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Astro & Discovery Channel Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

All Astro customers can enjoy a special Anthony Bourdain: Asia Edition featuring episodes from Parts Unknown and No Reservations on demand from 8 June 2019.

In conjunction with the first anniversary of Anthony Bourdain’s passing, Astro in partnership with Discovery Channel is honoured to pay tribute this globe-trotting celebrity chef who through his culinary adventures, allowed us to taste vicariously, many cuisines from around the world.

This tribute to Anthony Bourdain features Season 11 and 12 of his last show, Parts Unknown which is being shown for the 1st time in Malaysia.

Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown

Premiering on 4 June 20199pm on Discovery Channel (CH 551), fans can catch new episodes of his last two seasons every Tuesday.  

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 11 has 8 episodes featuring Bourdain’s culinary adventures in West Virginia, Newfoundland, Armenia, Uruguay, Bhutan, Berlin, Hong Kong and Cajun Mardi Gras.

Season 12, however, only has 5 episodes along with 2 tribute episodes, as he tragically passed away midway through filming. Bourdain passed away in France, leaving that episode incomplete.

The available 5 episodes of Season 12showcases Bourdain in Kenya, Indonesia, Spain, New York and Texas. However, as Bourdain only completed the voiceover for the Kenyan episode before his passing, the remaining 4 episodes were left with a different treatment.

Fans will no doubt be doleful and nostalgic in the final season, when he leaves viewers with some lasting and profound parting messages. The 2 tribute episodes in Season 12 will feature Bourdain behind-the-scenes, and also, the impact Bourdain had in this world.

All Astro customers can enjoy a special Anthony Bourdain: Asia Edition featuring episodes from Parts Unknown and No Reservations on demand from 8 June 2019.

Astro Learning Pack customers can also access complete boxsets of Season 9 and 10 of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on demand from 8 June 2019.

Episodes from Season 11 and 12 will be available for streaming on demand after their respective premieres on Discovery Channel (CH 551).

Written by Budiey

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