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Music is a universal language that speaks to us by tugging on our heart strings, evoking precious memories and stirring emotions. So to get fans to experience the power and joy of music, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is celebrating the brand’s range of good value devices, the Galaxy J Series, through music! As part of Galaxy J Series campaign, Samsung has enlisted the support of Malaysia’s legendary rock star Amy Search to record an original song made especially for the Galaxy J Series on life’s short and sweet moments captured by it.

Samsung partners with rock legend to speak to fans through music!

“What is amazing about music is that it is imbedded within all of us. Hence this time around, we wanted to speak to our fans in a more relatable manner – through music. So we got in touch with rock music powerhouse Amy Search to join us in this fun and melodic journey. Amy Search is a household name in Malaysia’s music industry and he brings such fun and upbeat aura to the Galaxy J Series personality – we couldn’t be happier to partner with such a legend and we are excited to share this original music with our fans!” said Mr Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, IT & Mobile Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

Amy Search Samsung

Amy Search perfecting the lyrics right before recording

Possibly the shortest music video ever recorded by Amy Search and in the history of Malaysia’s music industry, Amy who lend his voice to this new music video croons on how cherished memories shared among friends will always stay in our hearts and our phones thanks to the Galaxy J Series.

Amy Search records the shortest music video for the Galaxy J Series

“When Samsung approached me to collaborate for their Galaxy J Series, I was excited because music is my life and through music is how I speak to my fans. It was definitely fun to create the shortest song in my career especially for the Galaxy J Series!” said Amy, the lead vocalist of renowned rock band, Search.

Amy Search Samsung

Behind the scenes of the recording session with Amy Search

Exploding into Malaysia’ rock music scene in 1981, Amy is best known for his hits single ‘Isabella’ and ‘Jangan Pisahkan’ that both led the local music chart for weeks and garnered over a million views on Youtube. Serving as both lead vocalist and producer of his band, Amy took home numerous awards under the category of Best Rock Album and Best Vocal Performance in the nation’s Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) from year 1989 to 2001. His foray into the entertainment industry also saw him diversify to acting, taking on lead roles in movie such as Sayang (1987) and Isabella (1990).

Amy Search Samsung

Photo 3 (left): Amy Search capturing a wefie with the Galaxy J7 Prime
Photo 4 (right): Rock legend Amy Search and his entourage with the Galaxy J7 Prime

Watch Amy Search’s latest music video on Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime here and start singing along to this catchy tune! Link to YouTube video:

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