How To Get Bang For Your Buck With Your Ramadan Meals

It’s that time of the year again where we keep hearing whispers of “Yusuf Taiyoob” on the radio and from the cute little kids in the supermarket. The holy month of Ramadan is here, which means it’s time to embark on a journey of culinary exploration for the best and most affordable buffets, both conventional and non-conventional.

Ramadan Buffet

Here’s our top 3 advice on how to get your money’s worth on getting that mouthwatering Ramadan Buffet for yourself and your family.

Tip #1: Create your very own buffet

The one thing most Malaysians look forward to during the fasting month, is the Bazaar Ramadan that will be available all over Malaysia. A uniquely Malaysian bazaar that serves some of the best Malay food at affordable pricing.

On top of that, you can even go cashless and earn cashback via mobile wallet apps, such as Boost, as some of these stalls accept e-wallet payment! Our advice? Buy a whole bunch of food, go home and boom, you have your very own buffet (limited in some ways, though).

Ramadan Bazaar

Tip #2: Discounts are everyone’s best friend

There are days where we just need to pamper ourselves; days where we want a scrumptious, satisfying and pleasing to the eye buffet spread, which are mostly only available in hotels. However, as we all know, dining in hotels is a luxury that can be tough on your wallet.

Meme 2

But fret not because we’ve got your back! Just in case you weren’t aware, you can get hotel buffet meals at massive discounts from the online shopping platform, 11street. You can dine at 5-star hotel buffets such as The Westin KL, Pullman Group, Armada PJ and so much more, all at amazing deals.

And if you’re not one for fancy-schmancy hotel buffets, 11street also offers incredible discounts on restaurant buffet such as at the Hadramawt Restaurant, Orchid Titiwangsa, Serambi Melayu and more.

Meme 1

Did we mention that value deals at most of these restaurants cost less than RM50? So, what are you waiting for?

Why yes, yes we do, and we’ve even saved the best for last.

Tip #3: Best friends’ mom’s are life savers

There are days when desperate times calls for desperate needs. Sometimes we might not have enough money for a satisfying meal and end up only having enough for cup noodles. The struggle is real. But here’s a tip to help you out: EAT AT YOUR FRIENDS’ HOMES.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like home-cooked food and with this tip, you’re sure to have some delicious meals, satisfying to your tummy! Just be sure to thank your besties’ mom and family (and be sure to look sincere while doing it!).

We hope these three tips are helpful in getting you the most bang for your buck with your buka puasa this year… and remember, the best Ramadan meals aren’t limited to hotel buffets!

Selamat Berpuasa!

Written by Budiey

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