Butik Jenama Fesyen Terkenal Korea SHOOPEN Bakal Dibuka di Malaysia

Having debuted in Hong-dae, one of the most fashionable vicinity in Seoul less than two years ago, SHOOPEN spreads its wings into the international market with its first ever store in Malaysia on June 25th 2016. This would be SHOOPEN’s first move into the South East Asian market. Footwear enthusiasts can now rush over to Fahrenheit 88 to enjoy the wide selection of footwear and accessories SHOOPEN is ready to offer.

Along with its soft launch, SHOOPEN brings with it a wide array of footwear collection and accessories for the gentlemen, ladies and children. Aiming to become the number one fast fashion shoe brand, SHOOPEN makes your signature runway looks achievable at an affordable price. From slip-ons to leather shoes, one can simply find a match for any occasion.


No matter a hipster, a supermodel wannabe, or an aspiring fashionista, SHOOPEN helps you define your own personal style.

Nobody likes that one store staff that tails you to every aisle you wish to check out. Customers who enjoy having the comfort of their own personal space and time while shopping for that perfect shoe would fit right in the SHOOPEN space. What’s more is that SHOOPEN allows shoppers to walk right into the store, pick their favorite item and go ahead and try it without having to wait for the store staff.

“We provide a large selection, giving our customers the luxury of choice. Not solely concentrating on fashion, we take comfort very seriously. We want to provide only the best for our customers, at the best possible price,” explained SHOOPEN official, Adrian Cheah, General Manager- Marketing of Parkson Corporation Sdn Bhd.

SHOOPEN is providing its many footwear collections at amazing prices as a part of their Opening Specials* for their customers to enjoy.

Walk-in to the SHOOPEN store in Fahrenheit88 and fall head over heels with the wide array of footwear and accessories it provides.

Written by Budiey

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