AirAsia X Ultimate New Zealand Action Hero

AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero!

As some of you might have already know – 2 lucky winners and their friends from AirAsia X ‘Faces Go Places’ Phase 1 will be traveling to South Island, New Zealand to compete against each other on the tasks assigned all around the South Island for the ‘AirAsia X Ultimate NZ Action Hero’ title!The 2 teams, Team Kaitaki and Team Kairiri will each be led by a popular blogger! Oh ya, both teams are also very different. In short, the young, hot-blooded and adventurous team vs the dark horse. Curious? Then check out the team profiles below! 

Team Kaitaki
Kaitaki means Challenger in Maori. And you can bet that Team Kaitaki will be challenging their competitor in the most peculiar way. Team Kaitaki is lead by famous Malaysian blogger, Budiey. Budiey is a full-time blogger ( ) and he loves to share exciting content about the local entertainment scene with his readers. He is active on social media leveraging on Twitter and Facebook to build his following online. have been up and running for 5 years and the main focus is local entertainment news that includes latest celebrity happenings, events, films and much more. He is known to many as their go-to Buddy for the latest buzz in the local entertainment news. Budiey is also passionate about capturing candid and treasured event moments at all functions; create amazing memories out of it and his website is where the he shares his stories of the memories.



Winner of AirAsia X ‘s Faces Go Places phase I contest, Mohamad Uzair bin Othman has just recently graduated from Electronic Engineering and he is an avid fan of Liverpool and Real Madrid (and he doesn’t like orange or sardine :-P). He was bitten by travel bug since forever because his family members are just the same! And that makes the perfect addition to the team because as the winner, he is allowed to bring 2 friends and guess who them are? His mother and his brother!

At 56 years old, Zaharah Binti Aluwi sure knows how to enjoy life to the fullest ‘cos she believes “age ain’t nothing but a number”. Apart from writing (she’s a novelist!), she is constantly travelling around to see the world. Oh, did we mentioned? She also blogs at ! Mohd Zaid bin Othman is Uzair’s older brother, a blogger who loves all kinds of events and do we need to say more? His passion is travelling! The family team described that in 3 words they are friendly (love to meet new friends), cheerful (happy-go-lucky is their life motto) and sporty!

Team Kairiri
Kairiri means Fighter in Maori. The word “give up” is not in the team’s dictionary. Team Kairiri is lead by famous Chinese blogger, Guo Zhijun aka James. James currently working as Internet Engineer and Entrepreneur in Shanghai and he love basically all outdoor and/or extreme activities, from sky (-diving) to sea (PADI OW). During his gap year, he spent 6 months in Australia & New Zealand which earns him the nickname “Mr.Australia” in Sina Weibo scene (Sina Weibo is Twitter equivalent in China).

Among his long list of adventures, he finished a 140km+80km hiking trail in Te Araroa, New Zealand, finished 82km Overland Track in Tasmania, 104km Great Ocean Walk in Victoria, several Olympics distance triathlons, Ironman 70.3! (Phew, the actual list was longer but we have to trimmed it somehow :-P)

The other winner of the AirAsia X Faces Go Places Phase 1 is Franly James, descendent of Rungus-Kimaragang from Kudat. Currently pursuing his studies in allied health science. Franly has chosen his good friends, Vincent Chong and Thenly Kok as his adventure buddies! The youngest team member, Vincent is of Sino-Murut descendent from Keningau are also pursuing his studies in allied health science. Whereas, the oldest team member,Thenly Kok are descendent of Sino-DusunKadazan from Kota Belud are currently working as tutor in local university. The trio shares the same passion – explore the world and all the cultures and love challenges! They held the same life motto – believe in themselves and despair is not in their life dictionary, have faith in everything they do and do it with their very best.

They described themselves as the offspring of their beloved ancestors of the Borneo in the heavenly Sabah, the Land below the Wind. Together they are united strongly as one despite the differences in age and background for they are unique and breathe the same fresh air of Borneo spirit.

3 words in describing themselves? Young, enthusiastic, optimistic!

So there you are, Team Kaitaki and Team Kairiri! By one glance, both teams are very different. You have Team Kaitaki which consists of non-adventurers looking, family members, and an elderly team member vs Team Kairiri which consists of a group of young energetic and hot-blooded team members.

Are you feeling as excited as me? Because I believe, there will be tons of surprises in-store for me while I travel along with the teams to South Island, New Zealand!

To be honest, I was surprised when I heard one of the winners is bringing his mother but I was warned “if you judge by age, then you are in for a surprise!”

Stay tuned for the daily blog by me and also by Team Kaitaki & Team Kairiri and stand a chance to win a Grand Prize of

• 1 pair returns flights to Christchurch, New Zealand (not inclusive of fuel surcharge, airport tax, baggage allowance and meals)
• 6 days / 5 nights hotel accommodation (4-stars) in Christchurch
• Transportation arrangement for 6 days (2.0L rental car hire)*

Don’t forget to follow our LIVE tweets by following @AirAsia@TeamKaitaki and@TeamKairiri ! There will be a daily Twitter challenge so don’t miss it!

Stay tuned for the details!

Written by Budiey

Penggemar filem seram yang obses dengan gajet & teknologi terkini dan masih tegar menjadi pengendali portal hiburan & gaya hidup sejak tahun 2007. Kini aktif menjadi Youtuber & Podcaster yang menemubual selebriti dalam BORAK SINI HABIS SINI dan menerbitkan program BULETIN VIRAL di Budiey Channel.

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