Airasia X Conquers Mount Fuji


CEO, Azran Osman–Rani leads Altitude X team to scale Asia’s highest peak. Dedicates success to the spirit, determination and belief of the people in Japan

TOKYO, 27 August 2011- At 5.30am (+9GMT), while most of Asia is still asleep, AirAsia X CEO, Azran Osman-Rani and adventurer, Khoo Swee Chow stood tall atop Mount Fuji after successfully scaling Asia’s highest peak.

The climb was part of Project Altitude-X, a mountaineering expedition launched in May 2011. It kicked off with the ascent up the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest and extends to eight of the highest peaks within AirAsia X’s network across China, London, Paris, Iran, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and New Zealand.

Airasia X

Photo Caption (L-R): CEO of AirAsia X, Azran Osman-Rani and adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow standing tall on Mount Fuji peak (3776 meters)

Mr Julio Cardenas, Deputy Chief of Mission of Peru in Tokyo, Mr Agustin Palacios, Consulate of Peru and the AirAsia X social media contest winners were also part of the group.

Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of AirAsia X said, “I am very thrilled and proud to be a part of the Mount Fuji, Altitude X experience. The spirit, determination and never say-die belief that we faced in our ascent towards the peak of Mount Fuji, also embodies all we at AirAsia X stand for, believe in and live by everyday. I would also like to dedicate this success to the people of Japan and the spirit, determination and belief that they have shown us in getting themselves and their country back on their feet after the devastation that engulfed the country.”

Azran adds, “While we share this achievement with our friends in Japan, I would like to assure the people of Japan that AirAsia X have and will continue to be a loyal friend of Japan for years to come. AirAsia X recently launched flights to Osaka, our second destination after Haneda as our commitment towards Japan. We aim to provide better connectivity and want to encourage more traffic into Japan and help the people and the economy get back on its feet”.

Altitude X is also part of a series of campaigns and initiatives of To Japan with Love, an AirAsia Group wide initiative in support and solidarity for the people of Japan affected by the earthquake which engulfed the country recently.

To-date over 4 Million Japanese Yen have been collected through the sale of merchandise and collection from donation boxes on all AirAsia flights which have been channeled to Japan Platform for humanitarian and relief efforts across Japan.

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1. China, Mt Everest, 8848m
Feature: Highest peak in the world
Location: Tibet/Nepal
Duration: 2 months
Schedule: May 2011

2. London, Ben Navis, 1344m
Feature: Highest peak in UK
Location: Glasgow
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: August 2011

3. Paris, Mont Blanc, 4807m
Feature: Highest peak in France & Italy
Location: Chamonix
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: August 2011

4. Japan, Mt Fuji, 3776m
Feature: Highest peak in Japan
Location: Tokyo
Duration: 2 days
Schedule: August 2011

5. Mt Damavand, 5671m
Feature: Highest peak in Iran
Location: Tehran
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: September 2011

6. Korea, Hallasan, 1950m
Feature: Highest peak in South Korea
Location: Jeju Island
Duration: 5 days
Schedule: October 2011

7. Taiwan, Yushan, 3997m
Feature: Highest peak in Taiwan
Location: Tainan
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: October 2011

8. New Zealand, Mt Cook, 3754m
Feature: Highest peak in New Zealand
Location: Southern Alps
Duration: 1 week
Schedule: December 2011

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