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Hasil usaha dan perhatian yang diberikan oleh Metadome Sdn Bhd pada Anggun dan SonyBMGMusic Jakarta telah membuahkan hasil yang bermakna sekali apabila Anggun akan hadir ke Malaysia bagi mempromosikan album terbaru beliau – berjudul Elevation.

Ini merupakan satu peluang yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh Anggun dan sekaligus menghilangkan kerinduan Anggun untuk bertemu peminat – peminat beliau, ujar Anggun sebaik saja perbincangan diadakan sewaktu berada di Jakarta baru baru ini.

Metadome Sdn Bhd merupakan syarikat yang bertanggungjawab mengedar album Anggun secara fizikal dan mahupun digital. Segala perancangan bagi mempromosikan album Elevation telah pun di atur oleh pihak Metadome Sdn Bhd dengan sebaik mungkin dari tanggal 23 hingga 29 Mac 2009 bagi menjayakan rangka promosi album terbaru beliau yang bakal dipasarkan pada 20hb march 2009.

Sekali lagi pihak Metadome ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih yang tidak terhingga buat Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur kerana sudi menaja penginapan dan juga tempat pelancaran album iaitu Songket Lounge dan showcase istimewa Anggun.

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Elevate means evacuate things to a higher position also to promote to a higher rank.And Elevation become the most promising album title for Anggun.This Album reflects Anggun’s continuos effort to bring her musical talent to another greater level. Elevation’ also is seen as an effort to gain a heavier radio and music videos air plays.

The best part in this album is that it has a variety beat of music such as upbeat, midtempo and slowmo also it feels like near to the urban rhythm.

This album also hears with the various of music rhythm starts with pop, rap, dance,ballad,hiphop and also rock.


To make this album to become reality, Anggun makes a collaboration with Tefa & Masta, the producer that synonym with the urban music. She also featuring Pras Michel one of The Fugees top personality and DJ Laurent Wolf.

The album contains 13 songs and 4 bonus tracks. The first single  titled Jadi Milik Mu (Bahasa Version) / Crazy (English Version) are set to become the favourites among all for Anggun’s 9th album. The loud up-tempo beat with a touch of dance music element, gives a whole new refreshing concept especially to our local urban listeners. The lyrics are pretty much straight forward but catchy, almost like a modern fairy tale story that emphasizes on someone who falls head over heels in love  and loving each and every minute of it..

“You know that it’s true. Aint nobody else, I am crazy for you, It’s all about you, everybody knows that I am crazy for you,…”

The 2nd single titled Stronger featuring Big Ali), is an English song with an undeniably some American Feel in it- With just the right combination of energetic rock and Hip Hop/ R&B by Big Ali, “Stronger” give its listeners the feeling as if they’re in New York, a city that reflects the diversity of Rap, R&B and Hip Hop Music.Big Ali , also known as a hiphop master often seen collaborating with famous faces in the Hip hop & R&B scene such as Usher, Puff Diddy, and Nelly Furtado.

The 3rd single that have been released in America is My Man (feat.Pras Michel) from The Fugees..

Female Anthem is a song  about a girl that really believes in finding her one and only true love.

“Girls like me will keep on falling for bad boys like you, and think you will be rocking our world, if you wanna be my man, quit the game you’re playing.”

Give It To Love on the other hand is a sexy tune and sensual song , reflecting the right combination between modern music arrangement and Anggun’s hypnotic whispers.

For those who want something fresh from her latest album, Elevation.., listeners of Anggun should listen to Berganti Hati and enjoy her strong vocal and accompanied with poetic lyrics.  

Track number 11, Selamat Tidur (Interlude) potrays Anggun’s experience and joy for being a mother to her baby Kirana; who is now her main inspiration. Eden In Her Eyes is another testament to that. With acoustic guitar solo, Anggun embodies her love for Kirana.
Selecting World as the closing song for this album is perfect. The French version of this adult contemporary song was selected to be the theme song for the documentary Planet Earth.

In addition to these 13 songs, Elevation is also furnished with 4 bonus tracks; Crazy (Laurent Wolf Radio Edit), Stronger (No Rap Version), Shine (TV Song) and No Stress (Laurent Wolf feat Anggun).

Laurent Wolf is a guest DJ from France who won the “ World’s Best DJ 2008 award” at the World Music Awards 2008. No Stress, a dance number, combined with techno music became quite a trend in European Clubs. This song is also included in Laurent Wolf’s new album, Wash My World.


Looking at Anggun, one can see that she is most open to any positive input. Even in the music industry, Anggun has collaborated with musicians from various genres.In fashion, Anggun is both an icon and muse to respectable designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli.

Anggun is also the ambassador for Micro Credit under United Nations (U.N). She is being described by the french media as a good hearted person who has high humanitarian values.

As her name gets stronger, a lot of brands have elected her as their Brand Ambassador. One international label is Audemars Piguet.Back home, Anggun is also the ambassador for Pantene and Anlene.

The song Jadi Milikmu (Crazy) and Shine are the background music for Pantene shampoo line while Stronger is the main theme song for Anlene. Elevation has managed to benchmark Anggun in a new dimension, both music and life.

Strong music energy together with romantic melodies combined with European taste, dynamic American tunes and not forgetting exotic Asian elements made this album global in every sense of the word.

Elevation  – 2008
Best Of  – 2006
Luminescence Special Edition – 2006
Luminescence – 2005
Open Hearts  Soundtrack – 2002
Chrysalis – 2000
Desirs Contraires – 2000
Anggun – 1998
Snow On The Sahara – 1997

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