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About Ah Long Pte Ltd Movie Fann Wong & Mark Lee

Ah Long Pte Ltd opened in Singapore over the Chinese New Year, 7th February 2008 and enjoyed a successful first weekend box office, reaping S$1.5 million. This is a personal best for director Jack Neo, one of the most prolific filmmakers in Singapore .

Director Jack Neo has scripted, directed and produced a successful string of coveted movies namely, “I Not Stupid” (Singapore Box Office Earnings Hit S$3. 8 million), “Homerun”, “The Best Bet”, “I Not Stupid Too” (Singapore Box Office Earnings Hit S$4.2 million) and his latest work “Just Follow Law” (Singapore Box Office Earnings Hit S$2.8 million).

Ah Long Pte Ltd is a light-hearted black comedy about the triad world and the money-lending business. Instead of treating the subject of Ah Longs (money-lenders) seriously, the movie takes on a humorous and sarcastic treatment. It depicts how a young lady tries to restructure her money-lending triad into a professional and ‘loving’ triad that stands against the use of violence after she takes over from her triad leader who has retired. Her various restructuring plans (which are no doubt very creative) bring about hilarious results. The film stars Fann Wong, Mark Lee, Richard Low, KK, Daniel Tan, Jack Lim and Lai Ming.

The film is a collaboration from Double Vision, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures and Scorpio East Pictures. In Malaysia, the film is distributed by Buena Vista Columbia TriStar Films and will be released at cinemas nationwide from 12th March 2008.

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