Webe Community Unlocks A Hat Trick!

Thanks to webe community, the Container Classroom, Malaysian Virtual Field Trips and Dengue Prevention App projects have been successfully unlocked and are now in the execution stage. Combined, the projects will be granted a total of RM500,000 and is targeted to be completed between end of this year and next year.

#ContainerClassroom for a better learning environment

Taking place at a school located in a small town near Taiping, Perak, caretakers of the special need students are overwhelmed for the students who will be receiving a learning environment that is convenient for them. The container will be reformed and fitted with a wheelchair ramp, air conditioning, equipped with a projector, 20 special needs friendly laptops, a stable Internet connection and suitable electrical outlets.

The Project Champions; Karthik, Amelia and Andrew who are also the founders of ‘100% Project’, a social enterprise that empowers Malaysian teachers to do more for their students, were inspired by Cikgu Tan, a local teacher. He aspires to provide a better learning environment for his special-needs students that suffer from disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy.

“Cikgu Tan strongly believes that his students can be contributing members of the society, so he taught them various activities and programmes pertaining to self-sustaining life skills. However, that alone is not enough in today’s world. We think that technology plays a crucial role in students’ development as it makes the lesson more interactive,” said Amelia.

#myvirtualvids – allowing children to explore the world even if they can’t afford it.

Virtual reality is clearly the wave of the future. It allows us to immerse in a 360 degree experience to places we might not otherwise be able to. Currently maturing, it is becoming more affordable and accessible as this technology has tremendous potential for all sorts of applications and fields.

Imagine standing in front of the Taj Mahal or Niagara Falls. Maybe taking a trip on a helicopter or hanging out with Orang Utans – the opportunities are limitless! This is what Project Champions and founders of; Kal Joffres, Fiza Azmi and Tiu Kian Wee will be bringing to the community.

Through the creation of 360 videos based on Malaysia’s popular sights, professions, festivals and many other things, Kal and team hope to reach out to more people and create awareness for underprivileged children to experience and discover new things.

“We will be running at least ten workshops and hope to make an impact on between 3,000 to 4,000 kids. We would like to show them a future that they’ve never imagined for themselves. Aside from being educational, some of the videos will feature a range of topics like culture, a day in the life or a uniformed serviceman, nature and many more. We want to get them excited about the future, looking out into the world and building their own hopes and dreams.

#webeatdengue using data!

There are 400 million cases of dengue reported annually. Malaysia itself is seeing an upward pattern in both dengue cases and deaths. The World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2010 reported that dengue-affected countries spend an average of USD 440 million per year dealing with this issue.

Thanks to the webe community, Malaysia will be the first country to enjoy this innovative approach to combat dengue via the use of this FREE app.

Through the innovation of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Epidemiology (AIME) the disease-prediction mobile platform employs technology and data to predict deadly disease outbreaks three months in advance!

Project Champions; Dr Dhesi and Rainier Mallol, initially developed this Dengue Outbreak Prediction platform 2 years ago which proved to be a success with an accuracy of 88.7% in Malaysia and 84.6% in Rio de Janeiro.

“We intend to turn this tool into an app for the first time to be used in Malaysia, and then open it up to other countries that can benefit from it too. It will eventually include tips and preventive measures for dengue. In the long run, we hope this would lead to greater healthcare savings for both the government and the public,” said Dr. Dhesi.

The unlocking of these projects marks a total of four of the seven launch projects to be unlocked via the webe community platform, with the first being the ‘Cycle to China’ project. Aiming to raise funds for the refurbishment of underprivileged family homes, David Wu is currently cycling to China whilst his partner Hayati identifies the houses.

#cyclingtochinafor a good cause

Founder of Projek Wumah, David Wu began his journey from Alor Setar to Guong Dong, China on a bicycle, to raise funds for the refurbishment and repair of underprivileged homes around Malaysia.

With the help of webe community and in partnership with Hayati Ismail project director for Food Aid Foundation who will be identifying the homes, David’s journey is ongoing as he continues his journey towards his next stop, Vientiane.

“We’re so grateful for the support from the webe community in making this project a reality. webe community demonstrates the power of community with 11,000 supporters pledging their webits to make positive change happen. Our project isn’t the only one that aims to bring about this positive change and we hope that the community continues to grow,” said Cycle to China Project Champions.

“The webe community platform is ideal for these projects as we, the Project Champions are given the funding and platform for us to advocate our projects and passions. It connects us to a community of people who are willing to take action on things which they want to make a change in, support it and make it happen!” they added.

webe community continues to drive support from the community to back and unlock the remaining projects – WEbePOP, a music project to support local artists, KL24: Zombies, a project to support the local film industry, and the Malaysian Makers Market, a project for local entrepreneurs.

Download the webe community app today from the Apple App store or Google Play store to support the projects to be unlocked by June 11.

Written by Budiey

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