Astro World’s Longest Online Banner

Astro holds the world record for the World’s Longest Online Banner
Astro On-The-Go’s 360° transmedia campaign includes Asia’s first Human iPad Theater

Astro is pleased to inform that we are the current world record holder for the World’s Longest Online Banner, currently on The online banner created a world record at a length of 61,500 pixels (68 feet), tripling the length of the previous longest online banner length of 18,001 pixels (20 Feet).

Astro created the World’s Longest Online Banner in conjunction with Astro On-The-Go’s “Where do YOU want Astro On-The-Go contest” which encouraged Astro On-The-Go users to show off their most creative locations they would love to enjoy Astro On-The Go.

The “Where do YOU want Astro On-The-Go contest” ran from July to August 2012 as a promotional effort for Astro On-The-Go, Astro’s latest innovative service delivering non-stop entertainment anytime, anywhere via smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Participants who shared their photos to garner votes and increase their chances of winning the contest helped spread awareness & interest in the product. This campaign is part of Astro On-The-Go’s 360° transmedia integrated campaign across digital, on-ground, ATL and BTL campaigns to maximize reach for user engagement across different markets.

Amongst the unique initiatives as part of the Astro On-The-Go campaign is the one of a kind Astro On-The-Go Human iPad theatre. The Astro On-The-Go theather is an exceptional marriage of digital and on-ground initiative comprising of iPads and a mini flash mob all synced to create a mini theater featuring various key genres offered on Astro On-The-Go.

The Astro On-The-Go Human-iPad theatres showcases Astro On-The-Go to the Malaysian public by bringing the experience to them, no matter where they are, and in an innovative, fun & impactful way.

The campaign ran from mid-June to July 2012 to various popular locations in Klang Valley and a compilation video of the Astro On-The-Go Human iPad theater has achieved more than 260,000 views in a month! (Click here to view Astro On-The-Go Human-iPad video).

The ongoing campaigns on Astro On-The-Go have resulted in a close to 50% increase in total downloads of users accessing Astro On-The-Go via mobile phone in October 2012 compared to August 2012. Astro On-The-Go is available on laptops, iOS and selected Android devices, offering customers with immediate access to 12 Astro TV and 8 Radio Channels, LIVE Events, Video-On-Demand (VOD) and Catch Up TV. Astro looks to expand the availability of Astro On-The-Go to more devices as well as adding on more channels in the near future.

View the World’s Longest Online Banner on from now until 31 October 2012. Log on to for more information or to register for Astro On-The-Go.

Picture 6 - Khairul Faizal bin Jamaludalin

Group Photo of Winners

Picture 2 - Ahmad Faizal bin Hashim, Second Prize winner

Picture 3 - Tan Siang Leng

Picture 4 - Ng Pui Hai

Picture 5 - Fariza Ilyani Binti Mustaffa

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