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5 Peribahasa That Perfectly Sum Up Personalities In MONEY HEIST

La Banda will be back real soon (T-16 days/ 3 September 2021) and we can’t wait to see the Professor’s next move in Money Heist.

While we wait for the series to drop, we’ve come to realise that adjectives can be used to describe a person, but as Malaysians, nothing works better than a perfectly written peribahasa that perfectly encapsulates the personality (or lack thereof) of a character.

5. La Casa De Papel Rio

Money Heist boasts an assembly of characters that we love and those that we love to hate. From the smartypants to the rebel and the loveable (yet violent) teddy bear, every minute with La Banda will keep you on the edge of your seat. Get to know the most unforgettable personalities in Money Heist through these 5 Malaysian proverbs.

1. La Casa De Papel Key Art

Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi

Translation: When you depend on someone to get the task done but they end up messing things up

Yes, we know you know. One of the most familiar plotlines in the series would be Tokyo’s rebellious nature, which often puts a dent in the Professor’s plans. But can we really blame her for being super in tune with her emotions? 

Want more of Tokyo? Catch a glimpse of her around the Federal Highway, Publika, MRR2, and Jalan Maarof at the end of this month!

2. La Casa De Papel Tokyo

Umpama Buah Kepayang, Dimakan Mabuk, Dibuang Sayang

Translation: Someone that you absolutely love but is destructible

Rio is crazy in love with Tokyo and would do anything to keep her around despite her hot-headedness and impulsiveness. To some, their love is toxic, but to others, #couplegoals. 

3. La Casa De Papel Arturo

Sepandai-Pandai Tupai Melompat, Akhirnya Jatuh Ke Tanah Juga

Literal translation: Clever clever squirrel jump, in the end falls to the ground also

Proper translation: No matter how well you excel at something, you will falter at times 

Even the Professor knows that there isn’t a perfect plan. As much as he tried to anticipate all possible scenarios that could happen and prepare for them, there were times that he too had been caught off-guard and had to improvise his way out. Case in point: Lisbon.

Psst: We’re not supposed to reveal this but we’ve heard the Professor will be out of hiding soon. Spot him at your favourite malls such as Zenith Mall (JB), Ipoh Parade (Ipoh), and Komtar (Penang). He’ll also be popping up in Seremban, Kuantan, and Kuala Terengganu!

4. La Casa De Papel Berlin 6. La Casa De Papel Professor

Written by Budiey

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