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I Wouldn’t Go In There – Malaysia: Haunted Museum premieres exclusively on National Geographic Channel (Astro Ch 553) on 4 October 2013 at 11.00pm

Kuala Lumpur, 18 September 2013 – Malaysian fans of paranormal are in for a treat on 4th October as the National Geographic Channel’s hit series I Wouldn’t Go In There will showcase one of Malaysia’s haunted places in the show – the Penang War Museum.

This sure-to-be-thrilling episode titled I Wouldn’t Go In There – Malaysia: Haunted Museum features host Robert Joe (R.J) and guest personality Nazrudin Rahman (Naz) to track down the true stories hidden behind this notorious museum. Having gained a reputation for being scary, find out how the stories come about. Is it well and truly haunted? Have there been ghost sightings? Or is it all just in the mind?

RJ and Malaysia Celebrity Naz urban explore an old and abandon mansion, Relau Villa.

The Penang War museum located on Penang Hill is a site that brings fear to a lot of Malaysians, having been lost in the jungle for 60 years. It was turned into a private war museum after being rediscovered recently and exorcised of what many believe to be evil spirits. The story among the locals is that it was a fort that was built by the British, which was taken over by the Japanese and used as a POW camp and execution site, hence leaving it filled with vengeful spirits.


Frightful and creepy as it may all sound, R.J, an American-Korean urban explorer and blogger believes that places with such a dark standing aren’t haunted by ghosts, but by history. In the upcoming episode, both R.J and Naz ask tough questions about what really happened there. Do these “hauntings” have any basis in reality? Or, are they inspired by real events and tragedies long forgotten?

“Being Malaysian, I’ve heard many stories about the Penang War Museum. I was really glad to have been able to join R.J in this excursion as it gave me valuable insight as to why things are perceived the way they are,” said Naz.

“Generally, we zone in on the scary elements – ghosts, apparitions, death, murder and don’t really take the time to ask the more important questions. What are the memories associated to the place? What did the place stand for? ” he added.

Similarly, R.J believes that it’s not a complete coincidence that where you find a large concentration of ghost sightings and reported hauntings, there is often an even more traumatic history to be uncovered.

“In working on I Wouldn’t Go In There, I’ve often found some kind of connection between the events in ghost stories and reality. My quest is not to find out if ghosts are real, but what these stories can tell us about our past after the layers are peeled back,” added RJ.

[pullquote align=”right”]I Wouldn’t Go In There – Malaysia: Haunted Museum premieres exclusively on National Geographic Channel (Astro Ch 553) on 4 October 2013 at 11.00pm[/pullquote]

Follow RJ and Naz’s investigation at the fort as it uncovers the dark story of the Japanese occupation of Penang Island. Sites all over the island reveal a trail of hidden stories of torture and executions, leading back to the legendary executioner Suzuki, who beheaded hundreds at the fort.

Playing the role dogged investigators, R.J. and Naz trace the evolution of the haunting of the museum, check up on scary urban legends via eyewitnesses, survivors, and experts, ultimately finding the truth to why people warn: I wouldn’t go in there. What they discover is stranger and more disturbing than fiction.

Don’t miss out on new series I Wouldn’t Go In There – Malaysia: Haunted Museum premiering on 4 October 2013 at 11.00pm exclusively on National Geographic Channel (Astro Ch 553) with new episodes every Friday at the same time.

Episode Descriptions:

I Wouldn’t Go In There – Ep7 Malaysia: Haunted Museum (4 Oct 2013, 11.00pm)
A tour guide at a World War II museum on the island of Penang, Malaysia claims to have seen the legendary ghost of a Japanese Colonel named Suzuki who was alleged to have drunk the blood of his victims with whiskey. Blogger and Urban Explorer Robert Joe (R.J.) pursues the truth behind the ghastly claim. Was there such a colonel at the museum when it was a fort during the Second World War? And if so, did he actually commit such atrocious acts of violence? As RJ pursues the truth about Suzuki, his investigation leads him into a shocking world of massacres and mass burials.

I Wouldn’t Go In There – Ep8 Thailand: Cursed Treasure (11 Oct 2013, 11.00pm)
Six-hundred-year-old Ayutthaya, Thailand was once a powerful city of a million people. But now its temples are in ruins and it has a reputation for being one of Thailand’s most haunted places. What’s more, a curse of death is said to befall those who dig and take buried treasure. Blogger and urban explorer Robert Joe (RJ) sets out to uncover the real hidden history behind ghosts said to be guarding hidden treasure and those rumored to die from a curse after finding it.

I Wouldn’t Go In There – Ep9 Vietnam: Devil’s Island (18 Oct 2013, 11.00pm)
Blogger and urban explorer Robert Joe (RJ) heads to Vietnam’s Con Dao Island to investigate a series of hauntings: the first on a mysterious bridge and the second near the island’s infamous prisons. RJ’s out to uncover what lurks behind these tales of the supernatural. Though he doesn’t believe in ghosts or the paranormal, he finds that wherever there’s a concentration of spirit sightings or encounters there also hovers a true and dark history the locals would just as soon forget.

I Wouldn’t Go In There – Ep10 India: Port Of No Return (25 Oct 2013, 11.00pm)
The western Indian Island of Diu is home to dozens of ghost stories and haunted buildings. Diu was once a thriving Portuguese trading town but today is a sleepy backwater rarely visited by outsiders. While he himself doesn’t believe in ghosts, blogger and urban explorer Robert Joe (RJ) does believe that supernatural stories hide true histories that are all too real. Something terrible must have happened here. The further he explores the more, RJ uncovers the Island’s dark secrets.

Giant Ghost decoration for the spooky night tour in Penang War Museum.

Batu Gantung Cemetery's tombstones in the foreground and Rifle Range Flat in the background.

RJ climbs up an escape tunnel in Penang War Museum.

RJ interviews Johari, the founder of Penang War Museum.

A fake Skull displays in a Penang War Museum exhibtion.

RJ urban exploring Fort Cornwallis.

RJ urban exploring Fort Cornwallis.(1)

RJ interviews a Japanese Occupation survivor and former Japanese Interpreter, Robert David.

RJ explores Batu Gantung Cemetery.

RJ video blogs in Batu Gantung Cemetery and with Rifle Range Flats in the background.

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