Biggest Loser Asia 2 Premieres 21 September 2010

Premieres 21 September, Tuesdays @ 9pm (Sg, Hk, My, PH) 8pm (TH, JkT)

The second season of The Biggest Loser Asia returns with more weight loss drama, grueling challenges and healthy doses of inspiration. Season one winner David Gurnani lost 83kg and won US$100,000 and a car. The second season’s 2-hour premiere sees a new set of contestants undergoing the various challenges on the show to lose weight and get fit.

Facing a drastic diet and lifestyle overhaul, contestants will have to surrender luxuries in life, submitting themselves to intense training and living a life solely focused on regaining their health, whilst being taught the skills and discipline necessary to maintain this lifestyle at home.

Join DIVA Universal for this second season of second chances.

Registration Area

Registration area

Applicants In Line For Tbla 2 Auditions In Philippines

Applicants in line for TBLA 2 auditions in Philippines

Pre-Screening Room Queue

Pre-screening room queue

Tbla 2 Applicants At The Health Check Stations

TBLA 2 Applicants at the Health Check Stations

Tbla 1 Finalist - Carlos Miguel

TBLA 1 Finalist – Carlos Miguel

Tbla 2 Applicants Excited To Audition In Kl

TBLA 2 applicants excited to audition in KL

Tbla 2 Applicants Waiting In Line At Kl Auditions

TBLA 2 applicants waiting in line at KL auditions

Tbla Trainers Dave Nuku And Kristy Curtis Meet Tbla 2 Applicants

TBLA Trainers Dave Nuku and Kristy Curtis meet TBLA 2 applicants

Tbla 2 Applicants Waiting In Line In Philippines

TBLA 2 applicants waiting in line in Philippines

Tbla 2 Applicants In The Holding Area In Philippines

TBLA 2 applicants in the holding area in Philippines

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