystem:

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Eco Bundle: RM4,499Premium Bundle: RM5,599
Galaxy Note10+ in 256GB worth RM4,199Galaxy Watch Active2, Aluminium (44mm) worth RM1,099Galaxy Note10+ in 256GB worth RM4,199Galaxy Note10+ Silicon Cover worth RM109Galaxy Watch Active2, Aluminium (40mm) worth RM 999Galaxy Watch Active2 Strap x 2 worth RM408Galaxy Buds worth RM499

For more information about the Samsung Galaxy 10th Anniversary Promo Bundles, visit  

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