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SINGAPORE, 7 April 2011- AirAsia X, the Malaysian based long-haul, low fare affiliate of AirAsia today announces its partnership with 47 year old adventurer, Khoo Swee Chow by launching Altitude X; a climbing expedition, taking Khoo on an X-hilarating, and X-treme adventure and experience around the world.

Altitude X will take Khoo on an X-citing journey on his quest of scaling eight of the highest peaks within the AirAsia X’s network namely China, London, Paris, Iran, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand.


Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of AirAsia X said, “Altitude X is the perfect project that embodies our pioneering adventurous spirit at AirAsia X. From my recent trip to Antarctica, and now this Everest expedition, we show that we will go to the ends of the earth and to the top of the world, to promote exciting travel journeys, low fares and fair competition. No mountain is too high to be conquered. No obstacle is too insurmountable. We believe the unbelievable, dream the impossible, and never take no for an answer”.

Sports sponsorship has always been essential to AirAsia X as it brings communities together, allows people to recognize their dreams, and above all establishes AirAsia X as a globally recognized brand and organization.

Khoo’s adventurous climb will start off at Mt Everest in China which he has conquered twice through Nepal. This time around, he will climb the North Ridge from Tibet, accessible via AirAsia X’s flight to Chengdu. If he succeeds, he will be the 1st South East Asian to have reached the summit of Everest 3 times.

When asked the reason for climbing Mt Everest for the 3rd time, Khoo says, “I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to travel and to climb numerous peaks around the world. If possible, I would love to climb Mt Everest again when I am 50, 60 or even 70 if health permits. When you live life with passion, you do not know the meaning of retirement.”

Khoo added: “I am thankful to AirAsia X and the other sponsors for supporting me in living my dream and making this adventure possible. I hope this will serve as an inspiration to everyone who has a dream, may it be in sports, or any dream at all. My hope is to be an exemplary model for those who want to live their dreams as I did with mine.”

Azran further adds that, “We would like to dedicate Altitude X to the indomitable spirit of Japan”.

“AirAsia X will be launching a solidarity campaign to support Japan’s recovery and invite those interested in an opportunity to hike up Mount Fuji in August with Khoo Swee Chiow so follow us on and for upcoming details,” he concluded.

Other sponsors of Altitude X include Seagate, Canon, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Iridium, HP, [email protected], Changi Sports Medicine Centre, Oakley, Adventure 21, TK Foto Technic, Energizer, Touch & Print and Banana Boat.

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1. China, Mt Everest, 8848m
Feature: Highest peak in the world
Location: Tibet/Nepal
Duration: 2 months
Schedule: April – May 2011

2. London, Ben Navis, 1344m
Feature: Highest peak in UK
Location: Glasgow
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: August 2011

3. Paris, Mont Blanc, 4807m
Feature: Highest peak in France & Italy
Location: Chamonix
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: August 2011

4. Mt Damavand, 5671m
Feature: Highest peak in Iran
Location: Tehran
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: September 2011

5. Japan, Mt Fuji, 3776m
Feature: Highest peak in Japan
Location: Tokyo
Duration: 3 days
Schedule: October 2011

6. Korea, Hallasan, 1950m
Feature: Highest peak in South Korea
Location: Jeju Island
Duration: 5 days
Schedule: October 2011

7. Taiwan, Yushan, 3997m
Feature: Highest peak in Taiwan
Location: Tainan
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: October 2011

8. New Zealand, Mt Cook, 3754m
Feature: Highest peak in New Zealand
Location: Southern Alps
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: November/December 2011

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