Buffet Berbuka Puasa 2011 Hotel Federal Kuala Lumpur


The Federal Kuala Lumpur cordially invites all culinary enthusiasts to savour Citra Rasa Malaysia menu prepared by guest chef, Chef Harmizie bin Mohamed and Teams of Chefs led by Chef Sharun bin Ramli. Diners will be spoilt for choices as the promotion features a lavish spread of mouth-watering dishes ranging from tempting appetizers to delectable desserts at The Federal Kuala Lumpur’s Verandah Restaurant from 3 to 24 August 2011.

The exquisite sumptuous Citra Rasa Malaysia buffet spread of tantalizing local dishes comes all corners of Malaysia. The buffet spread of 8 different menus rotates daily with more than 100 food items available for diners to indulge. Among the must-haves are Tunku’s favourite dishes such as ayam golek, ayam kurma, daging bakar, anchovies with petai just to name a few. The popular Tunku’s dishes are picked from the Favourite Dishes from the Tunku’s Kitchen or Hidangan Kegemaran Dari Dapur Tunku, most importantly, this legal cookbook is our Federal Hotels International and The Federal Kuala Lumpur’s tribute dedicated to our Malaysia’s beloved first Prime Minister or our Father of Independence, Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman.


For starters, there are salads and traditional fare such as lemang with chicken & beef serunding, kurma manis, Malay hot Salad (ikan bilis sambal, acar rampai, acar buah, acar limau, limpa goreng, tah hu sumat, mixed salad that includes tuna salad potatoes salad, pasta salad, cold cut salad, kerabu mango, kerabu nangka, kerabu sotong, just to name a few.

Other delectable dishes are roast lamb with bukhari rice, roast beef with black pepper sauce, spaghetti with tomato herbs sauce, fried butter fish fillet, fried chicken wing, the popular northern Malaysia dishes such as nasi kandar served with a plethora of side dishes and a magnitude of sumptuous Malay traditional dishes such as nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, kerabu pucuk paku, laksam, gulai ikan, laksa, mee rebus, mee mamak, satay, sotong sumbat pulut, daging masak kicap, ayam ros, ayam percik.

What more on the menu are the tantalizing main dishes which includes udang masak manis, sotong lemang kuning, beef rendang, lamb kapita, ayam masak merah, cabbage goreng kunyit, syam masak korma; ikan keli masak sambal tumis, petola tumiskunyit;, lamb rendang, western hot dishes such as mixed trill seafood with tomatoes herb sauce, braised ox tail with vegetables; salmon cube glaced with honey sauce; braised chicken with creamy mushroom sauce, Chinese Hot Dishes such as stir fried chicken with dred chili; Japanese tau food with chicken meat sauce; fried butter fish fillet; omelet with onion & Capsicum; stir fried green mussel with black sweet soy, the Indian hot dishes such as aloo ghobi, dhall vegetable curry, palak laneer, rajmah meat curry, lamb indaloo, palak panner; ladies finger raitta, araichi mulugu, Rogan Josh, Vegetable jal frazi, palak murgh, jingha masala, Nasi Kandar corner that serves nasi palnta with jagus, lamb dhall vege curry, ayam masak kapitan, sotong berempah, ikan tengiri goreng berempah, labu masak lemak putih, peria tumis dengan telor. Check out for more on the different menu that rotates daily.

Among the live cooking stations, chefs will whip up the best for the diners from western food items to Japanese, Indian and dessert. The different stalls include serving roasted beef with black pepper sauce; assorted pasta; mini chicken or beef burger; crab stick & vegetable tempura, Japanese skewer; Chicken Tandoori or Lamb Tandoori; Shih Kebab served with naan bread; waffle with assorted jam & butter; grated ice with condiment served with three types of sugar syrup; Stall Air Manisan and many more. Round up your meal with a sweet note. Indulge in 20 types of Malay juih, dodol kampong, wajid kampong; pudding buah, French pastries; bubur kacang; bubur buah, bread & butter pudding; assorted cakes such as black forest, chocolates, dates, prune, ice cream, Jelly in glass, chocolate terrine with chocolate sauce; tapai, to name a few.

The buffet dinner at The Verandah is priced at RM70+ per person; RM40+ per senior citizen; RM35+ per child from 3 August – 24 August 2011 from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Bring your loved ones, friends, associates, colleagues, relatives and family to enjoy this delicious buffet spread. Enjoy the casual atmosphere, friendly service and pleasant views of the tropical garden and swimming pool while tucking into scrumptious meals. The Verandah is located on the first floor of The Federal Hotel.

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