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Yang Menarik Tentang Drama Bersiri KELUARGA BAHA DON

Viu Malaysia hosted its first ever Raya Open house along with the cast of Viu’s upcoming show, Keluarga Baha Don. This drama includes many famous local talents like Remy Ishak, Jihan Musa, Othman Hafsham and more.

Keluarga Baha Don is an upcoming drama that is full of witticism and punctuated with absurd comedic elements,the story explores the quirky and unique dysfunction of one Malaysian family with its roots in the contrasting worlds of culinary finery and organized crime. Jo Don(son of Baha Don) is an aspiring chef in pursuit of refining his culinary skills in Europe. 

He is abruptly summoned home to inherit his family business, only to find that his late father, Baha Don, was actually a notorious uber-don who was using his food business as a front for illegal dealings in the food industry.

A big fan of the Godfather films, Baha Don ran his business and his family like in the movies – which Jo soon learns when he comes into contact with Baha’s colourful business associates. 

Premieres on Viu on 11th July 2019 

Full of witticism and punctuated with absurd comedic elements, Keluarga Baha Don (KBD) explores the quirky and unique dysfunction of one Malaysian family with its roots in the contrasting worlds of culinary finery and organized crime.

Jo Don is an aspiring chef in pursuit of refining his culinary skills in Europe.  He is abruptly summoned home to inherit his family business, only to find that his late father, Baha Don, was actually a notorious uber-don who was using his food business as a front for illegal dealings in the food industry.

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A big fan of the Godfather films, Baha Don ran his business and his family like in the movies – which Jo soon learns when he comes into contact with Baha’s colourful business associates.

Premiering on Viu on 11th July 2019 with new episodes of Keluarga Baha Don available weekly on Viu’s web and mobile app platform. 

The Cast And Crew Of Keluarga Baha Don With Viu_S Kingsley Warner, Mark Johnson, Head Of Advertising, And Sahana Kamath, Head Of Original Productions (Malaysia And Indonesia)

Here’s a brief introduction of the stars:

Othman Hafsham A director, actor and scriptwriter. A graduate from the London Film School and has worked as a director and producer at Radio Television Malaysia. Among his achievements includes: 1983 Filem Festival Malaysia – Best Director for ‘Mekanik’ (winner) 1987 Filem Festival Malaysia – Best director for ‘Rahsia’ (winner) AS Baha Don is a 70 years old hard working man who is also a good cook. He loves his family, lives and breathes  the ‘Godfather’ movies trilogy. His favorite food is spaghetti meatballs. He loves Mama Don and is also a loving father, He is a no nonsense business man. He is the strategist of the family also a smooth negotiator who’s cunning and quirky.
Susan Lankester An actress known for her role in the film ‘Mekanik’ in 1983. Among her achievements include: 4th Festival Filem Malaysia – Best supporting actress (nominee) 1994 Filem Festival Malaysia – Best supporting actress in ‘Femina’ (winner)  AS Mama Don is a cunning and manipulative woman who was not aware of husband’s plan to appoint Jo Don.  Mama Don is always the Logical Smart One. While she’s responsible and stable she’s also prone to occasional impulsive violence.  A Chinese descendant who converted to Muslim after marrying Baha Don, she is also the daughter of the Leader that control organisations in Muar, Johor.  She’s over protective of her family especially to Ucu Don and also always fond of Mat Don as he is the eldest son.
Remy Ishak He is an actor, host and model. Among his achievements include: 2009 13th Skrin Awards – for best supporting actor in ‘Jalan Pintas ke Neraka’ (nominee) 2010 & 2011 Bintang Popular Awards – most popular tv actor (winner) 2017 Skrin Awards – Best supporting actor in a drama 2018 7th KL Critics Academy Creative Awards – Best actor for ‘Pulang’ 2019 Malaysian Film Festival – best actor nominee for ‘Pulang’ AS Jo Don is the logical one of the Dons’ – A stable and responsible character who’s always calm and composed. He is also passionate, creative, skillful, patient, non-violent, smart, speaks several languages. Jo Don is a culinary practitioner and an aspiring chef. He travels all across Europe for culinary experiences.  He lived abroad for 15 years, since he was 13 years old and is sheltered from Baha’s nature of business. Cooking is a form of therapy for him. 
Khir Rahman An actor, director, singer and a scriptwriter. Has been in several movies including Puteri Gunung Ledang, Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2, Rock trilogy, Gubra  and Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa to name a few. He has been nominated in: 2011 Festival Filem Malaysia – Most promising director (nominee) 2011 Festival Filem Malaysia – Best supporting actor (nominee)  AS Mat Don is the eldest son of the Don’s and is the favourite son of Mama Don. He loves to bully his siblings and is  always known as the Materialistic One. He studied abroad but he flunked university. Also known as a womanizer, Mat Don is flamboyant, loud, brash, ambitious and feels entitled to become the head of the family business. He has high self-esteem and always over confident. He heads the collection department for Baha’s business, because family feels it is better to take money from family instead of non – family. 
Sharifah Aleysha has been expanding her craft into film and theatre. Her short film debut, Diri, was shortlisted in the BMW Short Film Competition 2014 and she has also submitted it to the Sundance Channel. She was also the lead in the late Yasmin Ahmad’s film, Muallaf. She is keen on writing and directing her own projects to express her background and creativity in the realm of women and religion topics. Growing up in a household full of creative people lit up the spark in her to be behind-the-scenes as she is currently working on new projects that will surely put her on the map. AS Ucu Don is Daddy’s little girl as she is the youngest girl of the family. She’s also very close to Jo Don. A very impulsive character that wants to be taken seriously. She believes she is independent, and she’s highly protected by Mama Don. Ucu is not given a chance to have any relationships with guys as they tend to disappear whenever she gets close to them.  
Indi Nadarajah is an actor and comedian based in KL. He performs regularly on the Malaysian stage and is also part of a duo called Comedy Court. Indi also has roles in TV shows including the British/American drama series ‘Indian Summers’ in 2015 2002 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards – Best acting ensemble winner for acting in the production of ‘An Importance of Being Ernest’ 2009 Malaysian Film Festival – Best supporting actor in ‘Setem’ (nominee) AS Secretary Hui is Mama Don’s uncle and is always known as the Wise Man. He is witty and full of wisdom. He is knowledgeable, mean, doesn’t apologize, uncompromising, loyal. Secretary Hui is also Baha Don’s trusted advisor and confidant. His roles is similar to consigliore in a mafia’s organization. He hates animal cruelty. As the Godfather to Ucu Don he has been close to her since she was born.  
Jihan Muse She is an actress, comedienne, presenter and model.  Her achievements include: 2009 Raja Lawak – 2nd place winner 2013 Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian – best comedienne (nominee) 2014 Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian – best comedienne (winner) 2015 Anugerah Lawak Warna – best comedy actress (winner) 2016 Anugerah Pilihan Online – best comedienne (winner) 2017 Anugerah Meletop – hosting (nominee) 2018 Anugerah Bintang popular – best host, most popular comedienne (nominees) AS Kesuma is the Loveable Loser.  She’s very optimistic, needy, impulsive, obsessive, loyal, believes in the concept of one true love but she’s also a smart person. Jo Don was her “pet brother‟ in school before they got together. She started her own food delivery business called Food Kangaroo. Her existence is only known by Ucu Don, who usually becomes the person to drive Jo to his secret meet ups with her. 
Alvin Wong & Douglas Wong. Alvin was involved in the film ‘Pulang’ and was also featured in the 6 episode tv series ‘Mandatori’, an adaptation from the writer Ramlee Awang  Murshid. Douglas is an actor, comedian and director he has also been performing stand up comedy with his group. AS Kok Brothers – The Seafood Kings They run a fresh seafood supply empire. The Kok Brothers own several seafood restaurant chains – ‘The Fatty Kok’ collects protection money and all the restaurants in the area MUST buy seafood supplies from them. LITTLE KOK (Played by Alvin Wong) Father of Su Zi Faye and head of The Seafood Kings. Walks in a peculiar way and is always smiling and always positive. HARRY KOK  (Played by Douglas Wong) Little Kok’s younger brother follows Little Kok wherever he goes like his shadow. He always wears shirts with the top two or three buttons undone. Harry is easily excited and finds it difficult to control his excitement. 
Sabri Yunus isan actor, comedian, presenter and director. Among his achievements are: 2005 Anugerah Seri Angkasa – Best comedian 1993-1996 – Most popular comedy actor  2000 – Most popular comedy actor AS Abe Wan Katok – The Butcher Boys  A Kelantanese  who runs a slaughterhouse breed from his ‘farm’. When there is an order, his boys will steal cows from other people’s farms and he supplies meat to all  the local market. The only cow he has is specially bred for ‘Cow Mooing Competition’.  You can always find him in a semutar, a traditional Kelantanese headgear for men and is always bickering with Talal al Halal and Frozen King. 
Melissa Campbell is an Australian born actress who started acting professionally at the age of 6. From TVCs, to stage to tv and film locally and then continued her education in  New York and all the way to Hollywood. Now she is back in KL. Keluarga Baha Don will be her first series since she had moved back. One of her successes are: 1999 –  Anna and the King AS Suzi Faye – Little Kok’s only daughterwho is dubbed a  Neurotic that’s always in her own universe. She is someone who is obsessed with beauty also quite insecure as she always worries about losing her beauty. However, she is determined to find the best beauty regime. While considered an overprotected child, she had in depth knowledge about the underworld and later on is found as an advisor to Jo Don on matters relating to the underworld.  
Nam Ron is an actor, director and writer in film, television and theater. Among his achievements are: 2004 Film Festival Malaysia – Best actor in ‘Paloh’ (nominee) 2011 Anugerah Skrin – Best actor in a drama (nominee) 2012 Anugerah Skrin – Best actor in a drama (winner) 2017 Filem Festival Malaysia – Best actor in ‘Redha’ 2018 Anugerah Skrin – Best supporting actor in ‘Dukun’ 2019 Filem Festival Malaysia – Best director in ‘One Two Jaga’ AS Awang Kebas – The Frozen King  Hailing from the highlands of Cameron – Awang Kebas is a frozen food supplier and anything to do with ice but only domestic. He owns a frozen food factory and both his hands are numb due to spending too much time with ice. It also makes it difficult for him to gauge the grip of his hands resulting to incidental killings and broken things. He’s close associates of Talal al Halal and is always bickering with Abe Wan Katok. 
Ayu Azahari is an award winning actress from Indonesia. Among her accolades are: The 2001 APFF Asia Pacific Film Festival – Best actress in ‘Telegram’, 2011 Depth of Field Intl Film Fest – Outstanding excellence winner in ‘L4 Lupus’ and 2014 Madrid International Film Festival – Best supporting actress in a foreign film (nominee). AS Bundo Sari – The Rice Maharani originatesfrom Padang, Indonesia and sometimes speaks in Minang accent. She has an OCD to the point where she tastes each of her dishes before they are distributed to her restaurants daily. She is very sweet looking and full of etiquette but can be very fierce and scary to her workers as she is also a perfectionist. The woman of few words controls the nasi padang business in Malaysia and is also the main rice supplier of the area, forcing restaurants and supermarkets to sell her rice brand. 
Razak Ahmad AS Talal Al Halal – The Halal Sheikh is a local who thinks everyone can be an Arab of the Syed / Sheikh clan, after being rejected by the family of his ex girlfriend (Due to him not coming from the Syed / Sheikh clan). He is an exporter of Halal Food also an avid shisha smoker who spends a lot of time at his favorite Arabic restaurant watching belly dancers. He believes he makes sound business decision that way. He is never one to pay export taxes.
Junji Delfino – dubbed as Malaysia’s Queen of Jazz she is a singer, performer and an actress. Also an accomplished songwriter, lyricist and composer. She also had a part in the production of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and have also made appearances in several telemovies locally. She is the winner of the Best Vocal Performer Award at the 9th Cameronian Arts Awards 2012 for her tribute show ‘Lush Life’ AS Madam Mendoza – The Madame who hails from Cebu City, Philippines. She came to Malaysia as a maid, but have successfully built a business in supplying foreign workers.   (All illegal naturally). A loud and brash woman who speaks Tagalog sometimes and gets her supply of foreign workers through the backdoor of the sea route. She has a habit of asking “Bakuteh‟ or “Chikuteh‟ to the workers who arrive to make sure they are from the Philippines. All workers supplied by her have no documentations. 
*Bakuteh is a pork rib dish loved by Filipinos. Chikuteh is the chicken version. 
Mark Adam is originally from the Philippines and is a singer, comedian and an actor. Among his accolades include: 2016 Online Awards (APO). The Best male singer (nominee), Comedy celebrity online (winner), 2018 Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian, Most versatile artist (nominee), Most popular comedian (winner). AS Angelito Jericho Papito – A Filipino descent born in Malaysia and is known as Mat Don’s errand boy. He could possibly be the son of Madame. A naive and gullible character with no ulterior motives.
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