Red Bull Bc One Cypher Malaysia Kini Kembali

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]ini, usaha memburu B-Boy Terbaik di Malaysia untuk mewakili negara ini di peraduan B-Boy satu lawan satu peringkat antarabangsa yang berprestij akan berlangsung pada 15 Jun di Red Bull BC One Cypher Malaysia. Acara ini dianjurkan oleh Red Bull Blue & Silver daripada Eropah.

Red Bull BC One World Final 2011 - Moscow

Malaysia menobatkan Juara Red Bull BC One Cypher Malaysia yang pertama pada tahun lepas di Bukit Kiara Skate Park. Pertandingan tersebut menyaksikan 76 peserta beradu di depan 3 orang pengadil Red Bull BC One All Stars – Cico (Itali), Pelezinho (Brazil) dan Wing (Korea Selatan). Juara kebangsaan tahun lepas, iaitu B-Boy Juicy (daripada Dem Lepak Boyz) terus mara ke depan dan menggondol juara South East Asia Cypher dan mewakili rantau ini untuk ke pusingan kelayakan Red Bull BC One Asia Pacific di New Zealand, yang seterusnya menobatkan B-Boy Korea Selatan sebagai pemenang APAC.

[pullquote align=”right”]Peraduan B-Boy satu lawan satu No. 1 di dunia kini kembali untuk mencungkil bakat B-Boy Malaysia yang terbaik![/pullquote]

Tahun ini, pendaftaran akan bermula secara dalam talian di Seramai 100 peserta pertama tanpa mengira usia yang berjaya mendaftar akan berpeluang menunjukkan bakat dan ketangkasan tarian mereka di depan para pengadil di pentas terbuka Cypher sebelum 16 peserta terbaik akan dipilih. Bermula di sini, 16 peserta ini akan bertanding satu lawan satu dalam pusingan kalah mati. Ketua panel pengadil Cypher tahun ini ialah Red Bull BC One All Star Roxrite yang telah memenangi pelbagai kejuaraan B-Boy di pertandingan B-Boys yang berprestij.

Pemenang-pemenang Cyphers di negara masing-masing akan bersaing di Pusingan Kelayakan Asia Pasifik di Jepun untuk mara ke Pusingan Akhir Dunia. Peminat-peminat pasti akan teruja kerana peraduan pusingan terakhir ulang tahun ke-10 akan diadakan di Seoul, Korea Selatan, di mana tarian B-Boy yang paling inovatif berkembang di sini. Tahun ini bakal menyaksikan lebih banyak acara berbanding dengan tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Cyphers akan menakluki negara-negara sejauh Azerbaijan, Georgia, Slovenia dan hinggalah UK. Perkembangan yang menggalakkan ini tentu akan menarik lebih ramai peserta untuk bertanding dan menyerlahkan bakat masing-masing.

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“Let’s keep B-Boying going! We are the future of this dance so let’s pass it down to the next generation!”

ROXRITE is the officiating champion of the Red Bull BC One. He was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and started dancing at the age of twelve. He is definitely the “hardest hitter” of the last years. He is a member of the new generation of the legendary US crew “Renegades” from San Francisco. ROXRITE – rocks right. His experience and mastery show in his collection of 77 number one titles from around the world, including 23 one-on-one tournament victories.

ROXRITE tours the world with the RED BULL BC ONE ALL STARS and is one of the main characters portrayed in the RED BULL BC ONE documentary TURN IT LOOSE. Asked about the documentary he says: “It feels good to be part of TURN IT LOOSE. It’s hard to explain because I’m not out pursuing films or commercials. So to get put on and have some of my story being told is surreal. I feel like I have accomplished something, especially being on the poster. It’s crazy!”

Though born in Guadalajara, and Mexican through and through, he represents the USA where his family moved when he was six years old and where they had to survive hardship and poverty. But this is also where he started dancing – and so he feels he has to represent the US.

ROXRITE started breaking in 1995. When he was a little kid, he saw his older brother break in Mexico. In 1988, the family moved to the Bay Area in California. When ROXRITE went to junior high school, there were a lot of kids breaking. One day, the older kids did a show and ROXRITE and his friends were deeply impressed. They went home and started practicing immediately. ROXRITE was inspired, he felt it was something challenging that he needed to be a part of. They practiced every day without really knowing what they were doing at that time.

ROXRITE is a strategic battle B-Boy. He takes everything into consideration from footwork to powermoves to freezes. He has different strategies, depending on the situation—defensive or offensive. When he goes first, he immediately attacks in a very strong way so it’s hard for the opponent to respond. His main strategy is simply to do more than the other B-Boy does, in whatever field. The way he dresses is important, too. “You’ve got to respect yourself as an artist and treat yourself that way!”

Apart from dancing, ROXRITE is interested in photography and video editing. He lives the life of a B-Boy and breaking has kept him focused through the ups and downs of his life. He embraces the whole culture of Hip Hop because he feels that Hip Hop teaches you how to live a positive life. He tried graffiti as well, but for now wants to focus on dancing and staying at the top.

Asked about what has changed in his life through the RED BULL BC ONE, ROXRITE says, “Every year seems to get better and better for me. I live my dream and it’s a blessing. I have judged numerous events around the world and have been teaching more then ever. I am very busy, always on the road. Many things have changed, except for my dance: I still feel driven to improve and come up with new stuff. My plan is to survive living through this art form and push to compete. My goal is to win 100 tournaments and then retire from the battle circuit. I want to be THAT B-Boy – the one who won the most battles.”

Learn more about Roxrite here: TITLES

Written by Budiey

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