Uniqlo Launch Feel the Warmth Project

UNIQLO is proud to announce the launch of its Feel the Warmth Project on November 1, in which it gives away 100,000 items of its popular HEATTECH innerwear. Following a positive reception towards the project in Japan over the last two winters, this year UNIQLO expands Feel the Warmth for the first time to all of its 14 markets worldwide.

From November 1 (0900 hrs) to November 10 (2359 hrs), UNIQLO is open to receiving applications from individuals and representatives of organisations who would like to be given HEATTECH innerwear.

100,000 HEATTECH Winter Innerwear to be given away Worldwide. Feel the Warmth Project Launches on November 1

To apply, applicants need to describe why they need HEATTECH and what they aim to achieve with it, at Participants will be selected in a fair and unbiased manner by UNIQLO. Those applying on behalf of others are requested to provide a brief introduction of the individuals or organisations they have nominated.

Below are the mechanics of the redemption:
i) Applicants visit and state their reason for wanting to try HEATTECH, or to nominate an individual or organization for the opportunity;
ii) If selected, recipients will be issued an exchange coupon for a HEATTECH item on their smartphone;
iii) The exchange coupon will have to be downloaded and presented for redemption at a UNIQLO Malaysia store, from November 6 to November 24. The downloaded exchange coupon will only be valid for 10 minutes after downloading;
iv) Male recipients will receive the HEATTECH Crew Neck Long Sleeved T-Shirt and Female recipients will receive the HEATTECH Scoop Neck Long Sleeved T-Shirt in a size or colour of their choice;
v) Recipients are highly encouraged to send us their feedback about the given HEATTECH products through comments and photos taken (of them wearing the product), via a selected applicant webpage, from 6 November till 27 December.

HEATTECH is UNIQLO’s signature line of winter apparel. Made from innovative fabrics co-developed with leading textiles maker Toray Industries, HEATTECH offers exceptional warmth and comfort, as well as quick dry and odor control functionality.

Debuting in 2003 solely as a men’s innerwear line, UNIQLO has since steadily expanded the HEATTECH range to include great lineups of innerwear, outerwear and accessories for men, women, and children. In Japan, HEATTECH is a winter staple, with some 55% of people owning at least one HEATTECH item, according to a 2011 survey.

UNIQLO’s Feel the Warmth Project was first launched in Japan in 2011, giving back to the community through providing 100,000 HEATTECH garments during the winter months. Recipients included nurses, security guards and doctors, as well as organizations such as schools and kindergartens.

Last year, UNIQLO delivered approximately 3,000 HEATTECH garments to the town of Rikubetsu in Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido – enough for all of the residents of the town, which experiences the coldest winters in Japan. Comments from recipients include the following:

“In the past, I needed a lot of layers to stay warm, and this limited my mobility and made it hard to work outdoors. Thanks to HEATTECH, now all of our employees are able to stay warm with fewer layers!”—Plasterer

“Pruning and tree thinning in the mountains is tough in the winter. It can be especially brutal when you get wet from rain, snow or sweat, because it brings your body temperature down. HEATTECH keeps me warm. I liked the free samples so much that I bought more at the local UNIQLO.”—Forestry worker

“The seafood counter can get really cold with all the water we use, and our employees are extremely grateful for the free HEATTECH.”—Supermarket employee

“We gave the HEATTECH to our hospital staff and patients. Everyone was delighted.”—Doctor

A 2012 online survey indicated that while about 60% of consumers outside of Japan are aware of the HEATTECH brand, only about 20% own HEATTECH. The Feel the Warmth Project is thus aimed at providing a wider opportunity for people around the world to experience HEATTECH’s warmth and comfort.
Note: The above results are based on an online, independent survey of the 10 international markets in which UNIQLO had a retail presence in 2012 (Japan=413; elsewhere worldwide=3,986)

HEATTECH is changing how people dress in cold climates, enabling them to stay warm with fewer layers of clothes. Its advantages are well known even tropical countries like Malaysia, where HEATTECH is worn to counter the chill of excessive air-conditioning or for overseas travel.

For further information on the project, please direct any enquiries to e[email protected] with the header ‘HEATTECH Feel The Warmth’.

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